Limits on Hot Intracluster Gas Contributions to the Tenerife Temperature Anisotropy Map
J.A. Rubino-Martin
Instituto de Astrof{\'\i}sica de Canarias
V{\'\i}a L\'actea s/n. 38200 La Laguna, Spain.

We limit the contribution of the hot intracluster gas, by means of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect, to the temperature anisotropies measured by the Tenerife experiment. The data is cross-correlated with maps generated from the ACO cluster catalogue, the ROSAT PSPC catalogue of clusters of galaxies, a catalogue of superclusters and the HEAO 1 A-1 map of X-ray sources. There is no evidence of contamination by such sources at an rms level of $\sim 8\mu$K at 99\% confidence level at $5^o$ angular resolution. We place an upper limit on the mean Comptonization parameter of $ y \le 1.5\times 10^{-6}$ due to nearby structures at the same level of confidence. These limits are slightly more restrictive than those previously found by a similar analysis on the COBE/DMR data and indicate that most of the signal measured by Tenerife is cosmological.