XXXV Rencontres de Moriond
Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
Les Arcs, March 11-18 2000
Sunday Morning 8h30 Neutrino oscillations                      chair:B.Kayser
12.03.00 Hervé de Kerret                               Final Results on Neutrino Oscillations from the CHOOZ experiment
Lester Miller Palo Verde
Serguei Troitsky Neutrino masses from nonstandard supersymmetry breaking terms
Ion Stancu                               Results from the LSND experiment
Thomas Jannakos                               Results from the Karmen experiment
Antonella De Santo                               Results from the Nomad experiment
Giovanni De Lellis                                The Chorus experiment
Afternoon 17h00 Neutrino oscillations and masses                chair:A.Bohm
Masato Shiozawa                        SuperKamiokande atmospheric 
Jordan Goodman SuperKamiokande solar
Eligio Lisi MSW neutrino oscillations : New aspects of old solutions
Yuichi Oyama        K2K   
coffee break
Vladimir Lobashev                                     Troitsk:neutrino mass measurements
Jochen Bonn                                       Mainz:neutrino mass measurements
Roberto Vega Neutrino-Photon Interactions
Cedric Cerna                                       MUNU : Neutrino Magnetic moment
Monday Morning 8h30 More neutrinos                           chair:P.Charpentier
13.03.00 Vittorio Paolone                                Donut : nu tau searches
Joseph Formaggio                    Results form the NuteV search for Neutral Heavy Leptons
Cecilia Lunardini The minimum width condition for neutrino conversion in matter
Isabella Masina A see-saw model for large neutrino mixing from small quark and  lepton mixings
Gilles Barouch                               Amanda 
Antoine Kouchner Antares
Paolo Creminelli Neutrino oscillations from large extra dimensions
Afternoon 17h00 From neutrinos to particle searches          chair:P.Janot
Jacques Farine                                     SNO
Luciano Moscoso                Review on future projects
Sergio Pastor Impact of degenerate neutrinos on Primordial Nucleosynthesis
Gaby Radel    Hera Searches for new phenomena 
coffee break
Sekhar Chivukula Limits on the Mass of a Composite Higgs Boson
Dimitri Kazakov Higgs Mass Prediction with Non-universal Soft Supersymmetry
Breaking in the MSSM.
Juan A. Valls             CDF/D0 new phenomena I
Dave Toback      CDF/D0 new phenomena II
Pietro Slavich Indirect constraints on R parity violaitng s-top couplings
Tuesday Morning 8h30 Particle searches                            chair:H.Williams
14.03.00 Alexandre Sevrin From strings to branes: a primer
Kirsten Sachs Difermion cross-sections at LEPII
Esther Ferrer SM neutral Higgs search
A. Quadt MSSM neutral higgses and parameter scans
Ia Iashvili MSSM SUSY
Philip Seager Exotic searches
Cyril Hugonie Higgs masses and couplings in the NMSSM
Afternoon 17h00 Extra dimensions, rare K decays           chair:T.Yukawa
Frédéric Brochu R Parity Violating SUSY
Giacomo Sguazzoni                                            Gauge mediated SUSY
Emilian Dudas Phenomenology of Large Extra Dimensions
Karim Benakli Phenomenology of Large Extra Dimensions
Patricia Goncalves TeV Scale Gravity
coffee break
Tao Han Phenomenology of Large Extra Dimensions
Michael Arenton         Rare K decays (KTeV )
Marco Contalbrigo Na48 rare decays results
Laurence Littenberg Review on rare K decays.                       
Wednesday Morning 8h30 T and CP violation                             chair:L.Fayard
15.03.00 Ludovico Pontecorvo KLOE status and first results
Hogan Nguyen KTeV e'/e             
Giacomo Graziani NA48 e'/e                                       
Guido Martinelli Recent developments for e'/e
Elisabetta Pallante Strong Enhancement of e'/e Through Final State   Interactions
Norbert Danneberg T violation in mu decays at PSI                 
Marat Khabiboulline                     New limit on T violation in K>pi mu nu  from KEK-E246
Afternoon 17h00 Cosmic rays and Common session                 chair:V.Plyaskine
Bohdan Grzadkowski Testing CP violation in the Higgs sector at muon colliders
Sergei Dubovski High energy photons
Bruna  Bertucci AMS01 results and prospects for AMS02 
Peter Tinyakov What can one learn from clustering of ultra-high energy cosmic rays?
Dominique Monderen Neutrino lensing
coffee break
  Common session with Astrophysics             
Michel Gonin Evidence for deconfinement of quarks and gluons at CERN
Thursday Morning 8h30 Heavy flavours                                       chair:D.Abbaneo
16.03.00 Georg Viehhauser D0-anti-D0 mixing at CLEO       
Don Summers Search for Rare and Forbidden Charm Meson Decays at E791 
Olivier Schneider LEPI physics : mostly Heavy flavours
Daniela Bortoletto   Recent b-physics results from CDF                                      
Ian Shipsey  CLEO Measurements related with Unitarity angles    
Eckhard Von Toerne B decays at CLEO                                   
Benjamin Grinstein A New Method For Extracting cos(alpha)
Aldo Deandrea B->rho pi and the unitary angle alpha
Afternoon 17h00 Heavy flavours                                             chair:V.Barnes
Frederico Sanchez HeraB status and first results               
Patricia Ball CP violation in the B system in a left-right symmetric model
Stephen Schrenk BELLE status and first results
coffee break
Massimo Carpinelli BaBar status and first results            
Jean Tran Thanh Van Moriond discussion
Friday Morning 8h30 Mostly  Baryogenesis                                         chair:G.Bobbink
17.03.00 Dimitri Grigoriev Inflaton-induced sphaleron transitions and electroweak baryogenesis
Lorenzo Sorbo Baryogenesis with Low Scale Gravity and Extra Dimensions
Marco Peloso Analytical results in preheating of fermions after chaotic inflation
Sandra Leone         CDF/D0 top quark results                                           
Rod Walker New results in e+ and e- high-Q^2 cross-sections at HERA
Nicholas Tracas Intermediate gauge coupling unification in unified models of string origin
Petros Dimopoulos Higgs phase transition : a 3-dim approach
Afternoon 17h00 Electroweak precision measurements        chair:H.Przysiezniak
Ursula Bassler CDF/D0 Electroweak Measurements                      
Tom Wright Electroweak Physics at SLAC
Marie-Anne Bouchiat Atomic Parity violation
coffee break
Anja Werthenbach Sudakov Logarithms in Electroweak Processes
Stefan Dittmaier RacoonWW: Radiative corrections on e+e- -> WW -> 4 fermions
Carla Sbarra LEPII Boson cross-sections and couplings
Niko Neufeld QCD at LEPII and Final state interactions
Arno Straessner W mass and EW fits
Saturday Morning 9h00 Summaries
18.03.00 Franz Eisele Experimental summary
Curtis Callan Theory summary