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Transparencies of the talks

    XXXVth Rencontres de Moriond - March 18th-25th 2000    
  QCD and Hadronic interactions at high energy    
    Saturday march 18th afternoon    
18:30 18:45 A new measurement of Epsilon prime/Epsilon M. Lenti CERN
    Sunday march 19th morning : Hard core QCD    
    Chairperson :S. Matsuda    
08:30 08:50 Combining matrix elements and parton showers B. Webber Cambridge
08:55 09:10 Hadronic 3 jet production at NLO, W. Kilgore BNL
09:15 09:30 Central and forward inclusive jets at the Tevatron L. Babukhadia Stony Brook
09:35 09:50 NLO 3-jet comparisons at Tevatron A. Brandel New Mexico
09:55 10:10 Jets in hadron collisions M. Seymour Rutherford
10:15 10:30 BREAK    
10:35 10:50 Jet fragmentation and MLLA predictions at Tevatron A. Korykov Florida
10:55 11:10 Jets in electroproduction at HERA J. Meyer DESY
11:15 11:30 Deeply virtual Compton scatt and prompt photons at HERA P. Bussey Glasgow
11:35 11:50 Alpha_s : evolution from 35 to 202 GeV, flavour independance O. Biebel Munich
    Sunday march 19th afternoon : Hard core QCD (continued), heavy flavours    
    Chairperson :K. Fialkowski    
17:00 17:15 The rel. bet. the MSbar ant the on shell quark mass at order alphas^3 M. Steinhauser Hamburg
17:20 17:25 Finite field dependant BRS transf. and prescription for 1/nk^p sing A. Misra Bhubaneswar
17:30 17:35 Reduction of n points integrals G. Heinrich Orsay
17:40 17:55 Pair production of heavy quarks. Potential NRQCD and ttbar T. Teubner Aachen
18:00 18:15 Search for single top production at Tevatron L. Dudko INR Moscow
18:20 18:35 BREAK    
18:40 18:55 b production cross-section at 630 and 1800 GeV A. Maciel North. Illinois
19:00 19:15 Heavy flavours and QCD at HERA O. Behnke DESY
19:20 19:35 gluon to b-bbar production at SLD and LEP T. Abe SLAC
    Monday march 20th morning : Heavy flavours (continued)    
    Chairperson :J. Szwed    
08:30 08:55 Recent developments in the theory of hadronic B decays M. Neubert Cornell
09:00 09:15 B to pi pi decays G. Buchalla CERN
09:20 09:35 Measuring Vub without solving QCD Z. Ligeti FNAL
09:40 09:55 Hadronic B decays at CLEO R. Hans Illinois
10:00 10:15 Rare B decays and CP violation at CLEO W. Sun Caltech
10:20 10:35 BREAK    
10:40 10:55 First results from BABAR M. Morii SLAC
11:00 11:15 First results from BELLE A. Bozek Krakow
11:20 11:35 Search for D0-D0bar mixing at CLEO F. Blanc Cornell
11:40 11:55 Charm decays and FCNC limits from E791 J. Slaughter Yale
    Monday march 20th afternoon : Heavy flavours (continued), Searches    
    Chairperson : P. Kroll    
17:00 17:15 Soft gluon resummation and heavy quarkonium M. Cacciari CERN
17:20 17:35 Charmed meson and Onium production at the Tevatron T. Nakaya Kyoto
17:40 17:55 Charm production from E791 and NUTEV/CCFR M. Goncharov Kansas
18:00 18:15 Standard model fits from LEP S. Muijs NIKHEF
18:20 18:35 Higgs searches at LEP M. Kado CERN
18:40 18:55 BREAK    
19:00 19:15 Higgs searches at the Tevatron A. Turcot Ann Arbor
19:20 19:35 Higgs prospects at the Tevatron M. Carena CERN
19:40 20:05 Strongly interacting heavy flavors beyond SM E. Simmons Boston
20:10 20:25 Charged Higgs and Z' to ttbar searches at the Tevatron R. Moore Michigan st.
    Tuesday march 21st morning : Search for new phenomena (continued)    
    Chairperson : A.J. Slaughter    
08:30 08:40 Two photon background to Higgs search at the LHC T. Binoth Annecy
08:45 09:00 Transverse momentum distribution of the Higgs at the LHC C. Balazs Hawaii
09:05 09:20 Observability of Hsusy to tau-tau decays at the LHC M. Dzelalija Split
09:25 09:40 Measurement of Higgs properties at the LHC D. Zeppenfeld Wisconsin
09:45 10:00 Phenomenology of the MSSM Higgs with explicit CP viol. C. Wagner Argonne
10:05 10:20 BREAK    
10:25 10:40 SUSY searches at LEP G. Wilson Manchester
10:45 11:00 SUSY searches at the Tevatron J. Nachtman UCLA
11:05 11:20 Gaugino production at hadron colliders M. Klasen DESY
11:25 11:40 SUSY discovery potential and dilepton edges at the LHC L. Rurua Wien
    Tuesday march 21st afternoon : New trends in theory    
    Chairperson : I. Khriplovich    
17:00 17:15 Searches for extra dimensions and technicolour at the Tev D. Gerdes Ann Arbor
17:20 17:35 Quantum gravity at LEP F. Teubert CERN
17:40 18:05 Brane universe I. Kogan Oxford
18:10 18:25 Glueball spectrum for QCD and AdS-Supergravity duality C.I. Tan Brown
18:30 18:55 String-like solitons and their possible role in QCD L. Faddeev Helsinki
19:00 19:15 BREAK    
19:20 20:20 Discovery of a new state of matter in heavy ion collisions M. Jacob CERN
    Wednesday march 22nd morning : Soft QCD and Monte-Carlo    
    Chairperson : I. Dremin    
08:30 08:35 Soft QCD, Monte-Carlos - an introduction B. Webber Cambridge
08:40 08:55 W mass measurement at LEP C. Parkes CERN
09:00 09:15 The diagonalisation of the Lund fragmentation model F. Soederberg Lund
09:20 09:35 BE multidimensional analysis at the Z M. Cuffiani Bologna
Theory K. Fialkowski Lund
09:40 09:55 Theory B. Andersson Lund
10:00 10:15 BE correlations in Heavy Ions and e+e- physics U. Heinz CERN
10:20 10:35 BREAK    
10:40 10:55 BE correlations between pions fromdifferent Ws at LEP 2 J. Van Dalen Nijmegen
11:00 11:15 Colour reconnection, Monte-carlo tuning at LEP G. Rudolph Innsbruck
11:20 11:35 Qqbar, llbar, WW, ZZ cros-sections at LEP I. Van Vulpen NIKHEF
11:40 11:55 Inclusive particle production at LEP V. Uvarov Protvino
    Wednesday march 22nd afternoon : Soft QCD (continued)    
    Chairperson : M. Seymour    
17:00 17:15 Conformal coefficients, renormalons and power corrections E. Gardi Polytechnique
17:20 17:35 Power corrections and event shapes at LEP M.Sanders Nijmegen
17:40 17:55 Event shapes and corr in the hadronic final state at HERA G. McCance Glasgow
18:00 18:15 Lambda polarization in nu-mu interactions in NOMAD C. Lachaud Paris
18:20 18:35 Rare K decays from KTEV L. Bellantoni FNAL
18:35 18:50 Recent results on rare KL decays from NA48 I. Pellmann Mainz
18:55 19:10 BREAK    
19:15 20:15 Biology for Physicists    
    Thursday march 23rd morning : Low x physics, diffraction    
    Chairperson : M. Neubert    
08:30 08:45 Phenomenology of diffractive parton densities D. Goulianos Rockefeller
08:50 09:05 Low constituent number model for diffractive scattering V. Abramovsky Novgorod
09:10 09:25 Diffraction results from the Tevatron K. Hatakeyama Rockefeller
09:30 09:45 Inclusive studies of diffraction at HERA A. Solano Torino
09:50 10:05 Vector meson production at HERA B. Naroska Hamburg
10:10 10:25 BREAK    
10:30 10:45 Soft physics and diffraction in ATLAS K. Piotrzkowski CERN
10:50 11:05 Spectrum of glueballs and the Pomeron in QCD A. Kaidalov ITEP Moscow
11:10 11:25 Meas of virtual gamma-gamma cross-section at LEP C.H. Lin Taiwan
11:30 11:45 Small x DIS and QCD in colour dipole representation V.R. Zoller ITEP Moscow
Pion distribution function in non-local quark pion model A. Dorokhov ITEP Moscow
    Thursday march 23rd afternoon : Low x physics (continued), Structure functions    
    Chairperson : B. Naroska    
17:00 17:15 BFKL searches with large rapidity gaps at the Tevatron R. Snihur NorthWestern
17:20 17:35 Current Status of NLL BFKL G. Salam CERN
17:40 17:55 The soft/pQCD interface region at HERA O. Ruske Oxford
18:00 18:15 Small x, saturation and the high energy limit of QCD E. Iancu CERN
18:20 18:35 BREAK    
18:40 18:50 New and old pdf's and pff's A. Efremov JINR Dubna
18:55 19:10 The NNLO QCD analysis of xF3 : higher twists A.V. Sidorov JINR Dubna
19:15 20:15 Discussion on Moriond    
    Friday march 24th morning : Structure functions (continued)    
    Chairperson : A. Efremov    
08:30 08:45 The eRHIC project S. Pegg Brookhaven
08:50 09:05 Proton structure at high Q^2 at HERA C. Diaconu Marseille
09:10 09:25 Drell-Yan cross-sections from FNAL E866/NuSea J. Webb New Mexico
09:30 09:45 Proton structure from hard scattering probes at the LHC W. Bonivento CERN
09:50 10:05 Photon structure at HERA H. Jung Lund
10:10 10:25 BREAK    
10:30 10:45 Heavy quark production and low x F2(gamma) T. Wengler CERN
10:50 11:05 Recent results from neutrino scattering at Fermilab A. Bodek Rochester
11:10 11:25 Spin azimuthal asymmetries from HERMES D. Hasch Frascati
11:30 11:45 Parametrisation of the polarized parton distributions S. Kumano Saga
11:50 12:05 Results from the E155x experiment at SLAC S. Rock SLAC
    Friday march 24th afternoon : Heavy ions    
    Chairperson : L. McLerran    
17:00 17:15 The entropy of the quark gluon plasma J.P. Blaizot Saclay
17:20 17:35 Hadron production in high energy PbPb collisions M. Gazdzicki Frankfurt
17:40 17:50 Phi measure of event by event fluctuations S. Mrowczynski Warsaw
17:55 18:10 Centrality dependance of Psi suppression in NA50 E. Scomparin Torino
18:15 18:40 BREAK    
18:45 18:55 Non-saturation of Psi suppression in comover approach E. Ferreiro Orsay
19:00 19:10 New insight on Psi production in nucleus-nucleus collisions A. Polleri Heidelberg
19:15 19:20 Charmonium suppression in pA collisions F. Arleo Nantes
19:25 19:40 Nuclear effects in HERMES B. Fox Colorado
    Saturday march 25th morning : Summary talk    
08:30 10:00 Summary talk A. Martin Durham

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