XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond
Les Arcs March 9th to 16th, 2002
Preliminary Program
Last minute changes may be implemented later or even during the conference
Sunday morning CP violation in B physics
K.Trabelsi CP violation from BELLE
G.Raven Sin(2b) mixing and lifetime from Babar
A.Soni CP review for B and K
A.Farbin B to pp,..  (Babar)
A.Ishikawa Penguins in BELLE
E.Lunghi Improved Semileptonic and Radiative Rare B decays,
Sunday afternoon B decays and CKM matrix
H.Tanaka Rare B decays in Babar
H.C.Huang Rare B decays in BELLE
S.Rigolin New approach for b to s gamma in the unconstrained MSSM
H.Schwarthoff Recent results from CLEO
Z.Ligeti D Dbar mixing
A. Sciaba Heavy flavors from LEP
A. Chou Results from SLD(Heavy Flavours)
Monday morning Strings-----Charmed paricles and Kaons decays
A.Sagnotti String theory with orientifolds and branes
A.Sevrin From black holes to strings
A.Pompili Charm physics (Babar)
K.Narita Charm production in Chorus
E.Golowitch Rare Charm decays in the Standard Model and beyond
K.Benslama CLEOc
Monday afternoon CP violation in K
S.Laplace CKM fit
C.Dukes FCNC Kaon Decays from HyperCP: K+ to p+ mu+ mu-
S.Chen K+ to p+ nu nubar from E787
V.Patera KLOE recent results
S. Bulanov CP violation in K radiative decays
G.Graziani NA48 epsilon' result
J.Whitmore KTeV epsilon' result
H.Abele Neutron lifetime and CKM
T.Dent CP from strings
Tuesday morning Neutrino physics
A.Studenikin Neutrino oscillations in moving matter
M.Smy SuperK results
G.McGregor SNO results
A.Ichikawa K2K results
A. Palazzo Neutrino fits
K.Zuber Nomad and Chorus oscillation results
S.Dazaley Kamland startup
Tuesday afternoon Neutrino
J.Rico Icarus startup
A.Weber long baseline review
D. Meloni Telling three from four neutrino scenarios
E.Radicioni HARP
M.Sorel Supernovea energy spectra and miniBoone
Klapdor-Kleingrothaus Evidence for neutrinoless double beta decay
F.Feruglio Majorana neutrino and constraints
F.Piquemal Nemo startup
M.Kachelriess Electroweak cascades and superheavy dark matter
Wednesday morning Extra dimensions-SuSy
R.Ratazzi Extradim and transplankian collisions at colliders
G. Wilkinson High energy study of e+e- to leptons, photons and X-dimensions
S.Dubovsky Escape into extra dimensions
I. Latkineh SUSY MSSM, SUGRA and LSP
K. Klein searches for SUSY GMSB at LEP
L.Roszkowski Supersymmetric Dark Matter - A Physics Godot?
M. Loidl Review on dark matter
Wednesday afternoon Cosmological implications, R parity
D.Boscherini Searches at HERA
P.Tinyakov Highest-Energy cosmic rays and Lorentz violation
D. Fouchez SUSY RPV
G.Moreau R parity violation and the cosmological gravitino problem
COMMON SESSION with Astronomers
K.Hurley Gamma-Ray Bursts and Soft Gamma Repeaters -The largest explosions
and the strongest magnetic fields in the Universe
J.Bartlett Cosmological parameters and their dark side
Thursday morning SuSy and other searches-Higgs
S.Hagopian Searches for the Effects of Hidden Dimensions in Run I Tevatron Data
G.Velev Recent CDF and D0 Run 1 Results
B.Allanach Anomalous CDF lepton-photon events and SuSy : ambulance chasing ?
A.. Quadt Higgs SM final, Susy and exotic Higgs searches
P. Giacomelli Other exotica at LEP
M. Weber Four fermion interactions, anomalous couplings
D.Gorbunov Sgoldstinos : primaries of UHE cosmic rays ?
Y.Gouverneur Anomaly constraints and Number of families
Thursday afternoon Astro/cosmo implications
S.Troitsky Constraints on UHE neutrinos and optically thick astrophysical accelerators
M.Verzocchi First look at run 2 D0 data
M.Rescigno First look at run 2 CDF data
M.Fairbairn Time varying coupling strenghts, nuclear force and unification
Thursday evening Young Scientists forum
Friday morning Precision Electroweak + Higgs constraints
V. Ciulli AFB(b) status of results
M.Elsing AFB(b) critical discussion
M.Quiros Finite Higgs mass without SuSy
S.Groot-Nibelink Higgs mass sensitivity to Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in 5D
M. Dierckxsens Final state interaction, QCD effects in WW -> 4 quarks
C. Parkes W Mass measurement
P.Slavich 2 loop corrections to the Higgs boson mass in MSSM
Friday afternoon Precision Electroweak,...
S.Zeller NuTeV sin(thetaW)
J.Kalinowski Neutralinos and charginos at future e+e- colliders
C.Biggio Gauge symmetry breaking on orbifolds
H.C.Schultz-Coulon EW studies in NC and CC at Hera
Haiming Hu bes alpha(QED)
B.Valeriani KLOE contribution to alpha(QED) running
O. Buchmuller Babar alpha(QED)
G. Myatt Electroweak fit
Saturday morning
H.Montgomery Summary talk (Exp)