XXXVI Rencontres de Moriond
Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
Les Arcs, March 11-17-2001


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Morning 8:30 Higgs Susy search gut  g-2 & neutrinos  neutrinos & intro to extradims  Charm & Extradim   B physics Summary
Evening 17:00 Higgs & Supersymmetry EW neutrinos   Astro/cosmo+
common session
K & Extradim  B physics  

Sunday March 11 
chairperson: F.G Grivaz
Morning 8:30
Theoretical implications of the possible observations of Higgs bosons at LEP G. Weiglein (Th)
Higgs in OPAL I. Nakamura 
Higgs in DELPHI  P. Morettini 
Higgs in ALEPH and combination  (1) (2) P. Teixeira Dias
Electroweak fits and the Higgs likelihood E. Tournefier 
Susy corrections to H decays and b->s gamma for large tan beta U. Nierste (Th)
Implications of different soft SUSY breaking scenarios in Higgs boson Searches A. Dedes(Th)

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Sunday March 11
chairperson: L. Rolandi
Evening 17:00
HIGGS & Supersymmetry
MSSM Higgses and exotic Higgses  at LEP R. Teuscher 
Charged Higgs at LEP A. Holzner 
Substantial upgrades to Tevatron luminosity M. Church 
Prospects for Higgs studies at LHC D. Costanzo 
Prospects for heavy charged Higgs search at hadron colliders A. Belyaev   (Th)
Precision Higgs studies at NLC/TESLA M. Schumacher 
Higgs: KeV precision and CP violation  W. Murray
NuTeV: Heavy lepton anomaly  M. Shaevitz 

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Monday March 12
chairperson: A. Bohm
Morning 8:30
MSSM Susy searches at LEP, LSP limit K. Jacobs 
Other Susy searches (RPV, GMSB...) and exotics at LEP A. de Min 
From minimal to realistic SU(5) F. Feruglio(Th)
New Phenomena at Tevatron  (I) V. Buescher
New  Phenomena at Tevatron (II)  J. Berryhill
SLD electroweak physics results N. de Groot 
EW tests at High Q2 T. Fusayasu 

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Monday March 12 
chairperson: V. Barnes
Evening 17:00
mostly  EW 
Top & EW at Tevatron D. Glenzinski
mu->e gamma and the see saw mechanism  A. Ibarra  (Th)
W mass and final state interactions  (LEP) N. Watson 
W couplings, WW and WZ cross-sections (LEP) V. Verzi 
Quartic and neutral IVB couplings  at LEP M. Musy 
Searches for deviations from SM at Hera A. Schoening
Polarisation of e from mu decays at PSI K. Koehler
R Measurement at BES G. Huang

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Tuesday March 13
chairperson: G.Wormser
Morning 8:30
 g-2 & Neutrinos 
Learning about the SM from extra dimensions  A. Pomarol (Th) 
g-2 measurement at BNL E821 G. Onderwater
g-2 Theory  A. Czarnecki  (Th)
Hadronic contribution to g-2 A. Hoecker 
Mainz nu mass measurement J. Bonn
DONUT:observation of nu_tau interactions J. Sielaff

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Tuesday March 13
chairperson: S. Emery
Evening 17:00
Introduction to Neutrino Physics  B. Kayser (Th)
Super-K solar neutrino results  M. Smy 
Super-K atmospheric neutrino results  T. Toshito
K2K results T. Ishii 
Atmospheric, Solar, and CHOOZ neutrinos: a global three generation analysis D. Montanino  (Th)
Chorus & Nomad results  A. Cocco
A minimal model with large extra dimensions to fit the  neutrino data Ling Fu-Sin(Th) 

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Wednesday March 14
chairperson: D. Abbaneo
Morning 8:30
Neutrinos & intro to extradim 
Neutrino mass spectra, CP-violation and neutrinoless double beta-decay S. Pascoli (Th)
Generations and mixing from exta dimensions M. Libanov (Th) 
Amanda  results G. Hill 
4 family neutrinos A. Donini  (Th)
Neutrino asymmetry generation in the early Universe from active-sterile neutrino oscillations P. Di Bari (Th)
Antimatter experiments J.N.Tan
Universal ExtraDimensions B. Dobrescu (Th)

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Wednesday March 14
chairperson: M. Kachelriess
Evening 17:00
Astro / Cosmo 
Neutrinos oscillations in cosmology, lepton asymmetry and big-bang nucleosynthesis. A. Dolgov  (Th)
DAMA results  P. Belli 
Upper limit on neutralino mass from relic density calculations. C. Boehm  (Th)
Inflation and the monopole problem R. Jeannerot (Th)
Common session with astrophysicists    18h45
Dark matter and  gravitational lensing Y. Mellier
The Higgs hunt  P. Janot

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Thursday March 15
chairperson: P. Perrodo
Morning 8:30
Charm &  extradim
DCS D0 Decays and D0-D0bar mixing    (Focus) J. Link 
Rare and forbidden dilepton decays of D mesons (E791) D. Sanders 
Mixing and CP violation in the charm & tau sectors (CLEO) R. Hans 
Ineffective Supersymmetry: EW Symmetry Breaking from Extra Dimensions  N. Weiner (Th) 
Search for TeV scale gravity at LEP M. Gataullin
Constrained St model from extradim  Y. Nomura (Th) 
A Warped Supersymmetric Standard Model T. Gherghetta (Th)

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Thursday March 15
chairperson: B. Vallage
Evening 17:00
K and extradim
Mediating SUSY Breaking in 5D  D.E. Kaplan (Th) 
Brane world-ultralight states and multigravity I. Kogan  (Th)
NA48 rare decay results T. Cuhadar 
KTeVrare decay results L. Bellantoni
eps'/eps and rare decays in the MSSM with Minimal Flavour Violation L. Silvestrini  (Th)
Moriond discussion  Tran 

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Friday March 16
chairperson: D. Miller
 Morning 8:30
B Physics
B physics at the Z peak (SLD) Cheng Ju Lin 
CP violation in B's (introduction) A. Sanda (Th)
Recent results on CP violation from BELLE.  K. Hanagaki
New results on sin 2beta & BBbar mixing from BaBar R. Faccini 
Novelties in K&B mixing from lattice  D. Becirevic  (Th)
B decay results from CLEO F. Blanc 

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Friday March 16
chairperson: Ph. Charpentier
Evening 17:00
B Physics 
The quark mixing matrix fit  M. Ciuchini (Th)
Recent Belle results on B decays. G. Taylor 
Why are SUSY EDMs small?: non-universality versus cancellation S. Abel (Th)
Supersymmetry without universality: CP and mixing in B mesons M. Piai  (Th) 
Hadronic B decays from BaBar D. Roberts 
Charmless B decays  from BaBar F. Wilson 
Radiative B decays in the SM M. Misiak (Th)
Radiative B decays & new physics P. Gambino  (Th)

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Saturday March 17
chairperson: Thran Than Van
Morning 9:00
Experimental summary G. Hanson
Theory summary V. Rubakov 

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