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XXXIXth Rencontres de Moriond - March 28th-April 4th 2004    
QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
Monday march 29th morning : Light quark spectroscopy    
Chairperson : F. Arash (Tehran)    
Pentaquarks M. Karliner Cambridge
Recent spectroscopy results from the H1 and ZEUS experiments A. Geiser DESY
The theta+ as a pentaquark or a heptaquark in the quark model P. Bicudo Lisbon
Search for exotic baryon resonances in pp collisions at the CERN SPS T. Susa Zagreb
Strangeness production with the HERA-B experiment M. Zavertiaev Heidelberg
Observation of the second nonet of tensor mesons with the L3 experiment V. Chtcheguelski St Petersburg
Precision of dispersive calc within chiral pert theory and high energy pi-pi scatt J. Pelaez Madrid
Recent results on light hadrons spectroscopy Ping Wang Beijing
Monday march 29th afternoon : B physics    
Chairperson : B. Andrieu (Paris)    
Bottom hadroproduction vs QCD M. Cacciari Paris
Meas of the Masses, Lifetimes and Mixings of B Hadrons at the Tevatron K.Yip BNL
Recent results on beauty production at HERA I. Melzer-Pellman DESY
Hidden and open beauty production in 920 GeV proton-nucleus collisions M. zur Nedden Berlin
QCD in beauty decays : successes and puzzles N. Uraltsev Milano
Non factorizable contributions to B -> D(*)M decays C.D. Lu Beijing
B physics results from CLEO M. Shepherd Cornell
Tuesday march 30th morning : B physics (continued)    
Chairperson : G. Landsberg (Brown University)    
B decays to charm final states from BABAR G. Calderini Pisa
Results on B to VV decays from BELLE JingZhi Zhang KEK
Rare Decays to Hadronic Final States from BaBar J. Smith Colorado
Observation of an anomalous Lambda_c-pbar structure in BELLE N. Gabyshev/JZ Zhang BINP
Hadronic effects in the muon anomalous magnetic moment A. Vainshtein Minnesota
Semileptonic B Decays and Extraction of QCD Parameters from BaBar H. Flaecher London
Upsilon resonance analyses spectroscopy/structure from CLEO J. Duboscq Cornell
Tuesday march 30th afternoon : Charm physics    
Chairperson : A. Vainshtein (Minnesota)    
Charm at the Tevatron M. Campanelli Geneva
Charm prod in ep coll at HERA and evidence for a narrow exotic baryon in H1 K. Lipka Zeuthen
Open and hidden charm production in 920 GeV proton-nucleus collisions A. Bogatyrev ITEP
Muons from the decay of charmed baryons O Piskounova Moscow
Leading effects in the prod of LambdaC O Piskounova Moscow
The scientific career of Lucien Montanet P. Baillon CERN
Wednesday march 31st morning : Charm physics (continued), QCD    
Chairperson : J. Smith (Colorado) / A. Geiser (DESY)    
Chiral Doubling of Heavy-Light hadrons: discoveries of new charmed mesons M. Nowak Krakow
Charmed meson spectroscopy at BELLE Y. Mikami Tohoku
Charm spectroscopy results and the CLEO-c program J. Napolitano RPI
Charm Spectroscopy from FOCUS E. Vaandering Vanderbilt
Recent BES results on charmonium spectroscopy ChangZheng Yuan Beijing
Latest Jets Results from the Tevatron at Ecm=2TeV P. Padley Rice
Di-Photon and Photon+b/c Production Cross Sections at Ecm=2 TeV R. McNulty Dublin
W/Z +Jets Production Cross Section and Asymmetry at Ecm=2TeV G. Hesketh NorthEastern Univ.
Exclusive production at HERMES C. Hadjidakis Frascati
Wednesday march 31st afternoon : QCD (continued)    
Chairperson : C.Z. Yuan (Beijing)    
New QCD results at LEP T. Wengler CERN
Mass of the b quark at LEP P. Tortosa Valencia
Di-Boson Production Cross Section at Ecm=2TeV A. Robson Oxford
New possibilities in the study of NLL BFKL J. Andersen Cambridge
HERA struct funct meas and the extraction of the parton distr and alpha_s D. Pitzl  
Strangeness asymmetry of the nucleon S. Kretzer BNL
Structure Functions and Strange Sea Results from NuTeV D. Mason Oregon
Non-SUSY Search at the Tevatron R. Vilar Cantabria
Thursday april 1st morning : QCD (end)    
Chairperson : Y. Dokshitzer (Paris)    
Photon Content of the Unpolarized and Polarized Nucleon A. Mukherjee Dortmund
Gluon Polarization measurement at COMPASS C. Bernet CERN
Transverse Spin Physics at HERMES U. Elschenbroich Ghent
Multiplicity distributions and moment oscillations I. Dremin Moscow
Studies of the struct of diffraction and exclusive diffractive final states at HERA L. Schoeffel Saclay
Particle production and correlations in ep collisions at HERA K. Olkiewicz Krakow
Bose-Einstein corr in charged current muon neutrino interactions in NOMAD R. Zei Pisa
Fermi-Dirac correlations in Z0 to ppX M. Kucharczyk Krakow
W mass from LEP A. Moutoussi CERN
Thursday april 1st afternoon : Top, Standard model fits    
Chairperson : G. Guttierez (Fermilab)    
Top Quark Production Cross Section at the Tevatron I. Iaschvili UC Riverside
Top Quark Mass Measurements L. Cerrito Illinois
Search for Single Top Production and Decay Properties A. Juste FNAL
Studies of top quark properties at the LHC S. Bentvelsen NIKHEF
Measurement of the hadronic cross-section at DAPHNE with KLOE A. Denig Karlsruhe
ISR physics and inclusive studies from BaBar F. Anulli Frascati
Standard model fits S. Roth Aachen
Friday april 2nd morning : Higgs; Searches    
Chairperson : M. Cobal-Grassmann (Udine)    
Confined Quantum Field theory M. Fassihi Tehran
Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron A. Karchilava Notre-Dame
Searches for Non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron R. Hughes Ohio state
Prospects for Higgs in Run II at the Tevatron B. Winer Ohio state
Higgs reach through VBF at the LHC B. Mellado Wisconsin
The transverse momentum distribution of the Higgs boson at the LHC M. Grazzini CERN
Diffractive Higgs production at the LHC P. Demine Saclay
SUSY Searches at the Tevatron R. Demina Rochester
Sparticle mass reconstruction at some benchmark SUSY points A. Tricomi Catania
Friday april 2nd afternoon : Heavy ions    
Chairperson : S. Panitkin (BNL)    
QCD and heavy ions : an overview D. Kharzeev BNL
Quantum chromo many-body Dynamics probed in the hard sector at RHIC D. d'Enterria Nevis
Charm and charmonium production : results from the PHENIX experiment M. Liu Los Alamos
Particle correlations at high pt in d-AU and Au-Au collisions F. Wang Purdue
Discussion on Moriond    
Saturday april 3rd morning : Heavy ions    
Chairperson : D. Kharzeev (BNL)    
Exploring the saturation in cold nuclear matter E. Kistenev BNL
The Energy Dependence of the Saturation Momentum A. Shoshi Columbia
Summary of d-Au results B. Cole Columbia
Gluon radiation off massive quarks in a QCD medium N. Armesto CERN
Results from the 20-158 GeV energy scan in Pb-Pb (NA49) M. Botje NIKHEF
Bulk observables in pp, pA and AA collisions D. Hofman Illinois
Hyperon enhancement at 40 and 158 GeV in the NA57 experiment T. Virgili Salerno
Hyperon prod for different colliding systems and the phase space effect at RHIC B. Hippolyte Yale
Elliptic flow from SPS to RHIC R. Snelling NIKHEF
Saturday april 3rd afternoon : Heavy ions    
Chairperson : B. Cole (Columbia)    
Dijet-like two-pion correlations above elliptic flow in 158 GeV/c Pb+Au coll P. Wurm Heidelberg
Results from the NA50 experiment at CERN M. Sitta Torino
New J/Psi suppression data and the comovers interaction model D. Sousa Santiago
Anomalous supp of pi0 prod at high PT in Au-Au and d-Au coll at RHIC E. Ferreiro Santiago
Dimuon prod in proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus coll : the NA60 experiment R. Arnaldi Torino
Photon correlation in nuclear collisions at the LHC F. Arleo Liege
Hard QCD probes in heavy ion collisions at the LHC : ALICE performance A. Dainese Padova
Heavy Ions physics with the CMS detector C. Roland MIT
Sunday april 4th morning : Summary talks    
Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van    
Experimental summary B. Klima FNAL
Theoretical summary A. Czarnecki Alberta

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