Rencontres de Moriond

Contents and Structures of the Universe

La Thuile, Italy (March 18-25, 2006)

The increasingly precise observations and modeling that characterize present research in cosmology highlight the need for better understanding of the various cosmic components and their role in shaping galaxies and large-scale structures. Specific topics for this meeting include:

A preliminary list of speakers includes:
J. Silk (Oxford), S. White (Garching), L. Page (Princeton), P. De Bernardis (Roma), A. Lasenby (Cambridge), A. Szalay (Johns Hopkins), P. Astier (Paris), R. Kolb (Fermilab), G. Dvali (New-York), C. Burgess (Hamilton), P. Steinhardt (Princeton), F. Bouchet (Paris), J.-L. Puget (Orsay), P. Richards (Berkeley),

This year's meeting will be special in that it will be the 40th anniversary of the Rencontres de Moriond.

Scientific Program

List of Participants

Program Committee :

R. Ansari (Orsay), M. Bucher (Orsay), C. Canizares (MIT), J. Dumarchez (Paris), K. Ganga (Paris), Y. Giraud-Héraud (Paris), D. Langlois (Paris), C. Magneville (Saclay), P. Petitjean (Paris), J. Rich (Saclay), J. Trân Thanh Vân (Orsay),

You can find more organizational details in the Bulletin Nr 1
and the last travel information details are now available in the Travel Info Bulletin

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The deadline for sending the manuscripts is: May 15, 2006
The proceedings will be available after summer.
The page limit is: 4 pages for 15 minutes talks and 8 pages for others
The speakers have to use the following 2 files to prepare the written version of their talk under Latex: moriond.tex (containing the publisher's instruction: it can be used as a template. The result can be visualised on, and moriond.sty (the style file).
The speakers should send their written contribution to Christophe Magneville at (possibly as a .tar.gz file - compressed tar)
In case of problems with Latex send a mail to


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