Ian KOGAN memorial fund

Dear Friends, Ian Kogan's sudden passing away is a cruel blow for all of us. Ian was so full of life and energy, and had so many projects going and doing so many things at the same time, that it is unthinkable that he is not with us any more. We will all deeply miss his kindness and generosity in friendship as well as his great passion for physics.

But he is gone... And as his friends we must first of all try to help his family through this very sad and difficult time. Many of you have suggested that a memorial fund/account should be set up for voluntary contributions, which will then be made available for Bella and the boys. Such an account has now been set up. Here are the details of how to contribute.

There are two ways of paying money into the fund for Ian Kogan's family.

If you make a bank transfer then please send John an e-mail at j.wheater@physics.ox.ac.uk telling him the amount and the date of the transfer so that we can check that it has appeared in the account. We will acknowledge the safe receipt of all contributions.

Please feel free to pass these details on to anybody you think would like to contribute.

With best regards.
Alex Kovner.

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