Energy Densities in the Universe

Les Arcs, France (January 22-29, 2000)

Scientific Program and Proceedings

Program Committee :

R. Ansari (Orsay),J. Bartlett (Toulouse), T. Damour (IHES, Bures/Yvette), J. Dumarchez (Paris), W. Forman (Cambridge, USA), Y. Giraud-Héraud (Paris), B. Guiderdoni (Paris), M. Kamionkowski (Columbia), E. Kolb (Chicago), O. Lahav (Cambridge, UK), D. Langlois (Meudon), A. Liddle (Univ. of Sussex, UK), C. Magneville (Saclay), J. Trân Thanh Vân (Orsay).

For further information please contact:

D. Langlois              The Primordial Universe
R. Ansari Type Ia Supernovae
J. Bartlett Clusters,
Cosmic Microwave Background
You can find more details in the Bulletin Nr 1
The last details are now available in the Bulletin Nr 2

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Grants for young scientists
funds are available for young scientists (up to 35 years old) citizens of a European Union member state.


The deadline for sending the manuscripts is: March 15, 2000
The proceedings will be available before summer.
The speakers have to use the following 2 files to prepare the written version of their talk under Latex: moriond.tex (containing the publisher's instruction: it can be used as a template), and moriond.sty (the style file).
The speakers should send their written contribution as a .tar.gz file (compressed tar) to
In case of problems with Latex send a mail to
(The speakers are also required to provide the title and a short abstract in French, to be sent at the same time)


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