Physics at Extreme Energies


Thursday July 20th

Opening Session:

Keynote address R. Peccei   (Los Angeles)
Precision Tests of the Electro-Weak Interactions G. Rolandi   (CERN)
The New Standard Model of Cosmology M. Turner    (Chicago)


Atmospheric Neutrinos (Superkamiokande, K2K) Y. Suzuki   (Tokyo)
Solar Neutrinos D. Wark   (Oxford)
Accelerator and Reactor Neutrinos G. Wilquet   (Brussels)
Neutrinos Oscillation Physics at a Neutrino Factory B. Gavela Legazpi   (Madrid)
Future Neutrino Experiments M. Campanelli    (Zurich)

Friday July 21st


Recent Theoretical Advances in QCD G. Sterman   (Stony Brook)
Structure Functions and Diffraction at HERA S. Bhadra   (York U.)
Heavy Ion Physics: Experimental Review M. Gonin   (Palaiseau)
Heavy Ion Physics: Theory R. Gavai   (Bombay)
QCD at Finite Density Dam Thanh Son   (Columbia)
Functional Integral Method in the Theory of Color Superconductivity Nguyen Van Hieu   (Hanoi)

Saturday July 22nd

Heavy Flavours and CP Violation:

Theoretical Review on Heavy Flavour Physics P. Ball    (CERN)
Results of BaBar F. Ferroni    (Roma)
Results from Belle D. Marlow    (Princeton)
Experimental Review on Heavy Flavour Physics A. Goshaw   (Duke)
CP Violation in the K System and Rare Decays H. Wahl   (CERN)

T and CPT Violations:

Electric Dipole Tests of the Time Reversal Symmetry N. Ramsey   (Havard)
T and CPT with Antimatter M. Doser    (CERN)

Sunday July 23rd

Parallel Sessions  (only few talks are available)

PS1: QCD and Confinement

Hadronic final state in Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA B. Tapper   (Bristol)
QCD at the LHC with ATLAS S. Tapprogge   (Cern)
QCD jets in Dzero experiment, recent results V. Simak   (Praha)

PS2: Higgs and New Particle Searches

a Leptoquark generator for ep scattering L. Bellagamba   (Bologna)
SUSY results (GMSB, AMSB, RPV) at LEP J. Fay   (Lyon)

PS3: Heavy Flavours

(Selected topics on) B physics from LEP (ps) or (pdf) C. Caso;  (Genova)
Charm lifetimes and lifetime mixing in FOCUS S. Ratti;  (Pavia)
Latest results from direct CP violation in NA48 R. Arcidiacono;  (Torino)
Hyperon and Kaon Rare Decay results G. Anzivino   (Perugia)
Top physics at Atlas J. Dodd   (Columbia)
a Leptoquark generator for ep scattering L. Bellagamba   (Bologna)

PS4: Extra Dimensions, Strings, Unified Theories

Search for Extra Dimensions at the Tevatron and Beyond G. Landsberg   (Brown)

PS5: Electroweak Precision Measurements

W mass at LEP A. Venturi   (Pisa)
Gauge bosons at LEP2: cross-sections and couplings G. Bella   (Tel Aviv)
FSI (Bose-Einstein and Color reconnection) L. Bellucci   (Firenze)
Measurement of R in the energy region of 2-5 GeV Guangshun Huang   (Fermilab)
Final results on electroweak asymmetries from SLD (ppt) A. Weidemann   (SLAC)
W/Z Production at the Tevatron F. Lehner   (Fermilab)
Electroweak physics at LHC K. Sliwa   (Tufts)

PS6: Neutrinos

Short base line experiments R. Petti   (Cern)
Long base line experiments at Gran Sasso J. Rico   (Zurich)
The MUNU experiment V. Chazal   (Neuchatel)

PS7: Particle Astrophysics, Cosmology

Direct Dark Matter search in the EDELWEISS experiment G. Chardin   (Saclay)

PS8: Heavy Ion Collisions

Experiment NA50 (CERN, SPS) L. Capelli   (Lyon)
Study of Heavy Ion Collisions with the CMS Detector O. Drapier   (Lyon)

Higgs Physics and SUSY :

Higgs and SUSY : a Critical Overview R. Barbieri   (Pisa)
Search for New Phenomena in Hadron Collisions (ppt) P. Grannis   (Stony Brook)
Latest Results from LEP M. Pepe-Altarelli   (Frascati)

Monday July 24th

Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology:

UHE Cosmic Rays: Experimental Review and Perspectives A. Letessier- Selvon    (Paris)
UHE Cosmic Rays: Top-Down Mechanismm Theory and Phenomenology G. Sigl   (Meudon)
Charged Cosmic Rays of High Energy and Antimatter Search with AMS. J-P. Vialle   (Annecy)
Exploring the Universe with Atomic Clocks N. Ramsey   (Harvard)
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and the Baryonic Content of the Universe Trinh Xuan Thuan   (Virginia)
Dark Matter: an Emerging Puzzle G. Farrar   (New-York)
Neutrino Astrophysics B. Price    (Berkeley)
Highlight from  the CHANDRA X-ray Observatory C. Canizares    (MIT)
Gravitational Waves  (VIRGO/LIGO) M. Coles   (Livingston)

Tuesday July 25th

Summary and Conclusions:

Experimental Physics P. Darriulat    (Hanoi)
A Summary from the Theorist Point of View G. Altarelli    (CERN)