Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories

Sunday Morning: b physics
J.Ocariz (Mini review on phi1/beta measurements)
J.W.Berryhil (Rare B decays and sensitivity to new physics at Babar)
C.Bozzi (Mini review semileptonic B decays)
F.Borzumati (*B physics and supersymmetry)
T.Schietinger (Mini review on rare B decays)
B.Casey (B physics from D0)
P.Maksimovic (B physics from CDF)
Sunday Afternoon: b/c physics
A.Bondar (Mini review on phi2/alpha measurements)
G.Benelli (New developments in measurements of CP violation (babar))
K.Ikado (Search for B decays with neutrinos at Belle)
A.Drutskoy (Results from the Upsilon5s engineering run (Belle))
J.Malcles (Depuzzling B -> pi K)
D.Cronin-Henessy (CLEO-c results)
P.Raimondi (New idea on super B factory)
R.Kolb (Acceleration of the universe without dark energy)

Monday Morning: K physics/ Top physics
C.Dukes (Evidence from new physics in the decay Sigma+ -> p mu mu)
M.Wilking (KTeV radiative decays)
S.Trine (Radiative kaon decays)
G.Lamanna (New Results on direct CP violation in charged Kaon decays by NA48/2)
M.Palutan (KLOE results)
E.Brubaker (Top mass CDF)
M.Kopal (Top production/single top CDF+D0 and D0 top mass result)
M.Klute (Top properties CDF+D0)
Monday Afternoon: Supersymmetry, neutron edm
C.Munoz (*Susy: new perspectives and variants)
I.Dorsner (Minimal realistic SU5 theory)
A.Falkowski (Anomaly and Gravity mediation combined)
P.Geltelbort (New limit on neutron EDM)

Tuesday Morning: Electroweak
J.Suitak (Electroweak physics at Hera)
F.Spano (Standard Model Electroweak measurements at LEP)
R.S.Chivukula (*Effective Higgsless Models)
G.Marandella (Electroweak precision data: a minimal approach)
F.Sannino (Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry breaking and the 5th force)
P.Chankowski (Double protection of the Higgs potential)
A.Patwa (EW: production,asymmetries & SM Higgs search at the Tevatron)
J.Sjolin (Diboson physics at the Tevatron)
Tuesday Afternoon: Searches, Nes physics
C.Ciobanu (Searches (lepton final state) at the Tevatron)
R.Hauser (Searches (photon, jet final states) at the Tevatron)
M.Quiros (*Introduction to extra dimension models)
E.Nugaev (Higgs boson with a single generation in the bulk)
D.South (Search for new physics at Hera)
G.Pasztor (Exotics searches and studies at LEP)
Y.Shadmi (Supersymmetry breaking and the radion in Ads brane-world)

Wednesday Morning: Neutrinos
C.Pena Garay (*What can Neutrinos tell us about new physics)
J.J.Gomez-Cadenas (HARP results)
P.Toale (AMANDA results)
I.Haruo (Geoneutrinos from KAMLAND)
J.S.Ricol (NEMO results)
S.Petcov (Theoretical prospects of neutrinoless double beta decay)
F.Bezrukov (Predictions for neutrinoless double beta decay from nuMSM)
G.Moreau (Randall-Sundrum scenarios visible at the LHC)
Wednesday Afternoon: LHC
S.Mrenna (Tevatron studies for LHC)
K.Lassila-Perini (Early LHC physics)
M.White (Susy and Dark matter searches at the LHC)
Common Session with astrophysicists
G.Chardin (Detection of Dark Matter)
S.White (The Millennium Run: Galaxy and Structure Formation in a Supercomputer)

Thursday Morning: Baryogenesis/Leptogenesis, Astroparticules
S.Huber (Baryogenesis in the 2-Higgs model)
M.Tytgat (Relating leptogenesis and dark matter)
E.Arganda Carreras (Carreras Lepton Flavor violating tau and muon decays)
C.Van Eldik (HESS results)
A.Zech (AUGER results)
T.Hambye (Right-handed sector leptogenesis)
L.Boubekeur (Right-handed neutrinos as the source of density perturbations)
R.Rueckl (Supersymmetric lepton flavor violation and leptogenesis)
T.Shindou (LFV radiative decays and leptogenesis in the Susy see saw model)
Thursday Afternoon: Axions
P.Sikivie (ADMX axion search)
D.Kang (CAST axion search)
M.Karuza (PVLAS axion search)
M.Kleban (Bounds on Pseudoscalars and PVLAS results)

Friday Morning: Dark Energy and Dark Matter
I.Navarro (Dark energy, Mond and submillimiter test of gravity)
G.Barenboim (Dark side of inflation)
M.Fairbairn (Indirect detection of dark matter at the galactic centre)
Y.Mambrini (Indirect detection of dark matter in supersymmetric models)
S.Leclercq (CDMS dark matter search results)
H.Gast (AMS results and Dark matter prospects)
K.Hasegawa (Protected baryon number in models with Majorana neutrinos)
J.Kersten (Squarks and Sleptons between branes and bulk)

Friday Afternoon: Astroparticules, Quark-Gluon plasma
D.Cerdeno (The neutralino as a dark matter candidate in supergravity and superstrings)
S.West (Neutrino masses, Leptogenesis and Dark matter from supersymmetry breaking)
N.Regnault (Constraining the Properties of the Dark Energy with the SNLS.)
J.R.Espinosa (Running spectral index as a probe of physics at high scales)
X.Calmet (Test of non-commutative standard model)
M.Gonin (Quark-Gluon plasma review)
V.V.Nesvizhevsky (Low energy neutrons/Granit)

Saturday Morning: Summaries
Y.K.Kim (Summary experimental results)
J.Lykken (Summary theory)

Young scientist forum
E.Couce (Measuring leptonic CP violation in Megaton Water Cerenkovs)
E.Fernandez-Martinez (Alternating ions in Betabeam to solve degeneracies)
P.Hosteins (Constraints in Susy SO(10) models with type II see saw)
S.Lager (D0 top dilepton cross-section)
P.Lewis (Bd mixing in D0)
D.Maybury (Triviality and the (supersymmetric) see-saw)
B.Mohr (CDF top masss)
S.Morisi (Fermion masses in E6 GUT with family permutation symmetry)
K.Rolbiecki (Challenging CP parameter determination in focus point inspired cases)
M.Testa (CP/CPT tests with KLOE)
T.Underwood (Lepton flavor effect and resonant leptogenesis)