PROCEEDINGS: Instructions

The deadline for sending the contributions is May 15th

Page limit

Gravitation + QCD   /  EW

15’ / YSF = 4 pages

20’ / 15’+ questions = 6 pages

25’ / 20’+ questions = 8 pages

30’ / 25’ + questions = 10 pages

Summary talk = unlimited

Common session = unlimited

Poster = 2 pages

Guidelines and Samples

Use the following 2 files to prepare the written version of your talk under Latex: moriond.tex (containing the publisher's instruction), and moriond.cls (the style file).

They can be downloaded as a tar file. The result can be visualised on moriond.pdf

In case you do not use LaTeX, please comply to the general typesetting instructions which can be found here.

File naming

Name the latex file yourname.tex and the folder with all files yourname.tar

DO NOT name it moriond !


Send all files (.tex, figures and .pdf) as a .tar.gz file - compressed tar - to Vera de Sa-Varanda.

(do not send zip files since our email provider rejects them)


It is strongly recommended to deposit your contribution in arXiv, although not mandatory, under “contribution to the 2019 EW/QCD/Gravitation session of the 54th Rencontres de Moriond”

Past proceedings

You can access all available Moriond proceedings here