Beamer (video projector)

For computer presentations, hooked to a dedicated laptop (PC windows 7 running MSoffice 2013, Adobe-acroread, OpenOffice, etc...)

Recommended display is 16/9 but 4/3 also works

Speakers may use their own laptops (but we clearly disfavour this to avoid dead time between presentations)


Italian plugs are different from the European standard. You can easily find an adaptor in local stores or borrow one at the conference secretariat.

Computer and pointer for presentations

Presentations are to be loaded in advance to the conference computer. Ideally, bring it in your usb data stick at the beginning of the session and ask the chairperson to load it.

A pointer is provided.


About pointers:

A Swiss regulation bans the import, possession and use of laser pointers on Swiss soil, with the exception of Class 1 laser pointers with a conforming label stuck on. In case of doubt, we would recommend you, not to bring a laser pointer through the airport!