Index of transparencies

Index of transparencies
XXXVIIth Rencontres de Moriond - March 17th-24th 2002    
QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
Sunday march 17th morning : Heavy flavours    
Chairperson : W. Guryn (BNL)    
Updates measurement of sin2beta from the BABAR collaboration O. Long UCSB
Sin(2phi1) measurements and related topic in BELLE T. Higuchi Tokyo
Measurement of time dependant asymmetries in BELLE H. Sagawa KEK
Vcb and Vub measurements in BELLE H. Ishino Tokyo
Semi-leptonic and leptonic B decays in BABAR R. Kowalewski Victoria
B Physics in CLEO (Vub, Vcb, b to sgamma,…) S. Pappas Caltech
Review of Bs oscillations D. Abbaneo CERN
Review of B physics results at LEP G. Barker Karlsruhe
Decay of the Bc meson to a p wave charmonium and to lepton with brems gluon Zhao-Xi Zhang Beijing
Sunday march 17th afternoon : Heavy flavours (continued)    
Chairperson : M. Rosina (Ljubljana)    
Rare decays in BELLE T. Gershon KEK
Rare hadronic and radiative B decays in BABAR D. Best U.C. Irvine
Hadronic B decays at BABAR F. Fabozzi Napoli
Perturbative and non-perturbative issues in heavy quark fragmentation M. Cacciari Parma
Top decay and bottom fragmentation in NLO QCD G. Corcella Munich
Latest top and W results from Tevatron + top prospects at Run II D. Chakraborty Northern Illinois
European Community policy on scientific conferences M. Hasewend E.C. Bruxelles
Monday march 18th morning : Heavy flavours (continued), Core QCD    
Chairperson : A. Vainshtein (Minnesota)    
Light mesons from Charm meson decays in FNAL E791 B. Meadows Cincinnati
BES results on Psi and Psi’ decays Peng Haiping Beijing
New results for inclusive and em quarkonium decays A. Vairo CERN
Charm physics in CLEO (mixing, CPV) A. Smith Minnesota
The CLEO-c project H. Stoeck Florida
Jet physics at the Tevatron S. Seidel New Mexico
Four jets at the Z at LEP S. Bravo Barcelona
Heavy quark production at HERA A. Longhin Padova
Progress in single photon final states at HERA (prompt photons and DVCS) I. Grabowska-Bold Krakow
Monday march 18th afternoon : Core QCD (continued)    
Chairperson : I. Dremin (Moscow)    
Challenges in next to next to leading scattering processes C. Oleari Wisconsin
NLO partonic event generators S. Weinzierl Parma
Rapidity gap in hadronic Z decays at LEP J. Field Geneva
Jet physics and event shape studies at HERA E. Rodrigues Bristol
Azimuthal correlation in DIS G. Marchesini Milano
DIS event shapes and spin-offs G. Salam Paris
Perturbative stability of the QCD analysis of DIS data S. Alekhin Protvino
Pion transition form factor interplay of soft and hard limits A. Dorokhov Dubna
A test of the pi-N total cross-section at high E using new FESR K. Igi Kanagawa
Tuesday march 19th morning : Core QCD (event shapes and power corrections)    
Chairperson : Y. Dokshitzer (Paris)    
Semi-classical quantization of effective string theories and Regge traj ectories M. Baker Seattle
Hadronic event structure, alpha_s, power corrections at LEP D. Wicke Wuppertal
First det of alpha_s at 14 and 44 GeV using resumd calc P. Movilla Fernandez Munich
O.P.E. and power corrections to the QCD coupling constant J.R. Quintero Huelva
Semi-numerical resumm of event shape variables and jet rates G. Zanderighi Durham
Dressed gluon exponent and power corr to event shape distr in the 2 jet region E. Gardi CERN
Role of QCD non perturbative input in QCD resummed heavy boson QT distributions Jiangwei Qiu Iowa State U
Joint resummation in electroweak boson production at hadron colliders A. Kulesza BNL
Exclusive channels in photon-photon collisions at LEP S. Braccini Frascati
Tuesday march 19th afternoon : Core QCD    
Chairperson : M. Tannenbaum (BNL)    
gamma-gamma physics at LEP/Photon structure and dynamics T. Wengler CERN
Fragmentation studies and color reconnection at LEP K. Rabbertz CERN
Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein corr and QCD params at LEP T. Kress U.C. Riverside
Parton distribution functions and QCD fitting to F2 at HERA F. Zomer Orsay
A new generation of parton distrib functions with uncertaities from global QCD analysis W.K. Tung Michigan State
Real and virtual photon structure at HERA L. Joensson Lund
Jet cuts in di-jet measurements at ZEUS S. Lammers Wisconsin
Neutral and charged current cross-section at high Q^2 at HERA E. Rizvi Birmingham
The underlying event in hadron-hadron collisions V. Tano Munich
Fierz transformations and bosonization J. Jaeckel Heidelberg
Wednesday march 20th morning : Structure functions, diffraction    
Chairperson : D. Gromes (Heidelberg)    
Recent RHIC results on polarized proton scattering B. Surrow BNL
First run of the RHIC polar proton collider' : transverse polarisation at sqrt(s)=200 GeV G. Bunce BNL
Nuclear effects and higher twists in structure functions S. Kulagin Moscow
Local duality from a pQCD analysis of inclusive ep scattering S. Liuti Virginia
From soft to hard diffraction A. Kaidalov Moscow
Vector mesons at HERA : what is the appropriate QCD scale ? S. Mohrdieck Munich
Inclusive diffraction at HERA M. Ruspa Torino
QCD and diffraction at HERA M. Kapichine Dubna
Multigap diffraction at CDF K. Goulianos Rockefeller
Wednesday march 20th afternoon : Diffraction, saturation    
Chairperson : M. Baker (Seattle)    
Diffractive di-jet studies at E791 D. Ashery Tel Aviv
The colour glass condensate : an introduction E. Iancu Saclay
Geometric scaling above the saturation scale K. Itakura BNL
Gluon saturation from S matrix unitarity F. Steffen Heidelberg
Aspects of unitarized soft multipomeron approach in DIS and diffr E. Ferreiro Santiago
Pion generalized distribution amplitudes in the non-local NJL model M. Praszalowicz Krakow
First run 2 results from CDF S. Donati  
First Run 2 results from D0 A. Juste FNAL
Thursday march 21st morning : Searches, new physics    
Chairperson : J. Field (Geneva)    
Theoretical review on g-2 A. Czarnecki Alberta
Recent NUTEV results on sin^2(theta_W) T. Bolton Manhattan
Final Higgs results at LEP U. Schwickerath CERN
Standard Model fits A. Krueger DESY
Selected topics from other searches at LEP G. Ganis Roma
Searches at the Tevatron S. Muanza Lyon
CMS discovery potential for MSSM SUSY massive Higgs A. Van Lysebetten Saclay
Direct Higgs production and jet veto at hadron colliders M. Grazzini Firenze
Inclusive Higgs production at hadron colliders W. Kilgore BNL
Thursday march 21st afternoon : New physics    
Chairperson : I. Kogan (Orsay)    
Search for extra dimensions at the LHC B. Laforge Paris
Black holes at future colliders G. Landsberg Brown
Development of a realistic CMS calorimeter simulation, application to WH to g g l nu O. Ravat Lyon
W production at LEP2 P. Azzuri CERN
The Aleph Silicon detector moves G. Sguazzoni CERN
Constraints on quark energy loss from Drell-Yan data F. Arleo Trento
Discussion on Moriond    
Friday march 22nd morning : Heavy Ions    
Chairperson : S. Seidel (New Mexico)    
Classical chromo-dynamics of relativistic heavy ion collisions D. Kharzeev BNL
Results from the STAR experiment at RHIC Zangbu Xu BNL
Hard probes at heavy ion collider energies : results from PHENIX D. D'Enterria Nantes
Results from the BRAHMS experiment at RHIC F. Rami Strasbourg
Charged particle multiplicity and particle ratios in Au+Au collisions at RHIC with PHOBOS R. Nouicer Chicago
Event by event averages in Heavy Ion collisions M. Tannenbaum BNL
Screening corrections in simulating heavy ion collisions T. Pierog Nantes
The SU(2) and SU(3) chiral phase transition within chiral pert theory J. Pelaez Madrid
Friday march 22nd afternoon : Heavy ions (continued)    
Chairperson : L. McLerran (BNL)    
Strange and multistrange baryon prod in nuclear collisions in NA49 D. Barna Budapest
Result from NA57 on the production of multistrange hadrons in Pb-Pb collisions G. Bruno Bari
Particle ratios and yields measured by BRAHMS C. Jorgensen Copenhagen
Baryon number transfer in heavy ion collisions Y Shabelski St Petersburg
Baryon and antibaryon yields in the Dual Parton model D. Sousa Trento
New results on A dependance of Psi and Psi' production in 450 GeV pA collisions R. Shahoyan Lisbon
Constraints for nuclear gluon shadowing from DIS data C. Salgado CERN
New results from the CERES experiment A. Marin Darmstadt
Prompt photon production at RHIC and LHC I. Sarcevic Arizona
Saturday march 23rd morning : Summary talks    
Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van    
Experimental summary M. Shochet Chicago
Theoretical summary M. Neubert Cornell

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