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08:50   Welcome            
09:00   Brun C. Geim A. Molenkamp L. Pothier H. Delsing P. Steele G. Anthore A.
09:40   Strunk C. Hassler F. Bouchiat H. Nygård J. Bauerle C. Carpentier D. Sim H.-S.
10:00   Joyez P. Mora C. Pribiag V. Huettel A. Szombati D. Grove-Rasmussen K.
10:20   Coffee break Potts H.
10:50   Glazman L. Ensslin K. Fatemi V. Devoret M. Marquardt F. Roch N. Lin J-J
11:10   End
11:30   Griesmar J. Andrei E. Wiesendanger R. Assouline A. Stampfer C. Pinsolle E. Lunch
11:50   Chapelier C. Deblock R. Albert R. Bus departure
12:10   Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:30         Moriond     
14:30 Registration       Slalom    
17:00 | Sharpe A. Matsuda Y. Jonckheere T. Zeldov E. Blais A. Peugeot A.
17:20 | Roulleau P. Tarucha S.
17:40 | Makk P. Houzet M. Weinmann D. Samuelsson P. Buisson O.
18:00 | Coffee break
18:30 | Schonenberger C. Neupert T. Kumar M. Courtois H. Pop I. Katsaros G.
18:50 | Sukhorukov E. Tikhonov E.
19:10 | Mele D. Piatrusha S. Lafont F. Sanchez R. Lebedev A. Crippa A.
19:30 Cocktail Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner   Dinner
20:00 Dinner         Conference   
20:30       Poster session Poster session Dinner  
Topological Insolator
Mesoscopic Superconductivity
Bidimensional electron gases
Majorana fermions
Hybrid structures
Quantum thermodynamics
Quantum sound
Quantum microwave
Semiconducting qubit
DAY BY DAY PROGRAM  --> (Click on underlined titles for slides)
  SUNDAY March 17, 2019
08:50 B. Huard, P. Roche, X. Waintal Welcome
  Mesoscopic Superconductivity Session
09:00 C. Brun Proximity and Josephson vortices observed by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
(CNRS-Sorbonne Université)
09:40 C. Strunk Superconductor/insulator transition in nanoscale TiN strips
(Regensburg University)
10:00 P. Joyez Absence of a dissipative quantum phase transition in Josephson junctions
(SPEC - CEA, Saclay)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 L. Glazman Spectroscopy of a charge density wave in a superinductor
(Yale University)
11:30 J. Griesmar A mesoscopic spectrometer based on the Josephson effect
(Flux Quantum Lab, Paris)
11:50 C. Chapelier Collective energy gap of preformed Cooper-pairs
(CEA, Grenoble)
12:10 Lunch
  Graphene Session I
17:00 A. Sharpe Magnetism at 3/4 filling in twisted bilayer graphene
(Stanford University)
17:40 P. Makk Large spin relaxation anisotropy and valley-Zeeman spin-orbit coupling in WSe 2/graphene/ h-BN heterostructures
(Budapest Uni. of Technology & Economics)
18:00 Coffee break
18:30 C. Schoenenberger Engineering in van der Waals Heterostructures: the importance of strain and superlattice effects
(University of Basel)
19:10 D. Mele A corner reflector of graphene Dirac fermions as a phonon-scattering sensor
(LP Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
19:30 Dinner
  MONDAY March 18, 2019
  Graphene Session II
09:00 A. Geim Electron transport in graphene and its superlattices
(University of Manchester)
09:40 F. Hassler Breakdown of the Law of Reflection at a Disordered Graphene Edge
(RWTH Aachen University)
10:00 C. Mora Flat bands and perfect metal in trilayer moiré graphene
(LP Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 K. Ensslin Graphene quantum devices
(ETH Zurich)
11:30 E. Andrei Poke, twist, buckle - strategies for controlling the electronic properties of 2D materials
(Rutgers University)
12:10 Lunch
  Majorana Fermions Session I
17:00 Y. Matsuda Majorana quantization and half-integer thermal quantum Hall effect in Kitaev quantum spin liquid
(Kyoto University)
17:40 M. Houzet Coulomb blockade of a nearly open Majorana island
18:00 Coffee break
  Topological Insolator Session I
18:30 T. Neupert Higher-order topological insulators
(University of Zurich)
19:10 S. Piatrusha Restoring the Anderson localization in the helical edge channels
(Institute of Solid State Physics, Moscow)
19:30 Dinner
  TUESDAY March 19, 2019
  Topological Insolator Session II
09:00 L. Molenkamp TBA
(University of Wuerzburg)
09:40 H. Bouchiat Microwave signature of topological Andreev-level crossings in a bismuth-based Josephson junction
(LPS Orsay)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 V. Fatemi Gate-Accessible Superconductivity and Helical Modes in Monolayer WTe2
(Yale University)
  Majorana Fermions Session II
11:30 R. Wiesandanger Emergence of Majorana States in Engineered Atomic-Scale Hybrid Systems
(University of Hamburg)
12:10 Lunch
17:00 T. Jonckheere Giant shot noise from Majorana zero modes in topological trijunctions
(CPT Marseille)
  Bidimensional Electron Gases Session
17:20 P. Roulleau A Josephson relation for fractionnally charged anyons
(SPEC - CEA, Saclay)
17:40 D. Weinmann Theory of Scanning Gate Microscopy in Ballistic Systems
(IPCM Starsbourg)
18:00 Coffee break
18:30 M. Kumar Microwave photons emitted by fractionally charged quasiparticles
(LP Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
18:50 E. Sukhorukov The Coulomb drag effect induced by the third cumulant of current
(Université de Genève)
19:10 F. Lafont Counter-propagating charge transport in the quantum Hall effect regime
(Collège de France / Weizmann Institute)
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Poster Session I
  WEDNESDAY March 20, 2019
  Hybrid Structures Session
09:00 H. Pothier Revealing the "fine structure" of Andreev states
(SPEC - CEA Saclay)
09:40 J. Nygård From novel materials to quantum phase transitions in hybrid quantum dots
(Niels Bohr Institute)
10:00 V. Pribiag Magneto-transport in ballistic InSb nanowires with ferromagnetic contacts
(University of Minnesota)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 M. Devoret Monitoring in real time the spin character of Andreev levels in a proximitized nanowire
(Yale University)
11:30 A. Assouline Spin-orbit induced phase shift in Bi2Se3 Josephson junctions
(SPEC - CEA Saclay)
  Kondo Session I
11:50 R. Deblock Quantum Noise Measurement and Universal Quantum Fluctuations in a Kondo-Correlated Quantum Dot Out-of-Equilibrium
(LPS Orsay)
12:10 Lunch
  Quantum Thermodynamics Session
17:00 E. Zeldov Nanoscale cryogenic thermal imaging of graphene: glimpse into dissipation in quantum systems down to atomic scale
(Weizmann Institute)
17:40 P. Samuelsson Nanoscale Quantum Calorimetry with Electronic Temperature Fluctuations
(Lund University)
18:00 Coffee break
18:30 H. Courtois Heat Transport and Thermo-power in a Single-Quantum-Dot Transistor
(Institut Néel, Grenoble)
18:50 E. Tikhonov Spatial and spectral resolution of electronic states from noise measurements
(Institute of Solid State Physics, Moscow)
19:10 R. Sanchez A non-equilibrium system as a demon
(Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Poster Session II
  THURSDAY March 21, 2019
  Quantum Sound Session
09:00 P. Delsing Nonexponential decay of a giant atom and subharmonic oscillations in a driven nonlinear resonator
(Chalmers University of Technology)
09:40 C. Bauerle Sound-driven single-electron transfer in a tunable beam-splitter setup
(Institut Néel, Grenoble)
10:00 A. Huettel Coulomb-blockade enhanced optomechanics
(University of Regensburg)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 F. Marquardt Dynamical gauge fields in Optomechanics
(MPI Science of Light, Erlangen)
11:30 C. Stampfer Mechanically tunable strain fields in suspended graphene resonators
(II RWTH Aachen University)
12:10 Lunch
  Quantum Microwave Session I
17:00 A. Blais Qubit Parity Measurement by Parametric Driving in Circuit QED
(Institut Quantique, Uni. de Sherbrooke)
17:40 O. Buisson Fast high fidelity qubit readout using cross-Kerr coupling in superconducting cQED
(Institut Néel, Grenoble)
18:00 Coffee break
18:30 I. Pop Granular aluminum: A superconducting material for high impedance quantum circuits
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
19:10 O. Lebedev Quantum-enhanced magnetometry by phase estimation algorithms with a single artificial atom
(Moscow Institute for Physics & Technology)
20:30 Conference Dinner
  FRIDAY March 22, 2019
  Quantum Microwave Session II
09:00 G. Steele Observation and stabilization of photonic Fock states in a hot radio-frequency resonator
(Delft University of Technology)
09:40 D. Carpentier Measuring a Topological Flow: from the Quantized Hall Effect to circuit QED
(CEA - Grenoble)
10:00 D. Szombati Quantum Rifling: protecting a qubit from measurement back-action
(The University of Queensland)
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 N. Roch Observation of many-body zero-point fluctuations
(Institut Néel, Grenoble)
11:30 E. Pinsolle Non-Gaussian Current Fluctuations in a Short Diffusive Conductor
(Université de Sherbrooke)
11:50 R. Albert Towards microwave single photon detection using inelastic Cooper pair tunneling
(CEA Grenoble)
12:10 Lunch
17:00 A. Peugeot Quantum microwaves with a DC-biased Josephson junction
(SPEC - CEA Saclay)
  Semiconducting Qubit Session
17:20 S. Tarucha Coherent control and dephasing of electron spins in quantum dots
(The University of Tokyo)
18:00 Coffee break
18:30 G. Katsaros A heavy hole Ge spin qubit
(IST Austria)
19:10 A. Crippa Gate-reflectometry dispersive readout of a spin qubit in silicon
(CEA - Grenoble)
19:30 Dinner
  SATURDAY March 23, 2019
  Kondo Session II
09:00 A. Anthore Tunable Quantum Criticality and Super-ballistic Transport in a 'Charge' Kondo Circuit
(C2N Palaiseau)
09:40 H-S. Sim How to detect Kondo screening cloud and Kondo entanglement by electron conductance
(KAIST, Korea)
10:00 K. Grove-Rasmussen Double quantum dots coupled to superconducting leads
(Niels Bohr Institute)
10:20 H. Potts Spin and orbital interactions in coupled QDs – from orbital Kondo to tunable g-factors
(Lund University)
10:50 J.-J. Lin Observation of Nonmagnetic Orbital Kondo Effect in MO2 Nanowires
(National Chiao Tung University)
11:10 Closing
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Bus Departure
Poster Session I
  Acciai, M. Single-electron excitations and interactions in integer quantum Hall systems
(Università di Genova)
Arndt, L. Dual Shapiro steps of a phase-slip junction in the presence of a parasitic capacitance
(RWTH Aachen University)
  Baeva, E. Giant noise at the superconducting transition in epitaxial TiN films
(National Research University, Moscow)
Bisognin, R. Quantum tomography of electrical currents
(LP Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  Chiu, S-P. Spin-orbit coupling from magneto-transport studies of epitaxial CoSi2/Si heterostructures
(National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
Clark, L. Relaxation and decoherence in hot-electron quantum optics
(JQL, Newcastle University)
  Danneau, R. Towards quantized supercurrent
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Dupont-Ferrier, E. Tunable superconducting resonators based upon a Ne-FIB fabricated constriction nanoSQUID
(Université de Sherbrooke - Institut Quantique )
  Filippone, M. Vanishing Hall Response of Charged Fermions in a Transverse Magnetic Field
(University of Geneva)
Fratus, K. Energy Stability of Branching in the Scanning Gate Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Gases with Smooth Disorder
(IPCM Starsbourg)
  Gennser, U. Heat Coulomb blockade of a ballistic quantum channel.
(C2N Palaiseau)
Gold, C. Probing e-e-Scattering in a Cavity
(ETH Zurich)
  Han, C. Detecting the anyon braiding and topological vacuum bubbles in an anyon interferometer
(KAIST, Korea)
  Idrisov, E. Quantum transport equations and nonequilibrium entropy for nonlinear Luttinger liquid
(University of Luxembourg)
Iftikhar, Z. Efficient radio-frequency measurement of a single electronic channel and its back-action
(SPEC - CEA, Saclay)
Jünger, C. Spectroscopy of the superconducting proximity effect in nanowires using integrated quantum dots
(University of Basel)
  Kardakova, A. Shot noise signature of an intrinsic inhomogeneity in amorphous InOx films
(Moscow State University of Education)
Kurzmann, A. Charge detection in gate-defined bilayer graphene quantum dots
(ETH Zurich)
Le Sueur, H. Charged fluctuators as a limit to the microscopic and macrosocpic coherence of superconductors
(SPEC - CEA Saclay)
Lefloch, F. Superconducting Josephson junctions in Si and Ge based scalable technology
(CEA - Grenoble)
  Martin, T. Finite frequency noise in a normal metal - topological superconductor junction
(CPT Marseille)
Poster Session II
Mele, D. Ultra-long wavelength Dirac plasmons in graphene capacitors
(LP Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
  Ménard, G. Isolated pairs of Majorana zero modes ina disordered superconducting lead monolayer
(CEA Saclay)
Moukharski. I. production of entangled photon pairs and two-mode squeezing of radiation emitted by a dc-biased Josephson junction.
(SPEC - CEA Saclay)
  Nijholt, B. Enhanced proximity effect in zigzag-shaped Majorana junctions
(TU Delft)
Paradiso. N. Phase slip lines in superconducting few-layer NbSe2 crystals
(University of Regensburg)
  Parmentier, F. Strongly correlated charge transport in silicon MOSFET quantum dots
(SPEC, CEA Saclay)
Pinsolle, E. Direct measurement of the electron energy relaxation dynamics in metallic wires
(Université de Sherbrooke)
  Potanina, E. Optimization of Quantum Single-Electron Pumps
(Aalto University)
Potts, P. Autonomous conversion of information to work in quantum dots
(Lund University)
Ridderbos, J. Circuit QED for long-range spin-photon coupling using Ge-Si nanowires
(University of Basel)
Ryu, S. Coulomb Interaction effects in Hanbury-Brown Twiss Correlations of Two Hot Electrons
(KAIST, Korea)
  Safi, I. Robust determination of the fractional charge through universal fluctuation relations
(LPS Orsay)
Sánchez, R. Cooling by Cooper pair splitting
(Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  Silvestrov. P. Magnetization current and anomalous Hall effect for massive Dirac electrons
(TU Braunschweig)
Sothmann, B. Phase-coherent heat transport with topological superconductors
(University Duisburg-Essen)
Valenti, F. Phonon traps to reduce the quasiparticle density in superconducting circuits
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
  Watfa, D. Super current and Josephson emission of a carbon nanotube based Josephson junction in the Kondo regime.
(LPS, Orsay)
Yeh, S-S. Probing nanocrystalline grain dynamics in nanodevices
(National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
  Zihlmann, S. Proximity spin-orbit coupling in WSe2/Graphene/hBN heterostructures
(University of Basel)
Idrisov, E. Dephasing in Mach-Zehnder interferometer by an Ohmic contact
(University of Luxembourg)
  Fratus, K. Does a Single Eigenstate of a Hamiltonian Encode the Critical Behaviour of its Finite-Temperature Phase Transition?