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    XXXVIth Rencontres de Moriond - March 17th-24th 2001  
    QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy  
    Saturday march 17th evening  
    Chairperson :  
18:30 19:00 Selected topics from the electro-weak session J.M. Frere (Bruxelles)
    Sunday march 18th morning : Higgs  
    Chairperson : B. Klima  
8:30 8:50 BES R measurements and J/Psi decays N. Wu (Beijing)
8:55 9:10 Standard Model fit results T. Kawamoto (Tokyo)
9:15 9:30 SM Higgs search strategy at LEP P. Garcia (CERN)
9:30 9:45 Selecting SM Higgs cand. In 4-jet channel at LEP G. Davies (Imp. Coll.)
9:45 10:00 Selecting SM Higgs cand. In other channels at LEP E. Piotto (Milano)
10:05 10:25 BREAK  
10:25 10:40 SM Higgs at LEP : combination A. Okpara (Heidelberg)
10:45 11:00 Beyond the SM physics from a Higgs with mass 115 GeV D. Ross (CERN)
11:05 11:35 Discussion  
    Sunday march 18th afternoon : Higgs (continued)  
    Chairperson : W. Kittel  
17:00 17:15 Search for non-SM Higgses at LEP M. Rosca (Berlin)
17:20 17:35 Progress towards HO QCD calc. Prod. of Higgs in hadronic collisions M. Grazzini (Firenze)
17:40 17:55 Status of NLO QCD calc. Of Wbbbar,Zbbar,Wplus jets J. Campbell (FNAL)
18:00 18:15 Higgs searches at the Tevatron L. Moneta (Geneva)
18:20 18:35 Prospects for the Higgs at Tev II A. Lucotte (Grenoble)
18:40 19:00 BREAK  
19:00 19:15 A NLO study on photon/pion pair prod. at the LHC T. Binoth (Edinburgh)
19:20 19:35 LHC sensitivity to a low mass higgs boson K. Assamagan (CERN)
19:40 19:55 Higgs to b bbar at the LHC V. Drollinger (CERN)
20:00 20:15 Charged Higgs observability in tau-neutrino A. Tricomi (Catania)
    Monday march 19th morning : Heavy Ions  
    Chairperson : K. Safarik  
8:30 8:45 High density QCD : from small x DIS to heavy ion collisions A. Kaidalov (ITEP Moscow)
8:50 9:05 Centrality dependance of hadron multiplicities in nucl coll in the DPM D. Sousa (Orsay)
9:10 9:25 PHENIX A. Bazilevsky (BNL)
9:30 9:45 PHOBOS C. Roland (MIT)
9:50 10:05 BRAHMS J.J. Gaardhoje (Copenhagen)
10:10 10:40 BREAK  
10:40 10:55 STAR S. Margetis (Kent State Univ)
11:00 11:15 Hard versus soft processes at RHIC B. Jacak (Stony Brook)
11:20 11:35 NA50 R. Arnaldi (Torino)
11:40 11:55 Capability of NA60 to measure prompt dimuons and D prod in HI coll B. Lenkeit (CERN)
    Monday march 19th afternoon : Heavy Ions (continued)  
    Chairperson : L. McLerran  
17:00 17:15 CERES P. Wurm (Heidelberg)
17:20 17:35 Recent results on strangeness prod in NA49 D. Varga (Budapest)
17:40 17:55 NA57 D. Elia (Bari)
18:00 18:15 Color dipole approach to the Drell-Yan process in pA collisions J. Raufeisen (Los Alamos)
18:20 18:35 Strangeness production in heavy ion collisions K. Redlich (Wroclaw)
18:40 18:55 Strange hadron diagnosis of freeze-out dynamics J. Rafelski (Arizona)
19:00 19:10 BREAK  
19:10 20:10 Biology for physicists  
    Tuesday march 20th morning : Heavy Ions (continued), Core QCD  
    Chairperson : A. Capella  
8:30 8:45 Towards thermalisation D. Schiff (Orsay)
8:50 9:05 Photon production by a quark-gluon plasma F. Gelis (BNL)
9:10 9:25 A re interpretation of the QCD phase transition S. Kabana (Bern)
9:30 9:45 Mutual Coulomb dissociation at RHIC S. White (BNL)
9:50 10:05 ALICE G. Martinez-Garcia (Nantes)
10:10 10:40 BREAK  
10:40 10:55 Theory N. Glover (Durham)
11:00 11:15 NNLO jet production A. Ghinculov (UCLA)
11:20 11:35 Latest jet results from the Tevatron J. Krane (Iowa state)
11:40 11:55 Charged hadron prod. in q, qbar and g jets at SLD H. Kang (Rutgers)
    Tuesday march 20th afternoon : Core QCD (continued)  
    Chairperson : I. Dremin  
17:00 17:15 JADE+LEP data, cross-sections, color factors S. Kluth (Munich)
17:20 17:35 Jets and event shapes studies in QCD at HERA R. Poeschl (Orsay)
17:40 17:55 Power corrections to the event shape distributions S. Tafat (Orsay)
18:00 18:15 Multiplicity distributions in parton and dipole QCD cascades P Ede'n (Nordita)
18:20 18:35 Evidence for a QCD based description of the pion vs exp data A. Bakulev (JINR)
18:40 19:00 BREAK  
19:00 19:15 Analytic perturbation theory for QCD observables D.V. Shirkov (JINR)
19:20 19:35 Theory and phenomenology of generalized parton distr A. Belitsky (Stony Brook)
19:40 19:55 A Monte-Carlo study of photoproduction of prompt photons G. Heinrich (Orsay)
20:00 20:15 Prompt photons and DVCS at HERA J. Hart (RAL)
20:20 20:35 Spin single azimuthal asym from DVCS in HERMES J. Ely (Colorado)
    Wednesday march 21st morning : Searches  
    Chairperson : I. Sarcevic  
8:30 8:45 MSSM SUSY searches at LEP T.Alderweireld (Mons)
8:50 9:05 Search for exotic physics with four fermion coupling at LEP S. Rieman (Zeuthen)
9:10 9:25 Other searches at LEP S. Braibant (CERN)
9:30 9:45 SUSY searches at the Tevatron M. Spiropulu (Chicago)
9:50 10:05 MSSM Higgs decays to sparticles at the LHC F. Moortgat (Antwerpen)
10:10 10:30 BREAK  
10:30 10:45 SLEUTH : a quasi model independent search strategy for new phys B. Knuteson (LBNL)
10:50 11:05 Excess B cross-section Z. Sullivan (Argonne)
11:10 11:25 Rare K decays in NA48 K.Holtz (Mainz)
    Wednesday march 21st afternoon : Extra dimensions  
    Chairperson : C.I. Tan  
17:00 17:30 Extra dimensions and more G. Landsberg (Brown U)
17:35 17:50 Search for large extra dimensions at the Tevatron B. Olivier (Paris 6/7)
17:55 18:15 Impact of extra dimensions on the standard model I. Sarcevic (Arizona)
18:20 18:40 BREAK  
18:40 19:00 Monopoles, vortices and confinement A. di Giacomo (Pisa)
19:05 19:20 Towards the lattice study of M-theory J. Wosiek (Krakow)
19:25 19:40 Gravitationnal stability and extra time-like dimensions S. Matsuda (Kyoto)
19:45 20:05 Extra dimensions : past, present and future I. Kogan (Oxford)
    Thursday march 22nd morning : Diffraction, Physics at small x, Structure functions  
    Chairperson : A. Turbiner  
8:30 8:45 Structure of the hadrons in a constituent quark model F. Arash (Tehran)
8:50 9:05 Single and dimuon cross-sections from NuTeV J. McDonald (Pittsburgh)
9:10 9:25 Proton and photon structure at HERA D. Kcira (Wisconsin)
9:30 9:45 z and x dependence of mean PT of pi+/- and Ks in semi-incl DIS A. Jgoun (DESY)
9:50 10:05 Str funct and the spin of the nucleon. From HERMES to COMPASS F.H. Heinsius (Freiburg)
10:10 10:30 BREAK  
10:30 10:45 Very low Q^2 and the transition region to photoprod at HERA M. Klein (Zeuthen)
10:50 11:05 A unitary model for struct funct and diffractive production at low x C. Salgado (Orsay)
11:10 11:25 Diffractive production of W and of di-jets B. Cox (Manchester)
11:30 11:45 Diffractive results from the Tevatron A. Solodsky (Rockefeller)
    Thursday march 22nd afternoon : Diffraction (continued), QCD properties of W, Z  
    Chairperson : P. Ball  
17:00 18:00 Physics for biologists E. Lillestol (CERN/Bergen)
18:30 18:50 BREAK  
18:50 19:05 Diffractive structure functions from HERA V. Monaco (Torino)
19:10 19:25 Probing color singlet exchange in exclusive final states at HERA J. Figiel (Krakow)
19:30 19:45 W mass measurements at LEP O. Buchmueller (CERN)
19:50 20:05 Color reconnection at LEP T. Ziegler (Mainz)
20:10 20:25 Bose-Einstein correlations in WW production at LEP N. Van Remortel (Antwerpen)
    Friday march 23rd morning : Heavy flavours  
    Chairperson : C. Brown  
8:30 8:45 Theoretical overview P. Ball (Durham)
8:50 9:05 Latest top results at the Tevatron S. Worm (New Mexico)
9:10 9:25 B hadron production and B Bbar correlations in Z decyas at SLD G. Nesom (Oxford)
9:30 9:45 Heavy quark production at HERA T. Sloan (Lancaster)
9:50 10:10 BREAK  
10:15 10:30 Charmless hadronic decays of B meson in BABAR G. Cavoto (Roma)
10:35 10:50 Charmless B meson decay results from BELLE B. Casey (Hawai)
10:55 11:10 Charmed B meson decays from BELLE C.H. Wang (Taiwan)
11:15 11:30 First measurement of Gamma(D+) in CLEO M. Dubrovin (Wayne st)
11:35 11:50 Semi-leptonic B and D decays in CLEO D. Cronin-Hennessy (Rochester)
    Friday march 23rd afternoon : Heavy flavours (continued)  
    Chairperson : W. Geist  
17:00 17:15 Polarization of onium states produced in hadron collisions C. Brown (FNAL)
17:20 17:35 Charm baryon production and decay in CLEO F. Wappler (Albany)
17:40 17:55 Charmonium production and electroweak penguins in BABAR V. Brigljevic (Livermore)
18:00 18:15 Sin(2beta),Bd mixing and B lifetime results from BABAR J. Beringer (UCSC)
18:20 18:35 CP, mixing and lifetime results from Belle H. Tajima (Tokyo)
18:40 18:50 QCD calculation of the Q qbar h cross-section F. Arleo (Subatech)
18:55 19:05 Semi-hard scatt at RHIC and LHC - initial cond and charged mult A. Accardi (Trieste)
19:10 19:30 BREAK  
19:30 20:30 Discussion on Moriond  
    Saturday march 24th morning : Summary talks  
    Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van  
9:00 9:40 Experimental summary B. Pietrzyk (Annecy)
9:50 10:30 Theoretical summary Y. Dokshitzer (Orsay)

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