The Rencontres de Moriond and GRAM Colloquium on Gravitation will review the subject 4 years after the last edition.
The main topics of the conference are:
  • Astrophysical and cosmological sources of Gravitational Waves
  • Search for gravitational wave events (transient, continuous and stochastic background)
  • Status of present and advanced gravitational waves detectors
  • Space borne detectors
  • Strong field tests of General Relativity (Pulsars, Black holes,...)
  • Quantum sensors for gravitational waves and fundamental physics
  • Fundamental physics with gravitational waves
  • Tests of the equivalence principle
  • Astrometry, solar system ephemerides and observational gravity tests
  • Space geodesy, Earth and Planetary Gravity, Navigation
  • Clocks, lasers and fundamental constants
  • Tests of GR and alternative theories (CPT and Lorentz violation, modified gravity,...)
  • Short range gravity and Casimir effect: classical, atom and neutron tests
  • Long range gravity, dark matter, dark energy
The conference will include both review and contributed talks and will be organized only in plenary sessions

Scientific Organizing Committee
Pierre Binetruy
APC, Paris, France
Marie-Anne Bizouard
LAL, Orsay, France
Luc Blanchet
IAP, Paris, France
Luigi Cacciapuoti
ESA, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Fabien Cavalier
LAL, Orsay, France
Mike Cruise
University of Birmingham, UK
Pacôme Delva
Observatoire de Paris, France
Jacques Dumarchez
LPNHE, Paris, France
Jean-Marc Le Goff
Irfu-SPP, Saclay, France
Sylvie Léon-Hirtz
CNES, Paris, France
Ernst Rasel
IfQO, Hannover, Germany
Serge Reynaud
LKB, Paris, France
Fulvio Ricci
Università La Sapienza, Rome Italy
Jean-Yves Vinet
Observatoire de Nice, France
Peter Wolf
Observatoire de Paris, France

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact jacques.dumarchez@cern.ch

For logistical information or questions contact:
Vera de Sá Varanda
Secretary of the Rencontres de Moriond