When UV meets IR: a history of star formation
Monday, March 7
Tran Thanh Van Welcome
Do we need UV to understand star formation ?
Chris Martin GALEX: Results from the First Year PPT PDF
Jorge Iglesias-Paramo UV and FIR properties of galaxies from combined GALEX-IRAS data PPT PDF
Denis Burgarella Galaxy Physical Properties from a Multi-Wavelength Far UltraViolet (FUV) PPT PDF
to Far InfraRed (FIR) Bayesian Analysis
Stephane Arnouts Evolution of the UV Luminosity function and density (cosmic SFR) from the PPT PDF
GALEX-VVDS surveys
Marie Treyer UV galaxies at low redshift PDF
Vianney Lebouteiller Metal abundances in star-forming regions: the puzzle PPT PDF
Do we need IR to understand star formation ?
Jim Houck The IRS View at High Redshift PDF
Vassilis Charmandaris The mid-IR properties of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies at z>0.3 probed
by IRS on Spitzer.
JD Smith The MIR Template Spectrum of Star-Forming Galaxies PPT PDF
Delphine Marcillac Mid infrared properties of distant IR luminous galaxies PPT PDF
Harry Teplitz 16 Micron Imaging of the GOODS Southern Field PPT PDF
Dario Fadda First results from the Spitzer extragalactic First Look Survey
Tuesday, March 8
Can the different star formation indicators be reconciled ?
Stephane Charlot Modeling and interpretation of the UV, optical and IR emission from galaxies PDF
Kevin Xu Bright Side versus Dark Side of Star Formation: UV and IR Views PPT PDF
Brent Groves Theoretical pan spectral Energy Distributions of Starbursts: SFRs in both PPT PDF
the UV and IR
Estelle Bayet Comparison of gas and dust cooling rates in nearby galaxies PPT PDF
Roberto Terlevich Pgos3: A tool for Astroarcheology on Megadatabases PPT PDF
Deep IR surveys: do we understand what we see ?
Giulia Rodighiero Counting individual galaxies from deep 24 micron Spitzer surveys: beyond PPT PDF
the confusion limit
Carlotta Gruppioni Extragalactic Source Counts in the Spitzer 24-micron Band: PPT PDF
comparison with ISOCAM 15-micron Data and Models
Emeric Le Floc'h Constraints from MIPS on the evolution of the IR energy density at high PPT PDF
Ranga-Ram Chary A New View of High-z Star-formation from the GOODS 24 micron Survey PDF
Julien Devriendt On self-consistent modelling of UV to far-IR galaxy counts SXI PDF
Wednesday, March 9
Is galaxy formation secular or episodic ?
Francoise Combes Secular evolution of galaxies PPT PDF
Francois Hammer Star formation in infra-red: episodic or secular ? PPT PDF
David Elbaz LIRGs as a common phase in galaxy evolution and consequences PPT PDF
Jennifer Lotz The Rest-Frame FUV Morphologies of Star-Forming Galaxies
James Colbert Extended Lyman Alpha Emission And Its Connection To Merging High PPT PDF
Redshift ULIRGs
Isabelle Grenier Clouds of dark gas in the solar neighbourhood PPT PDF
Uta Fritze-v.Alvensleben Violent star and star cluster formation in nearby and distant galaxies SXI PDF
Peter Anders Nearby Star Cluster Formation: Probes of Cosmological Galaxy Evolution SXI PDF
Marc Sauvage Star formation at intermediate scales: nearby HII regions and PPT PDF
super-star clusters
Goran Ostlin Lyman alpha morphology of ESO338-04 - a starburst laboratory PDF
Jan Palous The triggered star formation PDF
Thursday, March 10
Do AGNs play a role in galaxy evolution ?
Omar Almaini The links between AGN and galaxy formation PPT PDF
Elena Terlevich The star formation history of Seyfert 2 galaxies PPT PDF
J.M.Mas-Hesse Starburst episodes in low luminosity AGN PPT PDF
Ralf Siebenmorgen Dust emisson by AGN and starbursts PPT PDF
Are galaxies sensitive to their large-scale environment ?
Alexis Finoguenov What IGM knows about the star-formation. An X-ray perspective. PPT PDF
Ian Waddington SWIRE: the Spitzer Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic legacy survey
Tamas Budavari The clustering properties of GALEX galaxies
Florence Durret Diffuse light in clusters of galaxies PPT PDF
Pierre-Alain Duc Dust-enshrouded starbursts in clusters of galaxies PPT PDF
Sophie Maurogordato Star formation versus merging process in galaxy clusters
Friday, March 11
Distant star formation : who came first ?
Piero Madau Star Formation at the End of the Dark Ages PDF
Mauro Giavalisco High redshift starbursts PPT PDF
Andrea Cimatti From progenitors to fossils: the cosmic history of massive galaxies
Laurence Tresse Last Results from the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey
Céline Péroux The history of star formation from the cosmic evolution of Ω HI SXI PDF
Yann Rasera Cosmic star formation history in a LCDM Universe PPT PDF
Rychard Bouwens High Redshift Galaxy Evolution from the HUDF + Parallel Fields PPT PDF
Omar Almaini An update on UKIDSS - The UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey
Hervé Aussel Galaxy evolution and environment: the promises of COSMOS PPT PDF
Marc Sauvage Extragalactic and cosmologic studies with the Herschel Space Observatory PPT PDF
Catherine Cesarsky Conference Summary PPT PDF

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