La Thuile is in orange zone.

Please read carefully all the information below.

It will be updated in case the situation changes

Last update: 23/02/2022


Fill the Digital Passengers Locator . This is mandatory and should be done prior to departure. See details for filling the form at the bottom of the page.

To enter Italy:

- From European Union - You need a complete vaccination pass of 3 shots (OR second shot in less than 6 month or certificate of infection and healing of less than 6 month + negative test.) 

- From outside European Union - same conditions as EU + systematic negative test of less than 48 hours if PCR or 24 hours if antigenic. Self administrated tests are not accepted, you will need the official certificate.

- This applies to children from 12 years old on (as far as I could understand)

Random test controls can occur in public spaces, such as airports and affluence sites.

Even if not mandatory, we recommend you test yourself prior to departure.

To stay in the hotel as to attend the conference and use many other public facilities (bars, ski resort) you need a full vaccination pass or a certificate of infection and healing of less than 6 month. The list of recognised vaccines is available here. This means 3 shots or a second shot less than 6 month ago. If your vaccine is not recognised by EU, you will need to perform an antigenic test every other day. Please confirm your vaccination is authorised to enter Italy.

In transportation, namely in the conference bus, planes and ski gondolas, you will need a FFP2 mask or any other of recognised higher protection.

If you are tested positive during the meeting

You will need to self isolate

- for 7 days or until you have a negative test (if you have 2 doses of less than 120 days or 3 doses) 

- for 10 days or until you have a negative test (if you have 2 doses of more than 120 days) 

Contact your insurance (health insurance, travel insurance and personal insurance) prior to departure to know what is covered by them: extra stay at the hotel, medical exams, travelling back and plane changes, etc)

If you are in contact with a positive tested person (PTP) during the meeting

You are considered as a contact if you:

- share a room with a PTP

- had physical contact with a PTP

- touched a handkerchief or a glove of a PTP (please don’t touch other persons handkerchiefs anyway…)

- were facing a PTP less than 2 meters away for 15 minutes or more 

- were in a closed unaired space with no protection

- travelled with a PTP

Contact case quarantine does NOT apply to:

- persons who completed their first cycle less than 120 days ago 

- persons healed from Covid less than 120 days ago

- persons having received the third vaccine shot

(so in principle no one in the meeting)

Contact persons should:

- make a test on first and fifth day of contact (can be a self-administrated test)

- wear a FFP2 mask for 10 days after exposure 

General info on the situation in Italy can be found here

Getting tested prior to departure

The local pharmacy can make certified antigenic tests with no appointment needed.

For PCR test you must go to Aosta and need to make a prepaid booking for the test.

We have warned to be prepared to test a large amount of persons on Saturday afternoon. The cost of the test should be about 15 euros (trying to confirm this information)

Filling the Form

If you are taking the conference bus, the company is V.I.T.A.

If you arrive through Geneva, the entry point is Mont Blanc Tunnel (Aosta)

The address of the hotel is:

Hotel Planibel

Frazione Entreves, 158

11016 La Thuile AO