XXXVth Rencontres de Moriond

Energy densities in the Universe

Les Arcs, France (January 22-29, 2000)

Bulletin Nr 2

This is the last bulletin before the conference.


The meeting will begin at 18 h 00 on Saturday January 22, 2000 in Les Arcs. In order to welcome you in the best possible way before the opening of the session, we invite you to arrive in the afternoon at the Hotel Latitudes Charmettoger. However, rooms will not be available before 18 h 00. A welcome drink will be served at 19 h 30 to the participants, their family and guests.
Please register as soon as you arrive. The conference Secretariat will be at the Hotel Latitudes, at the reception level. If you come from Geneva by the Conference bus, please fill in the arrival form available on the bus, keep it with you and hand it to the Secretariat on your arrival, in order to save time and avoid rush during registration.

Postal address of the Conference:
Les Rencontres de Moriond
Hotel Latitudes , Les Arcs 1800
Village de Charmettoger
73700 - Bourg St Maurice, France
Phone number : 33 (0)4 79 07 49 79
Fax number : 33 (0) 4 79 07 49 87
Please begin your fax with : Attention : Rencontres de Moriond. Late arrivals : Please try to inform the secretariat by fax or phone, if you know you are likely to arrive late.


The conference room will be in Hotel Latitudes Charmettoger.


The registration fee for participants will be 1900 FF. It will cover the cost of a copy of the proceedings and the cost of all social events. The payment of the registration fees can be made :
- by personal checks in French francs or euros
- by travellers checks in French francs, euros or US dollars to the order of Rencontres de Moriond, sent to the Moriond secretariat or handed to the secretary within the first 2 days of the Workshop.
- by bank transfer (add FF 150 or US $30 for bank fees) to the Moriond bank account :
Banque de Savoie, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville ,
73700 - Bourg St Maurice, France.
ADREMOR -Bank Code 10 548, Branch No 00013, Account number: 00047 135 153, key 67
In case of a transfer, please clearly indicate your name to identify the payment.
The corresponding voucher must be handed in to the Moriond secretary at the conference.
Please avoid cash payment if possible.
If you have to change money, note that the exchange rate in les Arcs is less advantageous than in banks of major cities like Paris or Geneva.


Housing will be in Hotel LATITUDES Charmettoger. Meals will be served in this hotel for all participants. The hotel bill shall be paid directly to the hotel. Major credit cards are accepted.

Important note :
Hotel reservations are made for the whole session : i.e. from the evening of Saturday, January 22 to the morning of Saturday January 29, (including lunch before departure of the Conference bus to Geneva). Please note that the total cost of the meeting will not be reduced even in case of partial attendance.