XXXVIIIth Rencontres de Moriond
Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
March 15-22, 2003
Sunday morning 8h30  Neutrinos
Y.Koshio SuperK solar neutrinos
K.Heeger SNO solar neutrinos
K.Inoue KAMLAND result
T.Hambye Natural relations among physical observables in the neutrino mass matrix
(10:10) coffee break
F-S.Ling Neutrino Mixings and Unified Theories
M.Cirelli neutrinos in extradimensions and supernovae
A.Green miniBoone status
Sunday afternoon 17h  Neutrinos
J.Kameda K2K atmospheric neutrinos
I.Kato K2K oscillation results
M.Picariello neutrino masses and non abelian symm 
G.Bhattacharyya Impact of recent neutrino data on R parity violation
(18:35) coffee break
O.Mena Requejo Puzzling out neutrino mixing through golden measurements
C.Giunti neutrino fit
Z.Daraktchieva Numu results
Monday morning 8h30  Neutrinos, Leptogenesis
J.Orloff review leptogenesis 
S.Davidson From weak scale observables to leptogenesis  
A.I.Etienvre NEMO status
J.-L. Vuilleumier future direct neutrino mass  
(10:20) coffee break
A.Broncano the effective theory for leptogenesis
M.Raidal   Constraints on lepton flavor violation and leptogenesis
P.Niessen AMANDA results 
C.YagunaToro  mu to e gamma and leptogenesis 
Monday afternoon  17h Neutrinos, astroparticles
M.Mezzetto Future neutrino oscillations
V.Sanglard Edelweiss results  and direct dark matter search
R.Luscher Dark matter search with Boulby
E.Nezri neutralino dark matter  beyond universality
(18:40) coffee break
V.Van Elewyck Randall Sudrum black holes   
M.Murphy Experimental evidence for alpha variation
M.Tytgat Varying fine structure constant and black hole entropy
M.Postma The curvaton scenario in supersymmetric theories  (cosmological fluctuations)
Tuesday morning 8h30  CMB, SUSY/Searches
S.Henrot-Versille ARCHEOPS results  (including intro to CMB)
M.Limon WMAP results
S.Ask SUSY searches at LEP  
V.Sanz MSSM without mu term  
(10:10) coffee break
S.Profumo B-tau Unification and Bino-Stau-Tau Sneutrino Coannihilations
A.Kraan top and sbottom searches  at LEP
S.Rolli CDF run 2 searches
G.Brooijmans D0 run 2 searches
Tuesday afternoon  17h Searches continued
Y.Takanishi A non-SUSY Model Beyond the Standard Model Based on a large gauge group
P.Ferrari LEP Higgs boson searches 
J.Santiago Bulk field with brane kinetic terms
L.Reina associated Higgs production with heavy quarks
(18:30) coffee break
W.Liao Flavor physics and flipped SU(5)
J.Haller HERA searches  
T.Carli HERA multileptons 
Wednesday morning 8h30 Kaon physics
P.McBride KTeV rare decay results
R.Wanke NA48 rare decay results
A.Passeri KLOE results
V.Cirigliano K decays: radiative corrections and CKM unitarity
(10:10) coffee break
L.Fayard NA48 epsilon' result   
X.Prades CP asymmetry in K->3pi  
M.Guler CHORUS charm physics results   
S.Trine Strong Anomalies in Weak Decays
Wednesday afternoon 17h    g-2
A.Nyffeler muon g-2: theory review
A.Hoecker hadronic contribution to muon g-2  
F.Gray BNL g-2 result
(18:20) coffee break
Common session with astrophysicists
chair:J.Tran Thanh Van
P.Hernandez Neutrino physics  
T.Piran Gamma-ray Bursts, an Enigma and a Tool
Thursday morning 8h30 B physics
J.Rosner  introduction to B physics  
T.Nakadaira CPV in B->pipi  at Belle
G.Hamel de Monchenault recent CPV studies  at Babar
S.Safir  Phenomenological discussion of B -> PV decays in QCD improved factorization approach
(10:15) coffee break
T.Tomura rare hadronic B and direct CPV  from Belle and Babar
S.Swain DK* and phi3 measurements with Belle
F.Wilson perspectives for measuring gamma  with Babar
Thursday afternoon 17h B physics
M.Gronau Parity and CP violation in B decays
A.Eisner Rare radiative and leptonic B decays from Belle and Babar
M.Ciuchini  b->s, where to look for susy 
F.Filthaut D0 B physics
(18:30) coffee break
D.Tonelli CDF B physics   
Moriond discussion
Friday morning 8h30  B physics, Electroweak
D.Becirevic Weak interaction phenomenology from lattice QCD
A.Bornheim Vub and Vcb at CLEO
D.del Re Vub,Vcb and mixing  from Babar
A.Sugiyama Vub from Belle
(10:20) coffee break
A.Ghinculov b->s lepton
T.Diehl D0 top,W,Z 
P.Koehn CDF top,W,Z
Z.Was predictions for nu antinu gamma production at lep
Friday afternoon 17h Electroweak
G.Kribs EW precision tests of little Higgs theories
W.Liebig heavy flavor electroweak review 
K.Sachs LEP2 SM, Z', exotics  
C.Rosenbleck E beam from recoil Z 
(18:25) coffee break
P.Perez W mass measurement at LEP
E.Delmeire W coupling and spin density 
G.Altarelli Status of the Standard Model
Saturday morning Summaries
chair:J.Tran Thanh Van
J.Bouchez Neutrino beam workshop summary
B.Kayser EW summary