La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
March 21 - 28, 2004

The Young Local Universe

The Conference Programme

Last modified 2004-03-19

Time alloted for speakers:
Keynote (K): 35 + 10 min (discussion)
Invited (I): 25 + 5 min
Contributed (C): 15 + 5 min

Program organization and outline

  • Each session corresponds to one topic, which is introduced and put into ntext by a senior "keynote speaker". We could eventually accommodate all contributions as oral presentations. As a result, the sessions are of different durations, so that occasionally they may last more, or less, than one day. Invited and contributed talks have been mixed according to their topics. We have endeavoured to treat galactic and extragalactic issues together.

  • In the traditional framework of the Moriond meetings, there is a large "midday break", from 1 to 5 p.m. each day, amply allowing for contacts either on the premises or somewhere on the mountains...

  • We are also organizing one general discussion per session, of a 30 mn duration, usually moderated by the relevant keynote speaker. However, since the nominal duration of the meeting is 7 days, there is a lot of flexibility to add discussions or conduct round tables, smaller meetings, etc. The organizers should be contacted in this case.

  • Although every contribution turns out to be presented orally, there are only a few poster contributions. Even so, all participants are encouraged to put up posters (usual A2 size or comparable) to continue the discussions during the breaks. The posters will be up for the whole week.

Monday, March 22

Speaker K/I/C Talk Title Time
Leo BLITZ The Conference Introductory talk:
The global star formation

Session 1 : The origin of stellar masses

Hans ZINNECKER K Keynote Lecture:
Star formation and the IMF
Jerôme BOUVIER C Young brown dwarfs and the substellar IMF  10h30-10h50
Toshikazu ONISHI I Evolution from dense cores to protostars in low-mass star forming regions 10h50-11h20
Coffee Break 11h20 - 11h40
Simon GOODWIN C The origin of the unusual IMF in Taurus 11h40-12h00
Jose M. DIEGO C The Hybrid power spectrum 12h00-12h20
Simon HODGKIN C CIRPASS multi object spectroscopy of young stellar objects 12h20-12h40
Tim KENDALL C Low mass substellar candidates in NGC2264 12h40-13h00

Mid Day  Break  13h - 17h

Competitive accretion and the Initial Mass Function
Nicolas LODIEU C A study of the young open cluster Collinder 359 17h30-17h50
David HUBBER C Binary Star Formation from Rotational Fragmentation 17h50-18h10
Protostellar collapse and accretion in the context of triggered star formation 18h10-18h40
Eduardo MARTIN C Sori 70: Cluster planet or brown dwarf interloper ? 18h40-19h00


Author Title
Miguel DE AVILLEZ OVI Distribution in the Local and Loop I Bubbles
SylvainGUIEU Young low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in Taurus star-forming region 
Hiroaki YAMAMOTO The detection of molecular gas with peculiar velocity toward the Galactic Center

Tuesday, March 23

Session 1 continued

Speaker K/I/C Talk Title Time
Joe SILK I Feedback and the IMF
Rolf CHINI I Formation and Progenitors of Massive Stars 09h30-10h00
Jonathan TAN C Star and Star Cluster Formation: Insights from Orion 10h00-10h20
Estelle MORAUX C The lower IMF of Blanco1 and similar age open clusters 10h20-10h40
Fabrizio MASSI C Intermediate-luminosity YSOs in the S235A-B region 10h40-11h00
Coffee Break 11h00 - 11h20
Jürgen KNÖDLSEDER C The Cygnus X region - a multi wavelength view 11h20-11h40
Vincent MINIER C High-mass star formation seen through methanol masers 11h40-12h00
M. BELTRAN I Rotating Disks in High-Mass Young Stellar Objects 12h00-12h30
Discussion : Major Unsolved Problems in Star Formation
Moderator: H. ZINNECKER

Mid Day  Break  13h00 - 17h00

Session 2 : Initial conditions for star formation and environmental effects

K Keynote lecture:
Star Formation in the Local Universe
Sebastien MULLER I Molecular clouds and their structure in M31
Yasuo FUKUI I GMCs and star formation therein in the Milky Way and the Magellanic system 18h15-18h45
Nicolas PERETTO C A detailed millimeter study of the NGC2264 cluster-forming clumps 18h45-19h05
Dimitris STAMATELLOS C Dust temperatures in asymetric prestellar cores 19h05-19h25

Wednesday, March 24

Session 2 continued

Speaker K/I/C Talk Title Time
Fréderique MOTTE I
Identifying and characterizing the earliest phases of massive star formation 09h00-09h30
Ralf LAUNHARDT I Bok globules: how simple are the most simple sites of star formation really?
Shantanu BASU I The role of magnetic fields in the formation of dense cores 10h00-10h30
Paolo PADOAN I The role of turbulence in the formation of dense cores 10h30-11h00
Coffee Break 11h00 - 11h20
Paul CLARK C The onset of collapse in turbulent clouds 11h20-11h40
Patrick HENNEBELLE C Impulsively triggered collapse of prestellar cores 11h40-12h00
Francesco PALLA I The star formation history of the local neighborhood 12h00-12h30
Discussion : The role of Turbulence vs Magnetic field  in the formation of cores
Moderator: D. GALLI

Mid Day  Break  13h00 - 17h00

Session 3 : Feedback effects from massive stars

Keynote lecture:
Galactic and extragalactic bubbles
S. GARCIA-BURILLO I Chimneys & superbubbles in M82
Miguel DE AVILLEZ I Global evolution of the ISM and its effect on star formation on small and large scales
Isabelle GRENIER I The Gould belt, local star formation, and the local interstellar medium 18h45-19h15
Richard ALEXANDER I Photoionization of circumstellar discs 19h15-19h45

Thursday, March 25

Session 3 continued

Speaker K/I/C Talk Title Time
Thierry MONTMERLE I X-ray irradiation effects on molecular clouds 09h00-09h30
Jan PALOUS I Supershells and triggered star formation 09h30-10h00
Discussion : Can feedback effects be important for what we know about local star formation ?
Moderator: T. Montmerle
Coffee Break : 11h00 - 11h20

Session 4 : Galactic and extragalactic modes of star formation

Keynote lecture:
30 Dor as the Rosetta Stone for massive star formation
Uta FRITZE I SF in galaxy mergers: scaling up a universal process or a violent mode of SF ? 12h05-12h35
Inti PELUPESSY I Bursts of SF in dwarf irregulars 12h35-13h05

Mid Day  Break  13h05 - 17h00

Jonathan BRAINE C Tidal Dwarf Galaxies: Todays (very) Young Galaxies 17h00-17h20
Denis BURGARELLA I Stellar Formation in the Nearby Universe from the GALEX Satellite 17h20-17h50
Willem-Jan DE WIT I "Star clusters near intermediate and high mass young stars" 17h50-18h20
Bertrand LEFLOCH
C Star Formation around a young HII region
Lise DEHARVENG I Sequential formation of massive stars or clusters at the periphery of HII regions 18h40-19h10

Friday, March 26

Session 5 :  Extreme conditions for star formation

Speaker K/I/C Talk Title Time
Keynote lecture:
Did most local stars formed in a starburst mode ?
Thibaut PAUMARD I Census of the Galactic Center early type stars using spectro-imagery 09h45-10h15
Frederic SCHULLER I The recent star formation activity of the Galactic Center region 10h15-10h45
Hiroaki YAMAMOTO C The detection of molecular gas with peculiar velocity toward the Galactic Center
Coffee Break 10h55 - 11h15
Daniel KUNTH I From local to distant Starburst: the fate of Lyman photons 11h15-11h45
Andrew BAKER
I Extreme conditions for Star Formation in Starburst Galaxies
Pierre-Alain DUC I Extreme conditions for star formation in galaxy collisions 12h15-12h45
Delphine MARCILLAC C Spectrophotometric study of extreme conditions for star formation 12h45-13h05

Mid Day  Break  13h05 - 17h00

Daniel SCHAERER I PopIII and very metal-poor starbursts near and far 17h00-17h30
Martino ROMANIELLO I Low-mass Star Formation at Low Metallicity 17h30-18h00
Jorge MELNICK I Star formation at the edge of Chaos 18h00-18h30
Discussion : Is "extreme" rare or common in the local universe ? - The link with cosmology
Moderator: D. ELBAZ
Concluding remarks: Star formation and Cosmology