Fundamental Parameters in Cosmology

Les Arcs, France (January 17-24, 1998)

Scientific Program and Agenda

Program Committee :

R. Ansari (Orsay),F. Bernardeau (Saclay), M. Boratav (Paris), F. Bouchet (Paris), S. Colafrancesco (Roma),T. Damour (IHES, Bures/Yvette), J. Dumarchez (Paris), Y. Giraud-Héraud (Paris), R. Gispert(Orsay), B. Guiderdoni (Paris), M. Kamionkowski (Columbia), E. Kolb (Chicago), C. Magneville (Saclay),Y. Mellier (Paris), J. Silk (Berkeley),J. Trân Thanh Vân (Orsay).

For further information please contact:

T. Damour              (The very early universe)
F. Bouchet (Cosmic Microwave Background)
Y. Mellier (New approaches to measure
the fundamental parameters)

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Grants for young scientists
funds are available for young scientists (up to 35 years old) citizens of a European Union member state.


The deadline for sending the manuscripts is: 15 March 1998
The proceedings will be available before summer.
The speakers have to use the following 2 files to prepare the written version of their talk under Latex: moriond.tex (containing the publisher's instruction: it can be used as a template), and moriond.sty (the style file). The contributions (postscript file) are to be sent by mail to Yannick Giraud-Héraud ( In case of problems send a mail to
(The speakers are also required to provide the title and a short abstract in French, to be sent at the same E-mail address)


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