Effects of a variation of the fine structure constant on the CMB fluctuation spectrum
S.J.Landau (1) and D.D.Harari (2)
(1) Facultad de Ciencias Astron\'{o}micas y Geof{\'\i}sicas, U.N.L.P., Paseo del Bosque S/N, 1900 La Plata , Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
(2) Departamento de F{\'\i}sica,F.C.E.N-U.B.A., Ciudad Universitaria, Pab.I, Buenos Aires , Argentina

We study the effects of a possible variation in the fine structure constant on the CMB temperature and polarization fluctuation spectrum. We discuss some properties that may distinguish this effect from changes in other cosmological parameters such as $\Omega_b,\Omega_0 $ and $H_0$.