XXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond - March 17th-24th 2002    
    QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
    Sunday march 17th morning : Heavy flavours    
    Chairperson :    
8:30 8:45 Updates measurement of sin2beta from the BABAR collaboration O. Long UCSB
8:50 9:05 Semi-leptonic and leptonic B decays in BABAR R. Kowalewski Victoria
9:10 9:25 Sin(2phi1) measurements and related topic in BELLE T. Higuchi Tokyo
9:30 9:45 Phi2 and Phi3 measurements at BELLE T. Gershon KEK
9:50 10:05 Vcb and Vub measurements in BELLE H. Ishino Tokyo
10:10 10:40 BREAK    
10:40 10:55 B Physics in CLEO (Vub, Vcb, b to sgamma,…) S. Pappas Caltech
11:00 11:15 Bs oscillations at LEP G. Boix CERN
11:20 11:35 Review of Bs oscillations D. Abbaneo CERN
11:40 11:55 Decay of the Bc meson to a p wave charmonium and to lepton with brems gluon Zhao-Xi Zhang Beijing
    Sunday march 17th afternoon : Heavy flavours (continued)    
    Chairperson :    
17:00 17:15 Rare decays in BELLE H. Sagawa KEK
17:20 17:35 Rare hadronic and radiative B decays in BABAR D. Best U.C. Irvine
17:40 17:55 Hadronic B decays at BABAR F. Fabozzi Napoli
18:00 18:20 BREAK    
18:20 18:45 Perturbative and non-perturbative issues in heavy quark fragmentation M. Cacciari Parma
18:50 19:05 Top decay and bottom fragmentation in NLO QCD G. Corcella Munich
19:10 19:25 Latest top and W results from Tevatron + top prospects at Run II D. Chakraborty Northern Illinois
19:30 20:00 European Community policy on scientific conferences M. Hasewend  
    Monday march 18th morning : Heavy flavours (continued), Core QCD    
8:30 8:45 Light mesons from Charm meson decays in FNAL E791 B. Meadows Cincinnati
8:50 9:05 BES results on Psi and Psi’ decays Peng Haiping Beijing
9:10 9:25 New results for inclusive and em quarkonium decays A. Vairo CERN
9:30 9:45 Charm physics in CLEO (mixing, CPV) A. Smith Minnesota
9:50 10:10 The CLEO-c project H. Stoeck Florida
10:15 10:45 BREAK    
10:45 11:00 Jet physics at the Tevatron S. Seidel New Mexico
11:05 11:20 Four jets at the Z at LEP S. Bravo Barcelona
11:25 11:40 Heavy quark production at HERA A. Longhin Padova
11:45 12:00 Progress in single photon final states at HERA (prompt photons and DVCS) I. Grabowska-Bold Krakow
    Monday march 18th afternoon : Core QCD (continued)    
17:00 17:15 Theory talk M. Shifman Minnesota
17:20 17:35 Challenges in next to next to leading scattering processes C. Oleari Wisconsin
17:40 17:55 NLO partonic event generators S. Weinzierl Parma
18:00 18:15 Rapidity gap in hadronic Z decays at LEP J. Field Geneva
18:20 18:40 BREAK    
18:40 18:55 Jet physics and event shape studies at HERA E. Rodrigues Bristol
19:00 19:15 Azimuthal correlation in DIS G. Marchesini Milano
19:20 19:35 DIS event shapes and spin-offs G. Salam Paris
19:40 19:55 Perturbative stability of the QCD analysis of DIS data S. Alekhin Protvino
20:00 20:15 A test of the pi-N total cross-section at high E using new FESR K. Igi Kanagawa
    Tuesday march 19th morning : Core QCD (event shapes and power corrections)    
8:30 8:45 Semi-classical quantization of effective string theories and Regge traj ectories M. Baker Seattle
8:50 9:05 Hadronic event structure, alpha_s, power corrections at LEP D. Wicke Wuppertal
9:10 9:25 First det of alpha_s at 14 and 44 GeV using resumd calc P. Movilla Fernandez Munich
9:30 9:45 O.P.E. and power corrections to the QCD coupling constant J.R. Quintero Huelva
9:50 10:20 BREAK    
10:20 10:35 Semi-numerical resumm of event shape variables and jet rates G. Zanderighi Durham
10:40 10:55 Dressed gluon exponent and power corr to event shape distr in the 2 jet region E. Gardi CERN
11:00 11:15 Role of QCD non perturbative input in QCD resummed heavy boson QT distributions Jiangwei Qiu Iowa State U
11:20 11:35 Exclusive channels in photon-photon collisions at LEP S. Braccini Frascati
    Tuesday march 19th afternoon : Core QCD    
17:00 17:15 gamma-gamma physics at LEP/Photon structure and dynamics T. Wengler CERN
17:20 17:35 Fragmentation studies and color reconnection at LEP K. Rabbertz CERN
17:40 17:55 Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein corr and QCD params at LEP T. Kress U.C. Riverside
18:00 18:20 BREAK    
18:20 18:35 Parton distribution functions and QCD fitting to F2 at HERA F. Zomer Orsay
18:40 18:55 A new generation of parton distrib functions with uncertaities from global QCD analysis W.K. Tung Michigan State
19:00 19:15 Real and virtual photon structure at HERA L. Joensson Lund
    Tuesday march 19th evening : Young Physicists forum (being set-up)    
    Wednesday march 20th morning : Structure functions, diffraction    
8:30 8:45 Recent RHIC results on polarized proton scattering B. Surrow BNL
8:50 9:05 First run of the RHIC polar proton collider' : transverse polarisation at sqrt(s)=200 GeV G. Bunce BNL
9:10 9:25 Nuclear effects and higher twists in structure functions S. Kulagin Moscow
9:30 9:40 Local duality from a pQCD analysis of inclusive ep scattering S. Liuti Virginia
9:45 10:00 From soft to hard diffraction A. Kaidalov Moscow
10:05 10:35 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Vector mesons at HERA : what is the appropriate QCD scale ? S. Mohrdieck Munich
10:55 11:10 Inclusive diffraction at HERA M. Ruspa Torino
11:15 11:30 QCD and diffraction at HERA M. Kapichine Dubna
11:35 11:50 Multigap diffraction at CDF K. Goulianos Rockefeller
    Wednesday march 20th afternoon : Diffraction, saturation    
17:00 17:15 Diffractive di-jet studies at E791 D. Ashery Tel Aviv
17:20 17:35 Theory talk E. Iancu Saclay
17:40 17:55 Theory talk K. Itakura BNL
18:00 18:15 Gluon saturation from S matrix unitarity F. Steffen Heidelberg
18:20 18:35 Aspects of unitarized soft multipomeron approach in DIS and diffr E. Ferreiro Santiago
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:00 19:15 Pion generalized distribution amplitudes in the non-local NJL model M. Praszalowicz Krakow
19:20 19:35 Power corr to the pi0-gamma, eta-gamma, eta’-gam e.m. form factors A. Shahin Baku
19:40 19:55 First run 2 results from CDF S. Donati  
20:00 20:15 First Run 2 results from D0 A. Juste FNAL
    Thursday march 21st morning : Searches, new physics    
8:30 8:45 Theoretical review on g-2 A. Czarnecki Alberta
8:50 9:05 Recent NUTEV results on sin^2(theta_W) T. Bolton Manhattan
9:10 9:25 Final Higgs results at LEP U. Schwickerath CERN
9:30 9:45 Standard Model fits A. Krueger DESY
9:50 10:20 BREAK    
10:20 10:35 Selected topics from other searches at LEP G. Ganis Roma
10:40 10:55 Searches at the Tevatron S. Muanza Lyon
11:00 11:15 CMS discovery potential for MSSM SUSY massive Higgs A. Van Lysebetten Saclay
11:20 11:35 Joint resummation in electroweak boson production at hadron coll A. Kulesza BNL
    Thursday march 21st afternoon : New physics    
17:00 17:15 Direct Higgs production and jet veto at hadron colliders M. Grazzini Firenze
17:20 17:35 Inclusive Higgs production at hadron colliders W. Kilgore BNL
17:40 17:55 Search for extra dimensions at the LHC B. Laforge Paris
18:00 18:25 Black holes at future colliders G. Landsberg Brown
18:30 18:50 BREAK    
18:50 19:50 Discussion on Moriond    
    Friday march 22nd morning : Heavy Ions    
8:30 8:45 Theory talk D. Kharzeev BNL
8:50 9:05 STAR Zangbu Xu BNL
9:10 9:25 PHENIX D. D'Enterria Nantes
9:30 9:45 Results from the BRAHMS experiment at RHIC F. Rami Strasbourg
9:50 10:20 BREAK    
10:20 10:35 Charged particle multiplicity and particle ratios in Au+Au collisions at RHIC with PHOBOS R. Nouicer Chicago
10:40 10:55 Event by event averages in Heavy Ion collisions M. Tannenbaum BNL
11:00 11:10 Screening corrections in simulating heavy ion collisions T. Pierog Nantes
11:15 11:30 The SU(2) and SU(3) chiral phase transition within chiral pert theory J. Pelaez Madrid
    Friday march 22nd afternoon : Heavy ions (continued)    
17:00 17:15 Strange and multistrange baryon prod in nuclear collisions in NA49 D. Barna Budapest
17:20 17:35 Result from NA57 on the production of multistrange hadrons in Pb-Pb collisions G. Bruno Bari
17:40 17:55 Particle ratios and yields measured by BRAHMS C. Jorgensen Copenhagen
18:00 18:15 Baryon and antibaryon yields in the Dual Parton model D. Sousa Trento
18:20 18:35 Baryon number transfer in heavy ion collisions Y Shabelski St Petersburg
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:00 19:15 New results on A dependance of Psi and Psi' production in 450 GeV pA collisions R. Shahoyan Lisbon
19:20 19:35 Constraints for nuclear gluon shadowing from DIS data C. Salgado CERN
19:40 19:55 New results from the CERES experiment A. Marin Darmstadt
20:00 20:15 Prompt photon production at RHIC and LHC I. Sarcevic Arizona
    Saturday march 23rd morning : Summary talks    
    Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van    
9:00 9:30 Experimental summary M. Shochet Chicago
9:40 10:10 Theoretical summary M. Neubert Cornell

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