XXXXth Rencontres de Moriond - March 12-19 2005
      QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy
Sunday march 13th morning : Heavy flavour physics
Chairperson : U. Bassler (Paris)
08:45 08:50 Welcome address J. Tran Thanh Van Orsay
08:55 09:15 Introduction I. Belyaev Annecy
09:20 09:35 Results on beauty production at HERA I. Bloch DESY
09:40 09:55 Beauty Production Cross Section Measurements at Ecm=2TeV M. D'Onofrio Geneva
10:00 10:15 Charm production in ep collisions J. Wagner DESY
10:20 10:40 BREAK
10:40 10:55 Heavy quark production in a multiscale renormalization of QCD  M. Binger SLAC
11:00 11:15 Meas of the Masses, Lifetimes and Mixings of B and D Hadrons at the Tev F. Bedeschi Pisa
11:20 11:35 Bs: lifetime, BR, and mixing from the Tevatron S. Burdin FNAL
11:40 11:55 Measurements of Bc mass and lifetime at the Tevatron M. Corcoran Rice
Sunday march 13th afternoon : B decays
Chairperson : A. Czarnecki (Edmonton)
17:00 17:15 A new approach to inclusive decay spectra  E. Gardi Cambridge
17:20 17:35 B,D decays and CKM matrix from lattice QCD M. Okamoto FNAL
17:40 17:55 Electromagnetic logarithms in b to sll T. Huber Zurich
18:00 18:10 B to Xs + lepton pair in extensions of the SM S. Schilling Zurich
18:15 18:45 BREAK    
18:45 19:00 Hadronic B and D decays in BABAR F. Couderc Annecy
19:05 19:20 Hadronic effects in semileptonic and electroweak penguin decays  J. Walsh Pisa
19:25 19:40 Baryonic B decays  J. Schuemann Taipei
19:45 20:00 Results and searches in spectroscopy  J. Coleman Liverpool
Monday march 14th morning : Spectroscopy
Chairperson : J.E. Augustin (Paris)
08:30 08:45 New resonances in B meson decays  R. Chistov ITEP Moscow
08:50 09:05 Dalitz analysis of 3-body B decays  A. Garmash Princeton
09:10 09:25 Scalar K-pi system from heavy quark meson decays B. Meadows Cincinnati
09:30 09:45 Physics at LHCb H. Terrier Annecy
09:50 10:05 Meas of hadronic, semilept and leptonic decays of D mesons in CLEO S. Blusk Syracuse
10:10 10:40 BREAK
10:40 10:55 CLEO results on transitions in heavy quarkonia T. Skwarnicki Syracuse
11:00 11:15 Recent results from CLEO M. Dubrovin Wayne state
11:20 11:35 Recent J/psi results from BES N. Zhou Beijing
11:40 11:55 Recent results on Psi(2s) and Chi_c decays at BES L.L. Ma Beijing
Monday march 14th afternoon : Spectroscopy,  core QCD
Chairperson : M. Corcoran (Houston)
17:00 17:15 Spectroscopic measurements using the H1 and ZEUS detectors S. Schmidt DESY
17:20 17:35 RhoRho production in gamma-gamma at LEP I. Vorobiev Carnegie Mellon
17:40 17:55 Measurement of the pion and proton form factors at sqrts = 2-3 GeV  H. Li Beijing
18:00 18:15 Kloe results on the f0, a0 scalars and on eta allowed/forbidden decays  S. Giovanella Frascati
18:20 18:50 BREAK    
18:50 19:05 Chiral soliton model predictions for pentaquarks M. Praszalowicz Krakow
19:10 19:25 The Skyrme model on the three-sphere L. Bratek Krakow
19:30 19:45 MINT - A Simple Model for Low Energy Hadronic Interactions M. Schmelling Heidelberg
19:50 20:05 Instanton traces from lattice gluon Green functions F. de Soto Grenoble
Tuesday march 15th morning : Core QCD
Chairperson : B. Laforge (Paris)
08:30 08:45 Latest Jets Results from the Tevatron at Ecm=2TeV A. Kupko Prague
08:50 09:05 Recent results on Jet production at HERA A. Savin Wisconsin
09:10 09:25 New QCD tests with old JADE data S. Kluth Munich
09:30 09:45 W/Z (+Jets) Production Cross Section (and Asymm) at Ecm=2TeV A. Bellavance Nebraska
09:50 10:20 BREAK    
10:20 10:35 Di-Photon and Photon+b/c Production Cross Sections at Ecm=2 TeV A. Gajjar Liverpool
10:40 10:55 Di-boson production cross-section at Ecm=2 TeV A. Askew Florida State
11:00 11:15 QCD in the High Energy limit J. Andersen Cambridge
11:20 11:35 Enhanced diagrams in high energy hadronic and nuclear scattering  S. Ostapchenko Karlsruhe
11:40 11:55 Multicollinear limits from MHV amplitudes  P. Marquard Durham
Tuesday march 15th afternoon : Fragmentation
Chairperson : A. Dorokhov (Dubna)
17:00 17:10 Asymptotic behaviour of QCD gluon and ghost Green function A. Lokhov Polytechnique
17:15 17:25 Correlation between 2 particles in jets at e+e- to q qbar R. Perez Paris
17:30 17:45 Matching parton shower to NLO computations  Z. Nagy Zurich
17:50 18:05 NLO QCD jet production with parton showers and hadronization D. Soper Oregon
18:10 18:40 BREAK    
18:40 18:55 HERWIG M. Seymour Manchester
19:00 19:15 Neutral and charged leading systems in quark and gluon jets at LEP M. Siebel Wuppertal
19:20 19:35 The fragmentation process at HERMES  M. Hartig DESY
Wednesday march 16th morning : Diffraction, Structure functions
Chairperson : F. Zomer (Orsay)
08:30 08:45 New diffraction Results from the Tevatron  M. Gallinaro Rockefeller
08:50 09:05 Measurements of the structure of diffraction and diffr final states in HERA S. Schaetzel DESY
09:10 09:25 Structure functions, extraction of PDFs and alpha_s C.A. Targett DESY
09:30 09:45 Confronting next-leading BFKL kernels with  proton structure function L. Schoeffel Saclay
09:50 10:20 BREAK    
10:20 10:35 Recent HERMES Results on DVCS  B. Krauss Erlangen
10:40 10:55 Hidden QCD scales and diquark correlation A. Vainshtein Minnesota
11:00 11:15 COMPASS spin physics program S. Panebianco Saclay
11:20 11:35 Spin Effects in Forward pi0-Prod in Polarized P-P Collisions at STAR  D. Morozov Protvino
11:40 11:55 Spin physics with the PHENIX detector at RHIC A. Bazilevsky BNL
Wednesday march 16th afternoon : Top and Higgs
Chairperson : S. Giovanella (Frascati)
17:00 17:15 W Boson Mass Measurement at the Tevatron C. Hays Duke
17:20 17:35 Top Quark Production Cross Section at Ecm=2TeV J. Nielsen Berkeley
17:40 17:55 Top Quark Mass Measurements M. Mulders FNAL
18:00 18:15 Search for Single Top Production and Top Decay Properties U. Bassler Paris
18:20 18:50 BREAK    
18:50 19:05 Top at the LHC  C. Weiser Karlsruhe
19:10 19:25 Searches for SM Higgs at the Tevatron T. Dorigo Padova
19:30 19:45 Searches for Non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron M. Tomoto FNAL
19:50 20:05 Fully diff Higgs boson prod and di-photon signal in NNLO QCD C. Anastasiou Zurich
Thursday march 17th morning : Search for new phenomena
Chairperson : G. Landsberg (Brown)
08:30 08:45 Measurements of the properties of the Higgs boson by ATLAS A. Dahlhoff Freiburg
08:50 09:05 Search for neutral Higgs in CP conserving and CP violating MSSM and 2HDM models P. Ferrari CERN
09:10 09:25 SUSY Searches at the Tevatron G. Manca Liverpool
09:30 09:45 Non-SUSY Search at the Tevatron  L. Duflot Orsay
09:50 10:05 Systematic analysis of frontier energy collider data  B. Knuteson MIT
10:10 10:40 BREAK    
10:40 10:55 Determination of tan(beta) at the LHC M. Hashemi Tehran
11:00 11:15 Interactions of R-hadron at the LHC  A. Kraan Pennsylvania
11:20 11:35 Potential for SUSY searches with same-sign dileptons at the LHC  D. Futyan UC Riverside
11:40 11:55 SUSY GMSB models with non-pointing photon signature at the LHC D. Prieur Annecy
Thursday march 17th afternoon : Heavy Ions
Chairperson : I. Dremin (Moscow)
17:00 17:25 Overview of high PT physics at RHIC X.N. Wang Berkeley
17:30 17:45 Jet quenching  C. Salgado CERN
17:50 18:05 Jet fragmentation in pp and AuAu coll at sqrt(s)=200 GeV  J. Rak New Mexico
18:10 18:40 BREAK    
18:40 19:40 Discussion on Moriond    
Friday march 18th morning : Heavy Ions (continued)
Chairperson : L. McLerran (Brookhaven)
08:30 08:45 High Pt suppr at forward rapid in Au+Au at rts=200 GeV (BRAHMS) C. Ristea Copenhagen
08:50 09:05 Identified particle prod at high transverse moment in nucl-nucl coll at RHIC V. Pantuyev Stony Brook
09:10 09:25 Heavy flavour measurements at RHIC R. Averbeck Stony Brook
09:30 09:40 Travelling waves and geometrical scaling at non-zero transfer G. Soyez Saclay
09:45 10:00 Color glass condensate  E. Iancu Saclay
10:05 10:35 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Small-x QCD and Pomeron loops D. Triantafyllopoulos Saclay
10:55 11:10 Forward particle production in p+p and d+Au collisions at STAR  G. Rakness BNL
11:15 11:30 PHOBOS G. Veres Budapest
11:35 11:50 Strange and multistrange part prod in p+p at sqrt(s)=200 GeV in STAR M. Heinz Bern
Friday march 18th afternoon : Heavy Ions (continued)
Chairperson : R; Averbeck (Stony Brook)
17:00 17:15 Lattice QCD at finite temperature  P. Petreczky BNL
17:20 17:35 Charmonia production at the CERN/SPS (NA50)  G. Borges Lisbon
17:40 17:55 Dimuon production in Indium-Indium collisions with NA60 R. Shahoyan Lisbon
18:00 18:15 Recent results from the NA49 experiment  C. Blume Frankfurt
18:20 18:50 BREAK    
18:50 19:05 Current status of the RHIC HBT Puzzle S. Panitkin BNL
19:10 19:25 Beauty production with the ALICE detector  R. Guernane Clermont-Ferrand
19:30 19:45 Meas of the pi-pi scattering length from a new structure in the Kpi3 Dalitz plot S. Giuidici Pisa
Saturday march 19th morning : Summary talks
Chairperson : J. Tran Thanh Van
09:30 10:15 Experimental summary H. Schellman NorthWestern
10:30 11:15 Theoretical summary D. Soper Oregon