Radioactive beams

for nuclear physics and neutrino physics

XXXVIIIth RENCONTRE DE MORIOND, Les Arcs (France) March 17-22nd, 2003

This workshop will explore for the first time the synergies between projects in nuclear physics (Eurisol) and neutrino physics (SPL + beta beams), both interested in the production of high intensity beams of radioactive nuclei.

This workshop will address nuclei production, acceleration and related machine issues, as well as physics requirements and potentialities. It is intended to bring together machine physicists and engineers, nuclear physicists and neutrino physicists.

It will hopefully converge towards common R&D proposals eligible for european "technical design studies" funding under PF6.

Program advisory Committee:

R. Aleksan, A. Blondel, O. Boine-Frankenheim, P. Debu, D. Goutte, M. Harakeh, P. Hernandez, H. Ravn, M. Spiro, J. Vervier, Z. Sujkowski.

Organizing Committee:

Jacques Bouchez (Chairman), Juha Aysto, Yorick Blumenfeld, Peter Butler, Roland Garoby, Helmut Haseroth, Mats Lindroos, Mauro Mezzetto, Alex Mueller, Cristina Volpe.