The conference fees are:

Regular fees : 380 euros to be paid up to:

            - January 16th (Cosmo/Gravitation/Meso)

            - March 6th (EW/QCD/VHEPU)

Late fees : 430 euros 

            - any fees paid after the mentioned dates

Payment Methods

Credit card payment procedure

fill the form here

Bank transfer details

The transfer must clearly indicate the participants name to identify the payment. 

Bank: Crédit Mutuel

Account name: ARISF

Agency: CCM Paris Monge

Bank Code: 10278

Branch No: 06142

Account No: 00020289801

Key: 25

Swift/Bic: CMCIFR2A

IBAN: FR76.10278.06142.00020289801.25

A mail notification should be sent to the Moriond secretary and a copy of the bank transfer should imperatively be handed to the Secretariat on arrival at the conference site or sent by mail