Les Arcs, Savoie, FranceMarch 15-22, 2003



The XXXVIIIth Rencontres de Moriond session devoted to ELECTROWEAK INTERACTIONSAND UNIFIED THEORIES will be held in Les Arcs 1800 from Saturday March 15th to Saturday March 22nd 2003. Les Arcs 1800 is a pleasant winter sport resort located in the French Alpes, at 1800 m alt., about 120 km from Geneva and 12 km from Bourg-Saint-Maurice. The nearest railway station is Bourg-Saint-Maurice: TGV trains from Paris to Bourg-Saint-Maurice are quite convenient. The nearest international airports are Geneva (Switzerland) and Lyon-Saint Exupéry (France). If you arrive in Geneva International Airport, do not forget that you (especially citizens from Russia) may need a transit visa, coming through Switzerland to France .

              Postal address of the meeting :                              

              Rencontres de Moriond                                   

              Hotel Latitudes - Les Arcs 1800                      

              Village de Charmettoger                                  Phone number :     33 - (0)4 79 07 49 79 

              73700 - Bourg-Saint-Maurice - France              Fax number :        33 - (0)4 79 07 49 87

              Please begin your fax with : Attention to Rencontres de Moriond.


The purpose of the Rencontres de Moriond is to discuss recent findings and new ideas in elementary particle physics in a pleasant, relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The meeting is intended to promote fruitful collaboration between experimentalists and theorists and between various institutions, by bringing together a limited number of particle physicists in beautiful and inspiring surroundings.


1. Program

The topics which will be discussed include:

1. Neutrino physics

2. CP violation in B and K systems

3. Astroparticles

4. Theories beyond the Standard Model

5. New particle searches at colliders

6. Precision tests of the Standard Model

2. Program Committee

A. Abada (LPT, Orsay), J. Bagger (John Hopkins Univ., Baltimore), A. Blondel (Genève), P. Fayet (ENS, Paris), J.-M. Frère (Bruxelles), H. Frisch (Chicago), M. Knetch (CPT, Marseille), L. Krauss (Yale, USA), J. P. Lees (LAPP, Annecy), S. Loucatos (DAPNIA-SPP, CEA, Saclay), F. Montanet (ISN, Grenoble), L. Okun (ITEP, Moscou), A. Pich (Valencia), L. Randall (Cambridge, USA), J. Trân Thanh Vân (LPT, Orsay), G. Unal (LAL, Orsay), D. Wood (Northeastern Univ., Boston), F. Zwirner (University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy).

3. Contributions (see Contribution Form) 

The detailed program of the meeting will be established according to the latest experimental and theoretical results at the time of the meeting. Participants who wish to present new results are requested to send an abstract of their proposed presentation to one of the members of the program committee as soon as possible (by January 15 2003, at the latest). An email copy of the attached Contribution Form should also be sent to the appropriate address below (th. or exp.), where the information is centralized. Due to the limited time available, only a restricted number of talks can be accepted.

According to the tradition of the Rencontres de Moriond, a large amount of time will be reserved for both organized and spontaneous discussions. Hence all participants are expected to play an active role during the entire meeting. Please remember that we make a special effort to bring together theorists and experimenters:theoretical talks should be prepared with experimenters in the audience in mind, and experimental talks should likewise be aimed at theorists.

Speakers are kindly requested to write their transparencies in BIG letters and preferably only on the upper 2/3 of the sheet.

Further information can be obtained :

For experimental aspects : 

G. Unal: LAL, Université Paris-Sud, Bât. 200, 91405 Orsay cedex, France. 

Phone: 33-(0)1 64 46 84 42 - Fax : 33-(0)1 69 07 15 26. E-mail :

For theoretical aspects :

J.-M. Frère : Theoretical Physics, ULB, CP 225, Bd du Triomphe, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Phone : 32-2 650 55 71 -Fax : 32-2 650 51 13 - E-mail :

Proceedings of the conference will be published. Instructions will be given during the Rencontres. Deadline for the contributions will be May 15th 2003.


1. Conference Dates

The meeting will begin on Saturday March 15th 2003 at 18 h 00 and will end on Saturday March 22nd, at 11 h 30.

2. Conference facilities :

The following equipment will be available : a slide projector for 5cm x 5cm slides an overhead projector for transparencies and a projector for computer presentations. Speakers can bring their presentations on their laptops (while the compatibility of such devices has improved recently, we ask you to bring a back up copy for overhead projector).

3. Transparencies

Speakers are requested to bring a good photocopy of their talks. This copy will be left for display.In order to make these transparencies available on the web, speakers who have their talks in computer file format (Postscript, PDF, Powerpoint, Word…) are invited to send an email with their file as an attachement or with the address to an ftp or www server where the file can be fetched. The email address for this purpose is :

4.Conference Fee

The conference fee for participants will be 315 Euros. It will cover the cost of the copy of the proceedings and the cost of all social events.

Payment can be made: 

- before the conference by bank transfer (add 22 Euros) to Moriond bank account: Banque de Savoie, Place de l'Hotel de Ville, 73700 Bourg St Maurice, France.

ADREMOR - Bank Code 10 548, Branch 00013, Account 00047 135 153, key 67,

Swift Code : BSAVFR2C

In this case, the transfer should clearly indicate your name to identify the payment. The corresponding voucher should imperatively be handed at the conference site. 

- on the conference site by traveller's checks or personnal checks in Euros or US dollars to the order of "Rencontres de Moriond", handed to the secretariat upon your arrival or within the first 2 days of the workshop. 

Please avoid cash payment if possible. 

If you have to change money, note that the exchange rate in Les Arcs is less advantageous than in cities like Paris or Geneva.

Credit cards are not accepted for Conference Fees payments but are accepted for the hotel bill (See below).

5. Accommodation

Housing will be in Hotel Latitudes Charmettoger. Meals will be served in this hotel for all participants.

The hotel bill shall be paid directly to the hotel. Credit card payment (for the hotel accommodations only) can be accepted.

The cost (full board) will amount to 609 Euros(double occupancy). 

It will be difficult to obtain single rooms. Only a few will beavailable at an additional cost of 161 Euros.

Single rooms should be reserved before December 15, 2002.

For accompanying members, the costs are as follows :

- 609 Eurosper adult

- 210 Eurosper child (6-13 years)

It will not be possible to find accommodation for your family if you have not requested it by December 30th, 2002. 

Important Notice:

Hotel reservations are made for the whole session: i.e. from the evening of Saturday, March 15th to the morning of Saturday, March 22nd (including lunch before departure of the conference bus to Geneva).

Please note that the total cost of the meeting will not be reduced even in case of partial attendance.

Cancellation of hotel reservations should be made before February 15th2003. After this date, the hotel will charge us for the entire cost and we will have to ask the participants, who cancel their attendance later, to pay for the total accommodation cost as listed above.


1. From Paris to Bourg-Saint-Maurice by train

Please note that reservations are compulsory for TGV trains. Be especially careful not to reserve too late: TGV trains to Bourg-Saint-Maurice are often full at this time of the year, and particularly on Saturdays.



Departure from                                                                                 Arrival in

Paris Gare de Lyon                                                                          Bourg St Maurice

09 h 14                                                                                               14 h 27

11 h 10                                                                                               16 h 23

13 h 40                                                                                             19 h 04


Return from                                                                                      Arrival in Paris

Bourg St Maurice                                                                            Gare de Lyon

13 h 51                                                                                               18 h 31

15h59 (change in Chambery)                                                         21 h 35

16 h 59                                                                                               22 h 01

* Please note that rooms will not be available before 18 h 00 on Saturday, March, 15th

2. From Bourg Saint-Maurice to Les Arcs 1800 

Regular buses are available from Bourg-Saint-Maurice train station to Les Arcs 1800 (45 mn drive) at most train arrivals from Paris. Cost: 8,20 Euros one way. Please ask for a ticket "Les Arcs-Villard". The last bus leaves at 19h30 on Saturday 15

Taxis : approximate cost : 40/50 Euros, depending on the number of persons/luggage.


By cable-car to Arcs 1600 and then free shuttles to Arcs 1800 Les Villards


3. From Geneva Airport to Les Arcs 1800

If you arrive in Geneva International Airport, do not forget that you may need a transit visa coming through Switzerland to France: for example citizens from Russia do need a transit visa.


It is recommended, as much as possible, to take the first conference bus, or if you go by car, to leave Geneva before 12 h 00 on Saturday. Experience has shown that traffic jams can be "terrible" if one leaves Geneva after 14 h.

With the Conference buses : departure from Geneva International Airport. At the arrival level, ground floor, take the exit (gate n°3) just in front of the customs, cross a car-park and you will be just in front of the bus  "ALPBUS FOURNIER". It will be waiting in the bus park, with RENCONTRES DE MORIONDposters on the windows.

*On Saturday, March 15th: the first bus leaves at 12 h 30, the second bus leaves at 13 h 30 sharp.


If you miss the conference bus, please note that there are also regular buses to Les Arcs 1800.

 Departure time are 10h, 11h, 12h, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30, 16h45, 19h from the international sector of the Geneva airport.

 Change in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Duration : about 3 hours. Price: 62 Euros one way. You can find the timetable and make reservation on

Return Conference buses are scheduled to leave Les Arcs 1800 on Saturday, March 22nd at 12 h 00 sharp (after lunch) and will reach Geneva airport and then CERN (if requested) around 17 h 00, depending on the traffic.


4. From Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport to Bourg Saint Maurice

With regular buses: information and timetable on

By train: information and timetable on


5. By car

Les Arcs 1800 can be easily reached by car, by the A43 highway to Albertville, then by the N90 to Bourg-St-Maurice (via Moûtiers), and then direction to Les Arcs 1800 (16 km). Be careful, there are two "Hotel Latitudes" in Les Arcs 1800; ours is "Latitudes Charmettoger", at the end of the resort "Village de Charmettoger"! If chains are necessary, the sooner you put them on, the better (in Bourg-St-Maurice). In Les Arcs, the temperature can easily go down to - 20° C: make sure you have sufficient antifreeze.


1. The temperature in Les Arcs varies between - 20° and 5° C. The ground is often icy and it is important to bring appropriate walking shoes and warm clothes.

2.There is no travel agency in Les Arcs 1800.  You are kindly requested to

make your hotel, plane or train reservations or confirmations by yourself on

your arrival. The Conference Secretariat will be unable to do this for you.

3.  There are 2 banks located in Les Arcs 1800. Both of them are closed on

Sundays and Mondays. 

4. Ski and boot rental is available in Les Arcs 1800,  There will be a special

discount for  Moriond participants at the ski shop within the hotel.

5. A 6 day ski-pass can be obtained at the hotel desk. Do not forget to bring

a recent  photograph for passes longer than 3 days. Ski passes are free of

charge for children under 7 years old.  Some chair-lifts are free for

beginners, therefore do not buy a 6 day pass if you are an early beginner!

The 6 day ski-pass will allow you to take the cable car to Bourg Saint Maurice

on Saturday March 22nd with no extra charge.

 If you register before March 7th to , you will

benefit from the following prices

    .. for 2 days  55 euros

    .. for 3 days  80 euros

    .. for 4 days 103 euros

    .. for 5 days 125 euros

    .. for 6 days 145 euros


6. There is a swimming-pool in Bourg St Maurice but none in Les Arcs 1800.

7. Lost luggage : If you fly to Geneva airport and if your luggage is missing

on your arrival, when making your claim, ask for your luggage to be forwarded

to you to the Hotel Latitudes Charmettoger in Les Arcs 1800 by taxi; a few

Moriond participants have had their suitcases "stuck" in Bourg St Maurice or

elsewhere, by bus companies.



Please note that your reply to the program committee member who sent you the invitation is not considered as a registration. Registration for your attendance to the workshop and hotel reservation will only be made on receipt of the attached registration form.

Please return your registration form as soon as possible!

If it is not received by December 30, 2002,

we may not be able to get hotel reservations for you.