Exploring the Universe
Contents and Structures of the Universe

La Thuile, Italy (March 28 - April 4, 2004)

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Looking for Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies
Francesc Ferrer (Oxford) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Constraining dark matter candidates from structure formation
Pierre Fayet (Paris)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Recovering dark matter distribution with lensed CMB temperature anisotropies
Alexandre Amblard (Berkeley)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Results from Microlensing Surveys
Olivier Perdereau (Orsay)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The POINT-AGAPE Microlensing Survey: First Constraint on Machos Towards M31
Stéphane Paulin-Henriksson (Paris), Sebastiano Calchi Novati (Zurich) on behalf of the POINT-AGAPE collaboration
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Testing LMC Microlensing Scenarios: the Discrimination Power of the SuperMacho Microlensing Survey
Armin Rest (CTIO)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Searches of Stellar Mass Dark Matter from an Analysis of Variabilities of High-Redshifted QSOs
Alexander Zakharov (Moscow, Beograd), L.C. Popovic, P. Popovic (Moscow) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

The GraS Hypothesis
Federico Piazza (Milano), Christian Marinoni (Marseille) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dark Matter: Direct and Indirect Detection
Gabriel Chardin (Saclay) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Latest Scalar WIMP Exclusion Results from the CDMS II Collaboration
Paul L. Brink (Stanford) for the CDMS collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Latest Results of the EDELWEISS Experiment
Véronique Sanglard (Lyon) for the EDELWEISS collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dark matter Experiments at Boulby Mine
Vitaly A. Kudryavtsev (Sheffield) on behalf of the Boulby Dark Matter collaboration - Proceedings (.ps)

MACHe3, a Prototype for Non-Baryonic Dark Matter Search: keV Event Detection and Multicell Correlation
Clément Winkelmann, Emmanuel Moulin (Grenoble) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The AMS Experiment
Laurent Derome (Grenoble) for the AMS collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Supersymmetric Dark Matter with GLAST
Andrea Lionetto (Rome) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Prospects for Dark Matter Searches with the MAGIC Telescope
Wolfgang Wittek (Munich) for the MAGIC collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Exploring the Universe with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Vitaly A. Kudryavtsev (Sheffield) for the ANTARES collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The SZ Effect from Dark Matter Annihilation. An Alternative Probe of the Dark Matter Nature
Sergio Colafrancesco (Rome) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Neutralino Relic Density Enhancement in Non-Standard Cosmologies
Stefano Profumo, Piero Ullio (Trieste) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dark Matter Annihilation in the Presence of Caustics
Lidia Pieri (Torino) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Axinos as Dark Matter in the Universe
Arnd Brandenburg, Frank D. Steffen (Hamburg) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Particle-Wave Aspects of Dark Matter
Mikhail JA. Ivanov, Larissa V. Terentieva (Moscow) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

New constraints on Dark Energy
Alessandro Melchiorri (Rome) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dark Energy in Chains
David Parkinson (Portsmouth), Bruce A. Basset (Portsmouth, Kyoto), Edmund J. Copeland (Brighton), Pier-Stefano Corasaniti (New York), Martin Kunz (Brighton) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

SuperNovae Legacy Survey
Julien Guy (Paris) on behalf of the SNLS collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

SuperNova Legacy Survey, Spectroscopy of Supernovae with the Very Large Telescope
Grégory Sainton (Paris) on behalf of the SNLS collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The GOODS High-z Universe: Probing Energy with Type Ia Supernovae at z~1.4
Mauro Giavalisco (Baltimore) -

Interacting Quintessence: Cosmic Acceleration and the Coincidence Problem
Greg Huey, Benjamin D. Wandelt (Urbana) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

A Tale of Two Distances
Martin Kunz (Sussex), Bruce A. Basset (Brighton, Kyoto) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Bose Einstein Condensation as Dark Energy and Dark Matter
M. Morikawa (Tokyo) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

Backreaction of Linear Perturbations and Dark Energy
Syksy Räsänen (Oxford) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Enhancement of Dark Matter Abundance in Scalar-Tensor dark Energy
R. Catena (Pise), N. Fornengo (Torino), A. Masiero, Massimo Pietroni, F. Rosati (Padova) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

Dark Energy and the Evolution of Spherical Overdensities
Cathy Horellou, J. Berge (Onsala) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Strong Gravitational Lensing and Dynamical Dark Energy
Andrea V. Macciò (Zurich) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Structure and Galaxy Formation

The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: Results on Galaxy Evolution at High Redshifts
Mauro Giavalisco (Baltimore)

Colour-Detected Clusters in the XMM Large Scale Structure Survey
Stefano Andreon (Milan), Jon P. Willis (Victoria), H. Quintana (Santiago), Ivan Valtchanov (London), Marguerite Pierre (Saclay), Florian Pacaud (Saclay)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The VIMOS VLT Survey: Evolution of Luminosity Functions from First Epoch Data
Olivier Ilbert, Laurence Tresse (Marseille), E. Zucca, S. Bardelli (Bologne), Stéphane Arnouts (Marseille), G. Zamorani (Bologne), Christian Marinoni (Marseille)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Redshift Evolution of the Bias between Dark Matter
and Galaxy Distributions: VIRMOS results up to z=1.5

Ch. Marinoni (Marseille)

Hierarchical Galaxy Clustering in the 2-Degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey
Peder Norberg (Zurich), C.M. Baugh (Durham), D.J. Croton (Garching), E. Gaztañaga (Maxico, Barcelone) & the 2dFGRS Team
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Luminosity-Metallicity Relation in the Local Universe from the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (poster)
F. Lamareille (Toulouse), M. Mouhcine (Nottingham, Strasbourg), Th. Contini (Toulouse), I. Lewis (Oxford), S. Maddox (Nottigham) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The XMM-Newton Ω-Project: First Results
Sébastien C. Vauclair (Toulouse) and the XMM-Newton Ω-Project collaboration
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Star Formation at Redshift One: Preliminary Results from an Hα Survey
Michelle Doherty (Cambridge), Andrew Bunker (Cambridge, Exeter), Robert Sharp (cambridge, Sydney), Gavin Dalton (Oxford), Ian Parry (Cambridge), Ian Lewis (Oxford), Emily MacDonald (Oxford), Christian Wolf (Oxford) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Stellar Populations of Low-Redshift Clusters
Craig Harrison (Weston), Matthew Colless (Epping), Harald Kuntschner (Garching), Warrick J. Couch (Sydney), B.A. Peterson (Weston) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Metal Enrichment and Energetics of Galactic Winds in Galaxy Clusters (poster)
Wolfgang Kapferer (Innsbruck), D. Breitschwerdt (Vienna), W. Domainko, S. Schindler, E. van Kampen, S. Kimeswenger (Innsbruck) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Metal Enrichment of the Intra-Cluster Medium: Ram-Pressure Stripping of Cluster Galaxies (poster)
Wielfried Domainko, Wolfgang Kapferer, S. Schindler, E. Van Kampen, S. Kimeswenger (Innsbruck), M. Ruffert (Edinburg) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Can decaying particles reionize the Universe?
Elena Pierpaoli (Princeton) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

High Redshift Galaxy Evolution from the Infrared and Optical HST Observations in the Ultra Deep Field
Rodger I. Thompson (Tucson), Garth Illingworth, Rychard Bouwens (Santa Cruz) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Lyman-α Forest according to LUQAS
Matteo Viel, M. Haehnelt, T.S. Kim, B. Carswell (Cambridge), S. Cristiani (Trieste), A. Heavens (Edinburgh), L. Hernquist (Cambridge), S. Matarrese ( Padova), V. Springel (München) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The CFHTLS: a million galaxies at z~1
Henry J. McCracken (Paris)
- Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Physical properties of star-forming galaxies at z~2
Thierry Contini (Toulouse), Marie Lemoine-Busserolle (Cambridge), Roser Pelló (Toulouse), Jean-François Leborgne (Toulouse), Jean-Paul Kneib (Pasadena, Toulouse) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Arcminute MicroKelvin Imager
William Grainger (Cambridge) for the AMI collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Searching for Galaxy Clusters with AMI - the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager (poster)
Jonathan T.L. Zwart (Cambridge) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Point Source Contamination on SZ Cluster Surveys at 15GHz
Thomas L. Culverhouse (Cambridge) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Preliminary Source Count of Radio Sources in X-Ray Luminosity-Selected Galaxy Clusters at 15 GHz (poster)
Tak Kaneko (Cambridge) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Density Profiles and Substructure of CDM Halos
Jürg Diemand, Ben Moore, Joachim Stadel (Zürich) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Weighting the Clusters of Galaxies with Weak Gravitational Lensing: the Problem of the Mass-Sheet Degeneracy
Marusa Bradac (Bonn), M. Lombardi (Bonn, Garching), P. Schneider (Bonn)
- Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

The Statistics of Substructures in Dark Matter Clusters
Jochen Weller (Cambridge), J.P. Ostriker (Cambridge, Princeton), P.W. Bode (Princeton)
- - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Distribution of Dark Matter in the Universe on Scales of 1010 Mo to 1015 Mo
Luis Teodoro, Michael S. Warren (Los Alamos)
- Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

HST/ACS Weak Lensing Analysis of RDCS 1252.9-2927, a z=1.24 cluster
Marco Lombardi (Garching) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Multiple Component Analysis of Cluster Lenses
Phil J. Marshall (Stanford), Patrick Hudelot, Jean-Paul Kneib (Toulouse) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Lensing Survey of the Most X-Ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters (poster)
Wolfgang Kausch, S. Schindler, T. Kronberger (Innsbruck), J. Wambsganss (Postdam), A. Schwope (Postdam), T. Erben (Bonn) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Comparing the temperatures of Galaxy Clusters from Hydro-N-Body Simulations to Chandra and XMM-Newton observations
Pasquale Mazzotta (Rome), E. Rasia, L. Moscardini, G. Tormen (Padova) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dynamical Models and Numerical Simulations of Incomplete Violent Relaxation
Michele Trenti (Pisa), G. Bertin (Milano) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Likelihood Analysis of the Local Group Acceleration Revisited (poster)
Pawel Ciecielag (Munich), Michal Chodorowski (Warsaw) - - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

CMB Physics

A New Estimation of the Archeops Power Spectrum
Matthieu Tristram (Grenoble) on behalf of the Archeops collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Archeops: First Detection of the Polarized Diffuse Submillimeter Radiation of Galactic Dust
Nicolas Ponthieu (Orsay) on behalf of the Archeops collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The Very Small Array: Latest Results and Future Plans
Keith Grainge (Cambridge) and the VSA Collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Probing the Primordial Power Spectrum with the VSA (and Other CMB Experiments)
Richard A. Battye (Manchester) and the VSA Collaboration - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The 9C Survey: a Deeper Source Count at 15 GHz
E.M. Waldram, G.G. Pooley (Cambridge) (poster) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

On the bispectrum of COBE and WMAP
J. Medeiros (London) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

Systematic Effects on Polarization Measurements
Cyrille Rosset (Paris) - - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

CLOVER: a New Instrument for Measuring the B-mode Polarization of the CMB
Angela C. Taylor, A. Challinor, D. Goldie, K. Grainge, M.E. Jones, A.N. Lasenby, S. Withington, G. Yassin (Cambridge) and W.K. gear, L. Piccirillo, P. Ade, P.D. Mauskopf, b. Maffei, G. Pisano (Cardiff) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The BRAIN Project (poster)
Silvia Masi (Rome) -

Foreground Contamination in Large Scale WMAP Data
Anze Slosar (Ljubljana) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Testing the Isotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Frode K. Hansen (Rome) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

CMB Quadrupole Induced Poalarisation from Clusters and Filaments (poster)
Guo-Chin Liu (Orsay, Taiwan), Antonio da Silva, Nabila Aghanim (Orsay) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Cosmological Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation with CMBEasy
Christian M. Müller (Heidelberg) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

A Fast Directional Continuous Spherical Wavelet Transform
Jason D. McEwen, M.P. Hobson, A.N. Lasenby, D.J. Mortlock (Cambridge) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Primordial Universe

Genericity of Cosmic Strings Formation in SUSY GUTs
Jonathan Rocher (Paris), Rachel Jeannerot (Trieste), Mairi Sakellariadou (Athens, Paris) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Constraining SUSY GUTs with Cosmology
Mairi Sakellariadou (Athens), Janathan Rocher (Paris) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

The CMB Power Spectrum from Cosmic Strings
Martin Landriau (Orsay), C.J.A.P. Martins (Porto, Cambridge), E.P.S. Shellard (Cambridge) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

Exponential Potentials for Tracker Fields
Salvatore Capozziello (Salerne), Claudio Rubano, P. Scudellaro, E. Piedipalumbo, M. Capone (Napoli) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

New Cosmic Low Energy States of Neutrino
Eduardo I. Guendelman, A.B. Kaganovich (Beer Sheva) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Dark Energy and Cosmic Speed-Up: M Theory Perspectives
Ishwaree P. Neupane (Taiwan, Kathmandu) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Brane Cosmology
Roy Maartens (Portsmouth) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Gravity on a Dilatonic Gauss-Bonnet Brane World
Stephen C. Davis (Lausanne) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Branon Dark Matter
J.A.R. Cembranos, A. Dobado, A.L. Maroto (Madrid) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Cosmological Tensor Perturbations in Brane-Worlds
Andrew Mennim (Cambridge), Richard A. Battye (Cheshire) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Inflation after WMAP
William H. Kinney (Buffalo) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Modular Hybrid Inflation without Flat Directions and the Curvaton
Konstantin Dimopoulos (Athens) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

New Constraints on Varying Alpha
Carlos J.A.P. Martins (Porto, Cambridge) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Quantizing Cosmology: a Simple Approach
Marvin Weinstein (Stanford) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

The Fractal Structure of Inflationary Spacetime
Serge Winitzki (Munich) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Some Issues in the Second-Order Cosmological Perturbations
Jai-Chan Hwang (Taegu) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Bounds on Isocurvature Perturbations from CMB and LSS
Juan García-Bellido (Madrid) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Are the initial conditions adiabatic?
Joanna Dunkley (Oxford), Martin Bücher (Cambridge), P.G. Ferreira (Oxford), K. Moodley (Oxford, Durban), C. Skordis (Oxford) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Cosmic Rays

Review on Cosmic Rays
M. Haas (Geneva) - Proceedings (.pdf.gz)

Is Radiogalaxy M 87 Dominant Source of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays?
Michael Prouza (Prague) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

Summary Talk

Summary talk
Matts Roos (Helsinki) - Proceedings (.ps.gz)

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