Program of the '99 session

Rencontres de Moriond - march 20th-27th 1999
QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy

Sunday march 21st : Jets, Photons, QCD properties of W, Z and W pairs
Chair : E. De Wolf

Jets  	                                                D. Soper	Oregon
NLO pred for the photoprod.of the isol. photons at HERA M. Krawczyk	Warsaw
Jets, QCD and the gluon density in the proton at HERA	C. Glasman	Madrid
Inclusive jet cross-section at Tevatron	                C. Mesropian	Rockefeller
Inclusive photon production in hadron collisions	M. Werlen	Lausanne
Inclusive photon and diphoton production at Tevatron	M. Strauss	Oklahoma
New alpha_S from high statistics at LEP 2	        Y. Gao	        Wisconsin
Q-qbar, lepton pairs and WW cross-section at LEP 2	Y. Uchida	M.I.T.
W and Z production at Tevatron	                        H. Melanson	FNAL

Sunday march 21st afternoon : Jets, Photons, QCD properties of W, Z and W pairs (continued)
Chair : D. Goulianos

Power corrections	                                G. Marchesini	Milano
New developments on power corrections at LEP	        H. Stenzel	Muenchen
Comparisons of quark and gluon jets at LEP 1	        R. Reinhardt	Wuppertal
Slopes in perturbative QCD	                        I. Dremin	Moscow
Light quark fragment. and the s quark asymmetry at SLD	H. Staengle	Colorado state
Hadron production and QCD in DIS at HERA	        M. Swart	Heidelberg
b mass using NLO new calculations at LEP 1	        S. Cabrera	Valencia
Final State Interactions in WW at LEP 2		        F. Martin	Annecy
Review of Bose-Einstein and Colour reconnection	        W. Kittel	Nijmegen
Bose-Einstein correl. based on the Lund string fragment	S. Todorova-NovaCERN

Monday march 22nd morning : Low x and diffractive phenomena
Chair : G. Korchemsky

Inclusive diffraction and leading baryon prod. at HERA	M. Martinez	DESY
Diffractive prod. of jets, dijets, jets+W, b from Tev	D. Goulianos	Rockefeller
Rapidity gap at 1800 and 630 GeV, Dijet prod. from Tev.	M. Strauss	Oklahoma
Vector meson production in ep collisions at HERA	B. Clerbaux	Bruxelles
Vector meson production in ep collisions	        I. Royen	Liege
Status of the BFKL Pomeron	                        M. Ciafaloni	Firenze
Next to leading BFKL dynamics	                        D. Colferai	Firenze
Recent progress in the odderon channel 	                R. Janik	Saclay

Monday march 22nd afternoon : Low x and diffractive phenomena, heavy flavours
Chair : M. Krawczyk

Unitarity saturation effects in low x QCD evolution	A. Kovner	Oxford
Gamma-gamma cross-section from LEP	                B. Surrow	CERN
Penetration of the earth by ultra high energy neutrinos	A. Stasto	Krakow
Regge traject. in the tÕHooft-Mandelstam confinement    M. Baker	Washington
Top quark mass, t-tbar cross-section from Tevatron 	S. Choi	        Seoul
Single top production and top properties from Tevatron	P. Savard	Toronto
b quark production and properties from Tevatron	        M. Baarmand	Stony Brook
Heavy flavour decays at LEP	                        D. Rousseau	Marseille
b quark in Z decays at  SLD	                        D. Dong	M.I.T.

Tuesday march 23rd morning : Heavy flavours (continued)
Chair : M. Werlen

Rare b decays, mixing, CP asymmetry  from Tevatron	K. Byrum	FNAL
Rare B decays from CLEO	                                V. Savinov	SLAC
B decays to Psi X in CLEO	                        V. Savinov	SLAC
A quark model for heavy meson decays	                A. Deandrea	Heidelberg
An improved heavy quark fragmentation function in e+e-	C. Oleari	Durham
Tests of perturbative QCD from hypothetical Tau leptons	J. Pelaez	Madrid
Heavy flavour physics, QCD and proton structure at HERA	M. Hayes	Cambridge
Charm results from NUTEV	                        T. Adams	Kansas State
Charm spectroscopy from CLEO	                        H. Severini	Oklahoma

Tuesday march 23rd afternoon : Heavy flavours (continued)
Chair : H. Melanson

Charm prod. at FNAL fixed targets (E781, 791, 831, 835)	K. Stenson	Vanderbilt
Charm hadroproduction in QGSM	                        G. Arakelyan	Yerevan
Charmonium and charm dec. at FNAL F.T.(E781,791,831,835)G. Boca	        Pavia
Higgs searches at LEP	                                I. Nakamura	Tokyo
SUSY searches at LEP	                                R. Alemany	Valencia
Gene therapy	                                        O. Danos	Genethon/Evry		

Wednesday march 24th morning : Heavy Ions
Chair : I. Dremin

Results from CERES	                                T. Wienhold	Heidelberg
Theoretical interpretation 	                        H. Hansson	Stockholm
Small baryon and antibaryon clusters in NA44	        J.J. Gaardhoje	Copenhagen
Making glue in high energy nuclei collisions	        R. Venugopalan	BNL
Results from NA49	                                P. Seyboth	Muenchen
Results from NA49	                                A. Rybicki	Krakow
Medium induced energy loss of hard quarks and gluons	I.P. Lokhtin	Moscow
Jet production in heavy ion collisions at LHC	        A. Accardi	Trieste
Landau-Pomerantchuk-Migdal effect	                B. Zacharov	Moscow

Wednesday march 24th afternoon : Heavy Ions (continued)
Chair : L. MacLerran

Part. densities at future H.I. coll. in Gribov theory	A. Kaidalov	Moscow
Results from NA50	                                L. Kluberg	Polytechnique	
Results from WA97	                                P. Norman	Birmingham
Baryon stopping and hyperon enhancement	                C. Salgado	Orsay
Signals of phase transitions in atmospheric showers	D. Sousa	Santiago
Heavy Ions in HERA	                                W. Krasny	Paris
Discussion about Moriond	

Thursday march 25th morning : Structure functions
Chair : F. Close

Theory			                                R. Ball		Edimburgh
Proton structure functions at HERA	                M. Costa	Torino
Photon structure at HERA	                        T. MacMahon	Liverpool	
Photon structure from gamma-gamma at LEP	        M. Chamizo	Geneve
Combined DIS analysis, Alpha_S and higher twists	S.I. Alekhin	Moscow
Final result from E155 on spin structure functions	R. Erbacher	SLAC
Spin asymmetries in HERMES	                        J. Martin	M.I.T.
Nuclear effects in DIS and vector meson prod. in HERMES	T. Shin	M.I.T.

Thursday march 25th afternoon : Scalar, resonances and new trends in theory
Chair : C.I. Tan

Chiral disorder and diffus. of light quarks in QCD vac.	M. Nowak	Darmstadt
Chiral fermions and the fifth dimension	                R. Brower	Boston
The world of d-branes, Maldacena conject and Yang-Mills S. Mathur	M.I.T.
D-branes thermo. large scale hidden dim. and cosmology	I. Kogan	Oxford
QCD vacuum and progress in lattice gauge theories	J. Negele	M.I.T.
Physics for Biologists	                                D. Denegri	Saclay

Friday march 26th morning : Scalar mesons, resonances, Search for new phenomena
Chair : E. Lancon

BES results on the R scan (2-5 GeV)	                D. Paluselli	Hawai
Search for glueballs in gamma-gamma interactions at LEP	D. Della Volpe	Napoli
A new perspective on the scalar meson puzzle	        P. Bicudo	Lisboa
Spin of the theta(1710)	                                A. Kirk	        Birmingham
De-coding the gluonic P: how the 5D gravit transf in 4D	F. Close	CERN
W mass measurement at Tevatron	                        T. Dorigo	Padova
W mass measurement at LEP	                        T. Saeki	Tokyo
Standard model fits from LEP	                        G. Della Ricca	Trieste

Friday march 26th afternoon : Search for new phenomena, Physics at future machines
Chair : B. Klima

Search for the H dibaryon in KTEV	                R. Ben-David	Fermilab
SUSY motivated searches at Tevatron	                R. Genik	Michigan state		
Other searches at Tevatron	                        J. Cassada	FNAL
Searches at HERA	                                C. Niebuhr	DESY
R-parity violat prod.of single top squarks in had. Coll.Z. Sullivan	Argonne
Higgs and SUSY searches at Tev-2   	                A. Goussiou	Stony Brook
Physics programme of ATLAS and CMS	                N. Stepanov	CERN/ITEP
The Physics programme of LHCb	                        F. Filthaut	CERN
Status of the Babar experiment      	                S. Versille	Paris

Saturday march 27th : Summary
Chair : J. Tran Thanh Van

Summary of the Theoretical part	                        G. Martinelli	Roma
Summary of the Experimental part	                W. Krasny	Paris