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XXXVIIIth Rencontres de Moriond - March 23rd-29th 2003    
QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
Sunday march 23rd morning : QCD    
Chairperson : J.E. Augustin (Paris)    
Jet production in ep collisions P. Van Mechelen Antwerpen
QCD results at D0 M. Begel Rochester
QCD results at CDF M. Gallinaro Rockefeller
Measurement of W and Z production cross-sections at Ecm=2TeV T. Dorigo Padova
Tests of the QCD structure at LEP G. Rudolph Innsbruck
Confronting QCD with HERA data S. Paganis Columbia
QCD studies with resurrected JADE data S. Kluth Munich
Structure functions and alpha_s from the HERA collider experiments N. Werner DESY
Constraining the gluon via photoproduction reactions G. Heinrich Durham
Sunday march 23rd afternoon : QCD (continued)    
Chairperson : Y. Dokshitzer (Paris)    
NLO calculations of the exclusive processes in pQCD G. Duplancic Zagreb
Non-global logarithms: an overview G. Salam Paris
Non-global log in inter-jet energy flow with k_t cluster requirement R. Appleby Manchester
Factorization in hard coherent di-jet production on hadrons D. Ivanov Novossibirsk
Automated resummation of final state observables G. Zanderighi Durham
Heavy quarkonia creation and annihilation to NNNLO M. Steinhauser Hamburg
Azimuthal correlation in dihadron production A. Guffanti Parma
Hadronization at LEP (b fragmentation, rates and multiplicities) E. Ben Haim Orsay
Rapidity gaps in gluon jets / Color reconnection at LEP M. Giunta UC Riverside
Monday march 24th morning : QCD (end)    
Chairperson: G. Bunce (BNL)    
Particle correlations at LEP W. Metzger Nijmegen
Bose-Einstein correlations in WW at LEP N. Van Remortel Antwerpen
QCD and W mass determination at LEP A. Straessner CERN
Photon structure and heavy flavour production in gamma-gamma collisions at LEP A. Boehrer Siegen
Inclusive hadrons and pair production in gamma-gamma collisions at LEP C.H. Lin Taiwan
Review of spin physics D. Boer Amsterdam
Experimental results on spin physics at RHIC B. Surrow BNL
Psi production in polarized p-p, gamma-p and gamma-gamma collisions M. Klasen DESY
Polarized and unpol structures in hadron and the hadronic struct funct F. Arash Tehran
B production cross-section measurements at Ecm=2TeV E. Kajfasz Marseille
Monday march 24th afternoon : Heavy flavours    
Chairperson : A. Czarnecki (Alberta)    
Cross-section measurement by the HERA-B experiment P. Conde DESY
Beauty production at HERA (H1/ZEUS) K. Klimek Hamburg
Charm production at the Tevatron (prod, rare decays and CP viol) A. Korn MIT
Charm production at NuTeV (+F2 and xF3 structure functions) M. Tzanov Pittsburgh
Charm in electron-proton collisions J. Butterworth London
Charmonium production at E835 (triplet p-states) N. Pastrone Torino
New results from the FOCUS/E831 experiment D. Kim Illinois
Heavy quarkonia production in e+e- annihilation and hadronic interactions A. Kaidalov ITEP
Tuesday march 25th morning : Heavy flavours (continued)    
Chairperson : A. Gorsky (Moscow)    
Charm physics results from CLEO M. Dubrovin Wayne State
Charm physics in BaBar B. Meadows Cincinnati
Theoretical overview I. Stewart MIT
K_T factorization of exclusive B decays H.N. Li Taipeih
Prediction of pure annihilation type B Decays Cai-Dian Lu Beijing
B decays to hadronic states with charm/charmonium in BABAR G. Vuagnin Trieste
Measurement of double ccbar production by BELLE P. Pakhlov ITEP
Measurement of baryonic decays of B-mesons by BELLE M. Wang Taipeih
Hadronic B physics in CLEO J. Duboscq Cornell
Tuesday march 25th afternoon : Heavy flavours (end)    
Chairperson : F. Arash (Tehran)    
Masses, Lifetimes, decay modes of B Hadrons at the Tevatron L. Vacavant LBNL
Rare charmless B decays in BABAR M. Pivk Paris
Constraints on CKM matrix from rare hadronic B decays and factorization N. de Groot RAL
Determination of |V_ub| by the Belle experiment A. Limosani Melbourne
Vub and Vcb from CLEO A. Warburton McGill
Status of direct CP viol meas in the process B ->PP, PV and VV A. Kuzmin Novossibirsk
CLEO results at upsilon(1s), upsilon(2s), upsilon(3s) T. Coan Dallas
Recent results on two photon and tau physics from Babar G. Wagner Rostock
Wednesday march 26th morning : Heavy ion collisions    
Chairperson : P. Petiau (Ecole Polytechnique)    
RHIC Physics through Phobos' eyes W. Busza MIT
Recent results on anomalous Psi suppresion in PbPb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon (NA50) H. Santos Lisbon
First results from the NA60 experiment G. Usai Cagliari
Hadron Correlations and Fluctuations in 40, 80, and 158 A GeV Pb + Au Collisions H. Sako GSI
Energy dependance of particle production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at CERN SPS M. Van Leeuwen NIKHEF
New results from the NA57 experiment G. Bruno Bari
HBT Theory B. Tomasik CERN
Two particle correlations at RHIC S. Panitkin BNL
Particle ratios at RHIC B. Hippolyte Yale
Wednesday march 26th afternoon : Heavy ion collisions (continued)    
Chairperson : D. Goulianos (Rockefeller)    
Jets in HI collisions C. Salgado CERN
Jets quenching at RHIC J. Velkovska BNL
Can Jet Absorption and Coll Geometry Explain the High pt Phenomena Observed at RHIC? A. Drees SUNY
High PT physics and d+Au collisions at RHIC P. Jacobs LBNL
High Pt Suppression without Jet Quenching in Au+Au Collisions in NeXuS T. Pierog Karlsruhe
From quarks and gluons to Strings : Gauge/Gravity duality (common session) C.I. Tan Brown
Experimental tests of gravitation (common session) E. Fischbach Purdue
Thursday march 27th morning : Heavy Ions (end); Low x physics, saturation    
Chairperson : B. Badelek (CERN)    
In medium modifications to rho from pion finite density effects A. Ayala Mexico
What can we learn from charm production at RHIC ? J. Nagle Colorado
Nuclear structure functions at small x in multiple scattering approaches N. Armesto Cordoba
Nuclear structure functions at small x and diffraction at HERA J. Lopez-Albacete Cordoba
Summary of the heavy ion session U. Wiedemann CERN
Vector meson production at HERA K. Voss Bonn
Measurements of DVCS and high |t| vector meson production at HERA D. Brown DESY
Diffraction in electron-proton collisions P. Van Mechelen Antwerpen
Experimental determination of the quark-antiquark condensate G. Colangelo Bern
Chiral perturbation theory at two loops and the measurement of V_us J. Bijnens Lund
Thursday march 27th afternoon : Low energy hadronic interactions    
Chairperson : I. Dremin (Moscow)    
Chiral Symmetry Breaking with Scalar Confinement P. Bicudo Lisbon
Results from the DIRAC experiment (pionium) C. Schuetz Basel
Pionic hydrogen at PSI D. Gotta Juelich
Search for kaonic atoms with DEAR at DAPHNE P. Gianotti Frascati
Recent NA48 results on rare K decays C. Cheshkov Saclay
BES QCD results from R scan Z. Zhao Beijing
Discussion on Moriond    
Friday march 28th morning : Top and Higgs    
Chairperson : D.P. Roy (Bombay)    
Top quark production cross-section at Ecm=2TeV S. Cabrera Duke U
Top production dynamics (single top, t-tbar) E. Laenen NIKHEF
Top quark mass measurement and decay properties at the Tevatron R. Zitoun Stony Brook
T-tbar-higgs L. Orr Rochester
Higgs production cross-section in pp collisions at NNLO R. Harlander CERN
Gluon-gluon to gamma-gamma at hadron colliders C. Schmidt Michigan State
Higgs searches at the Tevatron Qizhong Li FNAL
Diffractive production of Higgs, a review R. Peschanski Saclay
Phenomenology of a triplet Higgs J. Forshaw Manchester
How to rule out little Higgs at the LHC Z. Sullivan FNAL
Friday march 28th afternoon : Search for new phenomena    
Chairperson : T. Binoth (Edimburgh)    
A Z-monitor to calibrate Higgs production via vector boson fusion with rapidity gaps at the LHC P. Williams Durham
Detection of the Higgs boson in Vector boson fusion at the LHC K. Mazumdar Mumbai
Search for SUSY at LEP S. Braibant-Giacomelli CERN
SUSY searches at the Tevatron A. Safonov U.C. Davies
Non-SUSY searches at the Tevatron (LQ, LED, TC,) J. Hays Imperial College
Beyond the SM at LEP C. Goy Annecy
Physics at the LHC in the first year of running with less than 10 fb^-1 G. Bruno CERN
Impact of pdf uncertainties on Extra dimensions using di-jets cross section at the LHC S. Ferrag Paris
Saturday march 29th morning : Summary talks    
Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van (Orsay)    
Experimental Summary P. Maettig Wuppertal
Theoretical Summary L. Orr Rochester

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