Rencontres de Moriond
QCD and High Energy Interactions

Travel Informations

Information below is not yet definitive and may be updated later
see SNCF Web site for more

1. From Paris to Geneva by TGV :

March 14th 2009
Paris - Geneva
07:10 - 10:35
11:10 - 14:35
15:04 - 18:35
18:10 - 21:32
19:08 - 22:45
March 21st 2009
Geneva - Paris
07:17 - 10:51
09:17 - 12:49
13:17 - 16:49
16:14 - 19:43
19:17 - 22:49
Please note that reservations are compulsory for TGV trains.

Then take the train to Geneva - Cointrin airport (7 minutes, one train every 15 minutes), then the conference bus (see below).

2. From Geneva Airport to La Thuile :

a) Conference buses :
Departure is from Geneva Airport (International Sector).
MEETING POINT: At the arrival level at the desk Accueil France International (International Sector of Geneva Airport - Tourism Information). The driver (with the 'Rencontres de Moriond' Poster) will meet you there 15 minutes before departure.

Departure from Geneva International airport on Saturday March 14th is scheduled at: one or two busses at 13:30 and one bus at 15:30. .
Please, contact the Moriond Secretariat for the bus reservation.

Return Conference buses are scheduled to leave La Thuile on Saturday, March 21st at 12:30 sharp (after lunch) and will reach Geneva airport and then CERN (if requested) around 17:00, depending on the traffic.

b) "ATS" shuttle. Typical cost is of 88 for one person and decreasing prices as the group is bigger (67.5 /2 ; 60 /3 or 4 ; 49 / 5 and so on) during the weekend, but even 260 NOT during the weekend. Typical departure times are 10h00, 12h00, 14h00, 16h00 and 19h00. Check details with the company.

c) By a regular bus from Geneva airport to Chamonix (~40 euros one way ticket, duration 1:30), then from Chamonix to La Thuile by taxi (approximate cost: 100 euros)

3. From Turin or Milan Malpensa Airport to La Thuile

It is possible to reach La Thuile with public transport (train and bus) from Torino and Milano, but in practice this is quite cumbersome.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, a shuttle service operates; on the other days, the same company runs essentially taxis.
Information can be obtained at : "ATS"

In past experience, the service is quite smooth and fast, but depends on local contractors. It may happen that one demand is initially accepted, and after a couple of days canceled because no local contractor could be found. Please make sure that you get a final and firm confirmation (if possible with a local contact info) before counting on it.

4. By car from France

La Thuile can be reached by car, by the A40 highway to St Gervais, then by E25 to Chamonix, Mont Blanc tunnel, Courmayeur and Pré Saint Didier and then turn to the right in the direction of La Thuile via Strata Stratale Valle d'Aosta (10 km). DO NOT TAKE MOTORWAY AFTER THE MONT BLANC TUNNEL.
If chains are necessary, the sooner you put them on, the better.