The program is presently under construction.
It will consist of plenary talks, both review and contribution talks.

The present status of observational cosmology will be the main topic of the conference. But since future programs are being discussed and defined now, this will be reflected in the program sketched below, with most of the items including a "future programs" section

Contributions are welcome: abstracts submitted on this web site will be selected by the scientific committee.

A. Cosmic Microwave Background

  • Status of the cosmological model after Planck
  • lensing: Planck results
  • polarisation: latest results from BICEP-KECK, ACT, SPT, POLARBEAR
  • Cross-correlations: CMB vs CIB, CMB vs Lyman-α, CMB vs SZ ...
  • data consistency
  • large-scale cosmic microwave anomalies
  • theories/models on anomalies and their prediction on polarisation
  • Spectral distorsions
  • Future programs on CMB: QUBIC, Simons Array, LiteBIRD, S4

B. Galaxy Surveys

  • BOSS/eBOSS: dark matter halos and massive galaxies
  • BOSS/eBOSS: redshift distorsions
  • DES: Cosmology from Cosmic Shear
  • DES: Galaxy clustering, photometric redshifts
  • DES: Redshift Distributions of Galaxies
  • KIDS
  • NIKA2: cluster cosmology
  • Future projects: DESI, LSST, EUCLID, SPHEREx

C. Dark Matter

  • DM candidates: phenomenology
  • Direct searches: bolometers / noble liquids
  • Indirect searches: from ground detectors (HESS, MAGIC, VERITAS, ANTARES, IceCube ...)
  • Indirect searches: from space detectors (Fermi, Pamela, AMS02 ...)
  • DM searches at colliders
  • Axion Dark Matter Searches

D. Neutrino Cosmology

  • Neutrino masses in Cosmlogy
  • Neutrino properties from the latest CMB observations
  • Cluster Cosmology and Neutrino Masses
  • CMB Lensing Constraints on Neutrino Masses

E. Theory

  • Inflation and possible alternates
  • Dark energy and modified gravity
  • Large Scale Structures
  • N-body simulations
  • Gravitational waves
  • Dark Matter
  • Non-Gaussianity

F. 21 cm Cosmology

  • 21-cm experiment and observations
  • Probing reionization with 21-cm: 21CMA, LOFAR, MWA, PAPER, GMRT
  • Connecting 21-cm Observations to Theoretical Models
  • HI Intensity Mapping
  • Measuring BAO with HI: CHIME



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