Preliminary Program

The program of the March 2002 Moriond Workshop "The Cosmological Model" is presently under construction.
Below is a first draft of the main subjects that will be covered during the week.
The spirit will be to step back and look at the journey from the beginning of modern cosmology until today, and beyond.

General Introduction: J. Peebles

A. How did we get here

A.1 Expansion

A.2 Nucleosynthesis

A.3 Cosmic Microwave Background

B. Overall coherence of the model

B.1 Structure formation: theory and numerical simulations

B.2 Weak lensing (observations, extraction of cosmological parameters)

B.3 Clusters (X, SZ, extraction of cosmological parameters)

B.4 Galaxy distribution (2dF/SLOAN, extraction of cosmological parameters)

C. Open questions

C.1 Primordial Universe

C.2 The nature of dark matter

C.3 The cosmological constant

Jacques Dumarchez
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