W. Godlowski (1), F.W. Baier (2)
(1) Jagellonian University, Astronomical Observatory,
ul. Orla 171, 30--244 Krakow, Poland, (2) Institute for Communication and Structure Research,
Heinrich--Mann-Allee 105 b, 14473 Potsdam, Germany

We investigated three rich clusters: Abell A14, A754 and A3667 on the base the Edinburgh Catalogue of clusters of galaxies. The aim of our investigation was to check up the existence of substructures in clusters. We compared old method used up to now with the result obtain from analysing alignments of galaxies. In our investigation of galaxy alignments we used two methods: classical method based on analysing the observed distribution of the position angles of galaxies and improved method based on analising normal to galaxy planes which takes into account both galaxy position angles and inclinations. We found rather good evidence for alignment and some evidence for subclustering within clusters. Separately we check our method on the ``empty cluster" of galaxies in field and found no alignment in this cases.}