XXXIXth Rencontres de Moriond, 21-28 march 2004
Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories
Final Scientific Program
Monday morning 8h30 precision measurements + and symmetry breaking mechanisms
chair: M.Vysotsky
T.Barklow LEP results on W couplings, anomalous couplings
A.Straessner W mass from LEP
P.Garbincius Tevatron performances
G.Manca Electroweak CDF
M.Verzocchi Electroweak D0 
L.Randall Extradim and symetry breaking-intro
Monday afternoon 17h
chair: K.Sliwa
A.Gabareen-Mokhtar Hera electroweak results
M.Ford latest QCD studies at LEP
C.Csaki Electroweak symmetry breaking from extradim
M.Woods E158 sin(thetaW) measurement
C.Polly Muon g-2 result
R.McNabb muon edm limit
A.Wulzer Gauge-Higgs unification in 6 dimensions
A.Pomarol "Holographic" electroweak symmetry breaking
Tuesday morning 8h30 top quark,searches and susy
chair: H.Frisch
A.Deandrea Little Higgs and precision electroweak
K.Bloom top quark CDF
Y.Kulik top quark D0
B.Olivier Searches for new physics at Hera
I.Van Vulpen Searches at LEP
C.Wagner cosmological and phenomenological properties of a minimal extension of the MSSM
A.Curiel Decay of MSSM Higgs in flavour changing quark channels
M.Salvatori flavor physics and extra dimensions
Tuesday afternoon 17h from tevatron to LHC
chair: J.F.Laporte
S.M.Wang Search for Higgs, LeptoQuarks, and Exotics at Tevatron
J.Linnemann Search for Large Extra Dimension, Supersymmetry and Other new phenomena at the Tevatron
J.R.Espinosa Novel oppertunities for EW breaking from low-scale supersymmetry breaking
G.Zanderighi Effective approach to resonant unstable particles
G.Weiglein LHC study group
V.Drollinger SM and SUSY Higgs studies at LHC
J.Garcia little Higgs searches at LHC
G.Moortgat-Pick Susy parameters in a combined LHC+LC analysis
Wednesday morning 8h30 more LHC, dark matter 
chair: J.F.Grivaz
P.Janot Sparticle reconstruction and Susy dark matter at LHC
P.Bell Precision reach of LHC for masses and couplings
A.Sevrin Prospects from strings and branes
A.Incicchitti Dama results
S.Fiorucci Edelweiss+other DM review
T.Papaevangelou Cast results
G.Kane cosmological constant problem
Wednesday afternoon 17h dark matter and energy, neutrinos
chair: D.Kaplan
C.Burgess dark energy review-extradim
Y.G.Kim direct detection of neutralino dark matter and Bs->mumu
M.Ishitsuka SuperK results
T.Iwashita K2K results
S.Hatakeyama Kamland results
J.Wilson SNO results
C.Pena-Garay neutrino fits
G.Marandella sterile neutrinos from cosmology to experiment
S.Kulagin extraction of weinberg angle from neutrino deep inelastic scatterring
Thursday morning 8h30 neutrinos, leptogenesis 
chair: L.Fayard
P.DiBari leptogenesis neutrino mass bound
N.Cosme Gauge dilution in leptogenesis
H.Aissaoui Leptognesis at TeV scale
J.Monroe miniBoone results
Y.Shitov Nemo results
M.Ribordy Amanda
A.Mirizzi decays of supernova relic neutrinos
A.M.Rotunno Geoneutrino analysis in KamLAND
Thursday afternoon 17h more neutrinos and CP 
chair: G.Catanesi
A.Cervera First results from Harp
F.Dalnoki-Veress theta13 at nuclear plants
S.Rigolin Why care about degeneracies in the measure of theta_13 delta ?
A.Nelson Dark energy from mass varying neutrinos
A.Kellerbauer antihydrogen review
T.Soldner T violation tests in neutron decay
M.Carena Dark matter and electroweak baryogenesis
G.Servant Proton stability and dark matter: are they related?
Friday morning 8h30 CP and T, heavy flavours 
chair: S.Conetti
M.Slater NA48 KS results
S.Ledovskoy KTeV new result on pipiee
I.Scimemi CP violation in the kaon system: epsilon'/epsilon vs K->3pi
E.Andriash Difference in epsilon~ and epsilon in fitting the parameters of the CKM matrix
S.Miscetti KLOE results
A.Poblaguev Vus from Ke3+ decays
J.Imazato T violation limit from E246
G.Rong BES charm physic results
D.Asner first cleoC results
Friday afternoon 17h B physics
chair: V.Barnes
M.Neubert Beauty at the frontier
M.Verderi Babar measurements related to CKM angle beta
C.Wang Belle: CP violation in b -> s q qbar and u ubar d processes
L.Roos Babar measurements related to the CKM angle alpha
Moriond discussion
Saturday morning 8h30 more  B, CP and CKM
chair: P.Taras
U.Nierste CP asymmetry in flavour specific B decays
T.Brandt Babar: semileptonic decays
T.Nozaki Belle: new measurement of Vub
T.Cawlfield Cleo CKM results
L.Silvestrini two body non leptonic B decays in SM and beyong
A.Poluektov Belle: measurement of phi3 in B->D* K modes
A.Soffer Babar:measurements related to CKM angle gamma
M.Gorbahn theory status of B->Xs gamma
Saturday afternoon 17h
chair: B.Kayser
M.Iwasaki Belle: observation of B to K* l+l-
E.Paoloni Babar:Electroweak pinguin and leptonic decays
U.Haisch theoretical developments in B->Xs l+l- decays
L.Lellouch Weak interactions phenomenology from the lattice
J.Stark B physics in D0
J.Rademacker B physics in CDF
G.Parisi Memory effects in spin glasses
Sunday morning
chair: J.Tran Thanh Van
K.Nakamura experimental summary
J.Orloff theory summary