XXXVIIIth Rencontres de Moriond - March 23rd-29th 2003    
    QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
    Sunday march 23rd morning : QCD    
    Chairperson : J.E. Augustin (Paris)    
8:30 8:45 Jet production in ep collisions P. Van Mechelen Antwerpen
8:50 9:05 QCD results at D0 M. Begel Rochester
9:10 9:25 QCD results at CDF M. Gallinaro Rockefeller
9:30 9:45 Measurement of W and Z production cross-sections at Ecm=2TeV T. Dorigo Padova
9:50 10:05 Tests of the QCD structure at LEP G. Rudolph Innsbruck
10:10 10:30 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Confronting QCD with HERA data S. Paganis Columbia
10:55 11:10 QCD studies with resurrected JADE data S. Kluth Munich
11:15 11:30 Structure functions and alpha_s from the HERA collider experiments N. Werner DESY
11:35 11:50 Constraining the gluon via photoproduction reactions G. Heinrich Durham
    Sunday march 23rd afternoon : QCD (continued)    
    Chairperson : Y. Dokshitzer (Paris)    
17:00 17:15 NLO calculations of the exclusive processes in pQCD G. Duplancic Zagreb
17:20 17:35 Non-global logarithms: an overview G. Salam Paris
17:40 17:55 Non-global log in inter-jet energy flow with k_t cluster requirement R. Appleby Manchester
18:00 18:15 Factorization in hard coherent di-jet production on hadrons D. Ivanov Novossibirsk
18:20 18:35 Automated resummation of final state observables G. Zanderighi Durham
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:05 19:20 Heavy quarkonia creation and annihilation to NNNLO M. Steinhauser Hamburg
19:25 19:30 Azimuthal correlation in dihadron production A. Guffanti Parma
19:35 19:50 Hadronization at LEP (b fragmentation, rates and multiplicities) E. Ben Haim Orsay
19:55 20:10 Rapidity gaps in gluon jets / Color reconnection at LEP M. Giunta UC Riverside
    Monday march 24th morning : QCD (end)    
    Chairperson: G. Bunce (BNL)    
8:30 8:45 Particle correlations at LEP (including intermittency) W. Metzger Nijmegen
8:50 9:05 Bose-Einstein correlations in WW at LEP N. Van Remortel Antwerpen
9:10 9:25 QCD and W mass determination at LEP A. Straessner CERN
9:30 9:45 Photon structure and heavy flavour production in gamma-gamma collisions at LEP A. Boehrer Siegen
9:50 10:05 Inclusive hadrons and pair production in gamma-gamma collisions at LEP C.H. Lin Taiwan
10:10 10:30 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Review of spin physics D. Boer Amsterdam
10:55 11:10 Experimental results on spin physics at RHIC B. Surrow BNL
11:15 11:30 Psi production in polarized p-p, gamma-p and gamma-gamma collisions M. Klasen DESY
11:35 11:40 Polarized and unpol structures in hadron and the hadronic struct funct F. Arash Tehran
11:45 12:00 B production cross-section measurements at Ecm=2TeV E. Kajfasz Marseille
    Monday march 24th afternoon : Heavy flavours    
    Chairperson : A. Czarnecki (Alberta)    
17:00 17:15 Cross-section measurement by the HERA-B experiment P. Conde DESY
17:20 17:35 Beauty production at HERA (H1/ZEUS) K. Klimek Hamburg
17:40 17:55 Charm production at the Tevatron (prod, rare decays and CP viol) A. Korn MIT
18:00 18:15 Charm production at NuTeV (+F2 and xF3 structure functions) M. Tzanov Pittsburgh
18:20 18:35 Charm in electron-proton collisions J. Butterworth London
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:05 19:20 Charmonium production at E835 (triplet p-states) N. Pastrone Torino
19:25 19:40 New results from the FOCUS/E831 experiment D. Kim Illinois
19:45 20:00 Heavy quarkonia production in e+e- annihilation and hadronic interactions A. Kaidalov ITEP
    Tuesday march 25th morning : Heavy flavours (continued)    
    Chairperson : A. Gorsky (Moscow)    
8:30 8:45 Charm physics results from CLEO M. Dubrovin Wayne State
8:50 9:05 Charm physics in BaBar B. Meadows Cincinnati
9:10 9:35 Theoretical overview I. Stewart MIT
9:40 9:55 K_T factorization of exclusive B decays H.N. Li Taipeih
10:00 10:15 Prediction of pure annihilation type B Decays Cai-Dian Lu Beijing
10:20 10:40 BREAK    
10:45 11:00 B decays to hadronic states with charm/charmonium in BABAR G. Vuagnin Trieste
11:05 11:20 Measurement of double ccbar production by BELLE P. Pakhlov ITEP
11:25 11:40 Measurement of baryonic decays of B-mesons by BELLE M. Wang Taipeih
11:45 12:00 Hadronic B physics in CLEO J. Duboscq Cornell
    Tuesday march 25th afternoon : Heavy flavours (end)    
    Chairperson : F. Arash (Tehran)    
17:00 17:15 Masses, Lifetimes, decay modes of B Hadrons at the Tevatron L. Vacavant LBNL
17:20 17:35 Rare charmless B decays in BABAR M. Pivk Paris
17:40 17:55 Constraints on CKM matrix from rare hadronic B decays and factorization N. de Groot RAL
18:00 18:15 Determination of |V_ub| by the Belle experiment A. Limosani Melbourne
18:20 18:35 Vub and Vcb from CLEO A. Warburton McGill
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:05 19:20 Status of direct CP viol meas in the process B ->PP, PV and VV A. Kuzmin Novossibirsk
19:25 19:40 CLEO results at upsilon(1s), upsilon(2s), upsilon(3s) T. Coan Dallas
19:45 20:00 Recent results on two photon and tau physics from Babar G. Wagner Rostock
    Wednesday march 26th morning : Heavy ion collisions    
    Chairperson : P. Petiau (Ecole Polytechnique)    
8:30 8:55 RHIC Physics through Phobos' eyes W. Busza MIT
9:00 9:15 Recent results on anomalous Psi suppresion in PbPb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon (NA50) H. Santos Lisbon
9:20 9:35 First results from the NA60 experiment G. Usai Cagliari
9:40 9:55 Hadron Correlations and Fluctuations in 40, 80, and 158 A GeV Pb + Au Collisions H. Sako GSI
10:00 10:20 BREAK    
10:25 10:40 Energy dependance of particle production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at CERN SPS M. Van Leeuwen NIKHEF
10:45 11:00 New results from the NA57 experiment G. Bruno Bari
11:05 11:20 HBT Theory B. Tomasik CERN
11:25 11:40 Two particle correlations at RHIC S. Panitkin BNL
11:45 12:00 Particle ratios at RHIC B. Hippolyte Yale
    Wednesday march 26th afternoon : Heavy ion collisions (continued)    
    Chairperson : D. Goulianos (Rockefeller)    
17:00 17:15 Jets in HI collisions C. Salgado CERN
17:20 17:35 Jets quenching at RHIC J. Velkovska BNL
17:40 17:55 Can Jet Absorption and Coll Geometry Explain the High pt Phenomena Observed at RHIC? A. Drees SUNY
18:00 18:20 High PT physics and d+Au collisions at RHIC P. Jacobs LBNL
18:25 18:40 High Pt Suppression without Jet Quenching in Au+Au Collisions in NeXuS T. Pierog Karlsruhe
18:45 19:05 BREAK    
19:10 19:40 From quarks and gluons to Strings : Gauge/Gravity duality (common session) C.I. Tan Brown
19:45 20:15 Experimental tests of gravitation (common session) E. Fischbach Purdue
    Thursday march 27th morning : Heavy Ions (end); Low x physics, saturation    
    Chairperson : B. Badelek (CERN)    
8:30 8:45 In medium modifications to rho from pion finite density effects A. Ayala Mexico
8:50 9:05 What can we learn from charm production at RHIC ? J. Nagle Colorado
9:10 9:25 Nuclear structure functions at small x in multiple scattering approaches N. Armesto Cordoba
9:30 9:35 Nuclear structure functions at small x and diffraction at HERA J. Lopez-Albacete Cordoba
9:40 9:55 Summary of the heavy ion session U. Wiedemann CERN
10:00 10:20 BREAK    
10:25 10:40 Vector meson production at HERA K. Voss Bonn
10:45 11:00 Measurements of DVCS and high |t| vector meson production at HERA D. Brown DESY
11:05 11:20 Diffraction in electron-proton collisions P. Van Mechelen Antwerpen
11:25 11:40 Experimental determination of the quark-antiquark condensate G. Colangelo Bern
11:45 12:00 Chiral perturbation theory at two loops and the measurement of V_us J. Bijnens Lund
    Thursday march 27th afternoon : Low energy hadronic interactions    
    Chairperson : I. Dremin (Moscow)    
17:00 17:15 Chiral Symmetry Breaking with Scalar Confinement P. Bicudo Lisbon
17:20 17:35 Results from the DIRAC experiment (pionium) C. Schuetz Basel
17:40 17:55 Pionic hydrogen at PSI D. Gotta Juelich
18:00 18:15 Search for kaonic atoms with DEAR at DAPHNE P. Gianotti Frascati
18:20 18:35 Recent NA48 results on rare K decays C. Cheshkov Saclay
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:05 19:55 Discussion on Moriond    
    Friday march 28th morning : Top and Higgs    
    Chairperson : D.P. Roy (Bombay)    
8:30 8:45 Top quark production cross-section at Ecm=2TeV S. Cabrera Duke U
8:50 9:05 Top production dynamics (single top, t-tbar) E. Laenen NIKHEF
9:10 9:25 Top quark mass measurement and decay properties at the Tevatron R. Zitoun Stony Brook
9:30 9:45 T-tbar-higgs L. Orr Rochester
9:50 10:05 Higgs production cross-section in pp collisions at NNLO R. Harlander CERN
10:10 10:30 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Gluon-gluon to gamma-gamma at hadron colliders C. Schmidt Michigan State
10:55 11:10 Higgs searches at the Tevatron Qizhong Li FNAL
11:15 11:30 Diffractive production of Higgs, a review R. Peschanski Saclay
11:35 11:50 Phenomenology of a triplet Higgs J. Forshaw Manchester
11:55 12:10 How to rule out little Higgs at the LHC Z. Sullivan FNAL
    Friday march 28th afternoon : Search for new phenomena    
    Chairperson : T. Binoth (Edimburgh)    
17:00 17:15 A Z-monitor to calibrate Higgs production via vector boson fusion with rapidity gaps at the LHC P. Williams Durham
17:20 17:35 Detection of the Higgs boson in Vector boson fusion at the LHC K. Mazumdar Mumbai
17:40 17:55 Search for SUSY at LEP S. Braibant-Giacomelli CERN
18:00 18:15 SUSY searches at the Tevatron A. Safonov U.C. Davies
18:20 18:35 Non-SUSY searches at the Tevatron (LQ, LED, TC,) J. Hays Imperial College
18:40 19:00 BREAK    
19:05 19:20 Beyond the SM at LEP C. Goy Annecy
19:25 19:40 Physics at the LHC in the first year of running with less than 10 fb^-1 G. Bruno CERN
19:45 20:00 Impact of pdf uncertainties on Extra dimensions using di-jets cross section at the LHC S. Ferrag Paris
    Saturday march 29th morning : Summary talks    
    Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van (Orsay)    
9:00 9:45 Experimental Summary P. Maettig Wuppertal
9:50 10:35 Theoretical Summary L. Orr Rochester

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